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   Chapter 172 The Way I Love you Is To Buy All Your Design

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The auction was a great success. Many fashion design companies invited Marilyn to be their special counselor, including some high-end clothing companies.

Marilyn found something that she was both good at and interested in.

Taking advantage of its momentum, Marilyn designed several men's suits for a top clothing company, with the element of the previous auction added on the buttons. The design was classic and creative, and gained the favor of the high-end people.

Her family members were all jealous of her achievement. They even believed that it was all because they had created an impasse for her. From this point of view, Marilyn should be deeply grateful to their family.

After resting for a few days, Suzan felt much more relaxed. Then she came back home from the hospital. She hadn't been to the company for several days. When she came back, she found that the staff were almost gone. The rest of them were not so valuable, which made her feel that the Shu Group almost doomed.

Deep down, she knew it was the biggest mistake she made in her life to hand over the company to Miya and Joey. However, regret was of no avail.

"This girl should have used her money to make up for the company. She didn't care about how terrible the situation is at home!" Laura complained Marilyn in front of Suzan, blaming her for being ungrateful.

The old lady fell into silence. Although the doctor had told her that she could not be too tired, the situation did not allow her to rest. If she did not take measures, she had to hand over the family property to others.

Marilyn didn't know that her grandma would call her in person. In an era with strong male concept, her mother was neglected and despised by her mother-in-law because she didn't give birth to a son for her family.

After getting married to Shawn, her life had been very difficult. She had to act according to her mother-in-law's instructions every day. Even the servant did not take her seriously. Marilyn knew what had happened to her mother. Since the day Laura came into her family, she had a tough time. The moment she told her family she was in love, they couldn't wait to marry her as a wife and didn't even care about the background of her boyfriend, let alone warn him to be good to her.

So, the marriage of Marilyn was not as good as she thought. The main reason was that her family didn't take the responsibility of monitoring her marriage. They didn't care about that if her marriage life was happy or not. As a result, she was treated by Leon and her quiet life was messed up by him.

"After all, you are a member of our family. Since we didn't kick you out of the ancestral temple, you have to make some amends for our family. When you are free, come to our house. I have something to tell you."

Suzan still held a tough attitude. Even in such a critical moment, she still didn't put down her haughty mask. She still asked for help in the tone of ordering, which was the same as bef

ily, but Suzan was too weak to stop her.

Ethan had been waiting at the door for a long time. A while ago, he got the news from Adam that Marilyn came to the house of the Shu family. Marilyn was too preoccupied to see him.

Hearing the noise inside, Ethan immediately went inside. He only heard the word of "I don't want you to be here". Without saying a word, he took Marilyn away.

At that moment, it was raining cats and dogs.

Suzan cursed furiously, "the storm is coming! The storm is coming!"

At the same time, Ethan ran to the car with Marilyn. It was not until then that she realized that the umbrella she brought with her had been left inside.

By this time, Miya had already thrown out the things she brought over from the door.

Not wanting to talk to her grandma anymore, Miya went upstairs. Her grandma was left alone in the living room, wearing a sad expression. She could not help but sigh deeply.

"Go shopping with me. My only suit is wet, and it will bring a lot of trouble!" Ethan took off his coat and hung it on the seat, hoping it could dry faster.

"You don't even have any wrinkles on your clothes. Is this your only one?" Marilyn caught the topic and continued to talk it with Ethan.

"You know, I always wear formal clothes, because being too high-profile is often criticized by many people.

Marilyn went to the man's clothing store with Ethan to buy some clothes. She smelled some similar smells.

Ethan took a look at the name tag and got excited. He picked the size and put it on himself. He didn't fasten it on purpose.

"It's a little tight. Marilyn, help me check if I have fastened the button on my neck." After saying that, he raised his head, revealing his Adam's apple in front of Marilyn.

When Marilyn looked up, she turned her head to the other side and put her hand on his neck.

As his throat stirred, his finger moved. He bent over and whispered in her ear, "your design is so beautiful. I want to pack them all."

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