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   Chapter 175 Give It Back

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At this critical moment, a message came that the task that was given to Ethan could be completed.

Two secret guards were dispatched to carry out the task. Ethan asked them to check the condition of the woman reported on TV. It was only informed of gun shooting, not her identity and life-threatening.

Even if everything was arranged properly, he would not be in the mood of doing tasks. He handed the tasks of surveillance to his capable subordinates, and told them to report anything unusual.

"What should I say if black tiger asks?" The black tiger referred to Felix. No one was allowed to have his or her position or name during the mission, and Ethan was named ruby.

"Tell him that I have been looking for news about the rat all around." The rat was the real purpose of his mission. It always came out from time to time to threaten the guards in C country. That was why he had to take care of it himself.

After all was set, he went to a hospital where the secret guards had just told him. It was said that the woman was still alive when she was sent there. She fainted after a few weak words by the doctor's ear. She was still in a coma till now.

"Is she still alive?" Ethan asked with hesitation. Although he didn't want to face the fact, he knew it was meaningless to avoid it now that everything was clear.

"We went to the hospital in person. The woman was still in the ICU. She must have signs of life. This woman and boss are..."The secret guard dared not ask directly. He knew that Ethan would not give so much thought to an irrelevant woman.

"You don't need to know this. Doing your job is the most important thing for you to stay here!" If he said one more word, the misunderstanding would be cleared up, because the woman lying there was not Marilyn, which was clear for the secret guards.

Without any explanation, Ethan went straight to the hospital. In a hurry, he ran to the car in the parking lot of the hotel without wearing a coat. He took the car to carry out a temporary mission.

He had reached that place in ten minutes.

Without asking the front desk, he directly followed the signs to the ICU ward on the third floor.

Seeing several police officers and doctors talking at the door from a distance, Ethan slowed down and walked over. The doctor said, "the patient are dead. The rest is up to you!" The doctor gave the medical record to the police and let them check and report it.

The police took a look at the door of the ICU and went to the stairs. They thought that the elevator was prepared for the patients in need and the doctors to save lives, and they would not take up the resources. Moreover, this was only a two-story staircase.

When Ethan was about to stop the police, someone grabbed him from behind.

"Ethan, is that you? Is that really you? " The two policemen were soon disturbed by Marilyn's scream.

"No commotion is allowed in this hospital. Watch out." The policeman spoke the language of

rilyn, he is my friend. No one knows him better than I do." With a serious look in his eyes, the worry in her heart disappeared. She knew that he would not do anything to hurt his brother and just persuaded him.

Persuasion? She didn't know why she would think of it.

When they got back to the hotel that Ethan lived, Marilyn started to understand what the man meant by "safe" an hour ago.

It was far from downtown, there was no bustling street and crowds. The hotel stood lonely on the edge of the suburban area. Ethan told her that all the people in the hotel were his men, and every corner of the hotel was under his watch.

There were full of monitors in the house.

"Don't touch any of these things. Any tiny problem will destroy our plan." Ethan wanted to make it clear in advance, in case that she would make trouble. He knew that Marilyn would never do anything rash, except that she sneaked to C Country with him this time.

While Marilyn was studying these magical screens, Ethan didn't give her a chance to take a rest.

"I'll send you back tomorrow!"

But Marilyn didn't hear his words, because she saw herself on the screen. She turned to him and asked, "why is this room also under surveillance?"

She wondered that if her pose for sleeping was announced to the public.

"I'm the only one who has the right to watch the surveillance video here. Anyone who dares to touch them will have only one result: death!" Ethan was not an alarmist. It was a matter of confidence. Since the computer had been turned on, they were not only spying on the hotel, but also on the enemies. As long as there was an electric supply to the enemy, their situation would be transmitted to the screen through special technology.

Only then did Marilyn realize that she was being dangerous. She stopped being interested in the pictures. Suddenly, she remembered what Ethan said to her just now.

"What did you say just now?"

"I will send you back home tomorrow!"

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