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   Chapter 171 What Happened In The Auction

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Marilyn gave her finished product to Ollie, and this time, with the permission of the guard, she directly entered the base.

"The next time, when you get there again, you can take this pass with you. No one will stop you." Ollie picked up the pass on the table and handed it to her.

"That's great. I was worrying about it!" When she recalled that they had been caught on the spot by the newcomer and then been caught to Felix indiscriminately, she was flustered. Among all the people here, Marilyn was afraid of Felix most.

Amazingly, Ollie took the piece of jewelry from Marilyn's hand and asked, "Can... Can you send it to me?" Not willing to put it down, Ollie put it on her neck, and tried on. The product was so beautiful.

"I can send one to you, but not this one." Marilyn had already excepted that Ollie would like it so she give another product to Ollie. "We've promised the auction house to hold a charity auction in your name.

Marilyn took out another necklace from the box with the same color but different style and put it to Ollie's neck. "This is my trial work. There are some flaws in it, but its defect is very unique."

Ollie picked up the necklace and looked at it. It was really perfect from the outside, and there were several rare tracks at the bottom.

"Is this...?" Ollie showed her findings to Marilyn.

"You are really a gifted woman. You've found it so easily. Once the specially carved jade became such a large-scale arc, it would inevitably be torn. The structure of the inner structure was changed, and the appearance was changed."

She meant that although it was good-looking to make this kind of material, it could damage its stability, so that it would collapse if it was not preserved properly. So she changed the plan to make it not so ugly as before, but it was also beautiful.".

"I am not particularly clear about this, but now I am studying materials for this kind of thing." Ollie was modest. She pointed at a few opened books on the table, and on the other side of the book was a notebook. The page that was opened was full of words.

"Are you okay to read books?" Marilyn was worried about her. Ollie looked terrible before. The accident must have caused a lot of harm to Ollie.

"You are underestimating me. I am trying to active my brain, which can split the brain cells more quickly. It seems that my body can recover faster!" Although Ollie didn't know what she was talking about, she trusted the doctor.

At this time, Ollie was like a professor. She was telling some knowledge about head disease to Marilyn.

The refreshed look on Ollie's face brought much comfort to Marilyn. She was assured that they would succeed in this auction.

The conversation went on happily, and there were bright laughter from the room from time to time.

The boss of the auction house called Marilyn the day before the opening of the auction house. "Miss Marilyn, isn't it against the rules for you to change the place without permission? We have done our job well here!"

Marilyn was confused. "When did I change my address? I rem

than would be on a business trip on that day.

It turned out that the news was fake. Miya was ready to fire the person even though he didn't want to work in this company.

Ethan didn't stay any longer and went straight to look for Marilyn. The onlookers seemed to have forgotten what they were here for. They went to the place rented by Marilyn. Now the place were fully occupied. It was lucky that they had prepared the plan B for this kind of situation, so they did not panic to solve this problem.

At 8:00 p.m., Marilyn started the auction on time. When she looked at the site nearby, there were only a few people here, which was less than the number of an auction. Even if the goods were showed up, the deal would not necessarily be sold.

Under such pressure, Miya had to go on. Experts made explanation to the items one by one.

"Okay, this is the last item. We will price it according to the rules. It started with 1, 000 dollars!"

"1001..." A man began to bid. He had been coveting this watch for a long time. It was a Rolex, the value of which was more than 10000 dollars. If he got it with such low price, he would be too excited to sleep for a few days.

"Anyone else?" The auctioneer repeated this question, but got no answer. Then he asked a few more times but no one answered. At last, the treasure belonged to that man.

Miya's losses were serious. Seeing that Marilyn won, she was so angry that she hired a reporter she knew to deliberately report that Marilyn's studio was a plagiary.

"Plagiary? Please show me some evidence. If you accused me of that without any evidence, your credit will be influenced! " The journalists looked at her guiltily, because her uncomfortableness was evident in Marilyn's eyes.

"If you are making trouble for your own failure, I think you may have the opposite result." After saying that, Marilyn smiled at the reporters around her. As she had expected, they all turned to look at Miya.

On the next day, Suzan was still in the hospital. Hearing this news, she fainted with anger again.

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