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   Chapter 174 Couldn't Find Ethan and Lost Her Belongings

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Marilyn was remaindered by others that she had met a thief.

Because she didn't see the person in the first place, she didn't know that the person who moved all her luggage away was a man or a woman. According to the kind local guide, she knew that a woman with the same figure as her had just moved all her things to the motorcycle of a man when she was not paying attention, and then drove away when she was off guard.

"What should I do?" Marilyn put on a sad face. Now she had her passport, ID card and visa in her bag, so she couldn't go back to her country, let alone went for Ethan.

Fortunately, her phone was not taken by the thief since it was in her pocket, which comforted her a little.

Because she had difficulty in the language, and it had become a difficult problem for her to ask the way. Some were pointed to the south while some were to the north. Marilyn were so confused.

Marilyn picked up her phone and dialed Ethan's number. It said that his phone was turned off.

It was then that she remembered that his phone had been broken not long ago, and he hadn't bought a new one, so she couldn't get in touch with him at all.

She called the police. "Hello, I'll call the police!" The person who answered the phone usually spoke several foreign languages. So it was not difficult for her to communicate with them.

The policemen in C country worked effectively, and they sent people to look into it right away.

When Marilyn didn't know where she was, the only thing she could talk about was the key buildings around her in English.

When the police finally arrived, she was so hungry that she wanted to eat something. But she couldn't eat anything because she was penniless.

The police came very soon, but through her description, they could not find her.

She waited for a long time. When she heard the sound, she walked towards it and saw their special policemen as expected.

"I called the police!" Marilyn shouted at them. They didn't get her point because they couldn't speak the same language.

When Marilyn saw that they didn't seem to be coming to her, she gestured in front of them.

Since Marilyn didn't know the customs of the country, the gestures she made were a strong insult to them. That was how Marilyn was brought into the police station.

"Why do you arrest me? I'm the one who called the police. Hey!" Marilyn tried to struggle but her strength didn't work on those powerful policemen. As a result, she gave up resistance.

When the police was driving on the road, her phone suddenly rang.

She wanted to pick it up, because it was very likely that Ethan was looking for her. She knew that there was nothing that he couldn't solve in the world, but her hand was suppressed by the police.

With a speechless look at the police officers and the rear-view mirror on the side, she wished that one of the three could allow her to answer the phone.

The phone was still rin

n lost."

It was somewhat out of Ethan's expectation. In his eyes, she was not a careless person. She had lost her luggage not long after the plane landed. However, it also solved the mystery that he couldn't reach her.

Just when he could relax a little, a piece of news appeared on the TV, "A women from A country came to this trip, losing her money and her live as well."

The news headline caught his attention. He put his phone aside and listened carefully to the TV.

"It's reported that that woman was held hostage by the terrorists as soon as she landed on the plane from A country. All her luggage was lost in the airport. She was shot to death by the gangsters as she desperately tried to escape."

Finally, the woman's blurry figure appeared. Ethan looked at the woman again and again, trying to find something that didn't fit in with Marilyn. He sat down on the sofa in frustration. They looked quite similar in height, age and faces.

Waiting for the task was a great torment. Ethan had stayed at the hotel for three days and three nights, but the superior hadn't brought him the key documents in the task. He couldn't take action in advance, so he had to wait. When he accidentally found that the disappearance of Marilyn had undoubtedly been a fatal blow to him, and the news made him broken down.

"Edward, I don't know if I can find her alive. She was still smiling at me when I left." Edward didn't know what had happened to him. The emotional Ethan now looked decadent.

"Don't worry. I'll send someone to look for her. She must be alive. She'll be fine."

Actually, Edward was not sure whether Marilyn was hurt or not. He wanted to try his best to comfort him. He knew that Ethan was going to perform a very dangerous task, so he couldn't distract at this moment.

Hanging up the phone, he tried the last time to call Marilyn, only to hear the voice say, "the number you dialed is powered off." He felt cold in his heart.

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