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   Chapter 173 Marilyn's Belongings Were Gone

Yearning For Your Heart By Xigua Xiong Characters: 9691

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It was rare for Ethan to buy clothes for himself. This time, he bought all the five suits of different sizes that hung on the men's clothing section.

It was only because their tag read "Marilyn design".

After Marilyn left Shu family, she would never miss them and care about them. She knew that there was no one who she cared about there and there was not her home anymore.

As soon as the fight with her family started, Marilyn had been mentally prepared for it. She knew how to deal with it to comfort herself as she had suffered a lot in that family.

They walked out of the men's clothing store. Ethan handed more than a dozen bags to his assistant, and he reached out to hold Marilyn in his arms.

Confused about his reaction, Marilyn asked, "I'm so touched by your support. But it may not be a good size for you. It would be a waste of money if you buy it? Besides, it has nothing to do with me even if you buy more. The company has paid me the design expense. "

She shouldn't have exposed Ethan's rash behavior, but she felt uncomfortable if she didn't tell him.

"I don't need any reason to do it. I just want own everything about you!" His domineering response made her tremble. The man was so possessive.

Marilyn could feel how much Ethan loved her, and that was why she felt more relieved than ever.

When they arrived at the apartment, Lena was watering the flowers on the balcony. She saw them getting off the car and going upstairs. She wiped her hands on her apron and opened the door quickly.

"Sir, why are your clothes wet?" Lena noticed that his collar and sleeves were wet. She turned around and went to the bathroom to get a towel for him to clean.

"He bought a lot of clothes just now but he refused to wear them. He would rather wear this wet clothes. I don't know what he was thinking!" Marilyn pretended to be angry. She had persuaded him all the way, but he just couldn't change his mind. When she said that, she felt sorry for Ethan. He took the towel from Lena's hands to wipe the water on his shirt.

The drizzle had just lasted for only over ten minutes. It didn't have any wet state for Ethan. Instead, it was just a layer of mist on his surface.

"Actually, I gave the coat to my assistant and told him to follow us far away. I don't want him to disturb you and me." Ethan cast a glance at Marilyn and gave her a wink. She was too shy to get angry at this moment, so after throwing the towel to him, she walked inside.

When Marilyn saw there was a hose on the floor of balcony, she asked, "Lena, are you watering the flowers?"

"Oh my God! How could I forget that? I haven't played it over yet!" Then she was going to return to the balcony and continued to be a gardener.

"I've learned some gardening. Let me manage them." As soon as Marilyn finished saying that, she put the hose aside. Then she took the small shovel beside her and be

t, Ethan turned around to face her, his eyes full of sincerity.

Even though she was skeptical, she couldn't refuse his request. "What is it?"

"There is a man called Vigor in B city. He is one of my friends who gather information for the base. Now he has an important document in his hand. In order to prevent it from being stolen through the network, he has to let someone take it personally." "It's him," Ethan said, handing Vigor's business card to Marilyn.

The task was not difficult, but she needed to be careful, so she should try her best to hide herself. Marilyn agreed.

Ethan sent Marilyn to the airport in person on the day when Marilyn need to go. The plane required strict investigation, so it would be safer for Marilyn to take a plane there. Marilyn knew very well why Ethan had given her the task.

"He was to get rid of me and slipped away." While thinking, Marilyn slipped out of the gate. She knew that Ethan was boarding with his boarding pass.

She wanted to change the air ticket into the destination of Ethan, but it was too late. The plane had already taken off.

"Excuse me, is there any plane available to C country today?" She anxiously waited for the reply from the bank.

"The last shift is ten minutes later." The salesgirl kindly reminded her to make an early decision. If she missed such a good opportunity, she had to wait for the day after tomorrow.

Without hesitation, Marilyn booked a ticket and trotted towards the boarding gate.

She packed up her luggage and spent five hours on the plane. From time to time, the torrent of air was about to wash Marilyn into pieces, and the food she had eaten in the morning was rolling in her stomach. As a result, when she got off the plane, she had lost her direction.

When she came to her senses, she found all her luggage was missing. She couldn't remember if she had forgotten to take it off the plane or if she had been stolen.

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