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   Chapter 170 The Inspirations From That Woman

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Felix didn't agree with Marilyn to take a look at Ollie. Ethan hated to see his woman get hurt in front of others, even if the man was his boss.

"I'll take her away right now." With that, Ethan took Marilyn out of the office.

Although his action was indecent, it was a warning to the other party that never do such a thing again.

Marilyn felt upset. She didn't know why Ollie suffered so much, but she could go anywhere she want and even came to the base. She felt sorry for Ollie.

"She..." When Marilyn was about to say something, she was interrupted by Ethan. "Her suffer had nothing to do with us. The car accident and the brain concussion have nothing to do with us. It's all her own fault."

The man was so resolute. He didn't want to see Marilyn to be too kind. It would not only endanger her life at any time, but also ruin her life.

"Ethan, you have no idea how perfect her design is. Even I don't want her to be overlooked." Marilyn just felt pity about Ollie's design talent. She felt that Ollie was a talented girl and it was not good for a talented girl to be neglected.

Ethan didn't make a response. As far as he knew, Ollie had disappeared when she was going to kill Marilyn. Now he didn't even want to look at Ollie anymore.

"I have to do it!" Instead of walking out of the base with Ethan, Marilyn turned around and ran to her destination. She had nothing to worry about since he was here.

Ethan had no time to stop her. He knew that once Marilyn had made her decision, she would definitely do it. Therefore, it was reasonable that she didn't need to do it.

When Marilyn arrived at the residential area of Felix, there was no one who stood outside to keep an eye on her for the families of women living inside. This was a place that was thought to be safer than Felix's, so there was no need for any extra people to guard outside. She knew that Ollie was inside.

Before that, when Marilyn and Ethan came, she looked around the base randomly and then came here. Someone told her that Miss Ollie lived here.

Marilyn looked around and found no one else was standing at the door. She walked inside on tiptoe. Since she didn't know whether Ollie was sleeping or not, her pace was light and slow.

When she got closer to the room, she heard the woman groan. When she got closer, the groan became louder and louder, and she sped up and rushed in.

"Ollie, are you okay?" In a panic, Marilyn couldn't call anyone, let alone inform the doctor here. It was really hard for her to get in touch with the doctor here.

"Medicine! Help me!" Ollie shouted loudly. She had a hoarse voice. She kept patting her head and even pretended to hit the wall. Because the walls around were all made up of paper bags, and it wouldn't hurt her even if she hit the wall with her head. Now she squatted down, trying to kowtow to the ground.

"No, you will be hurt." Marilyn took Ollie back and held her into her arms to stop her. She asked Ollie not to do anythin

or help from Ethan. Without hesitation, Ethan introduced the best auction house in the industry to Marilyn, making a string for them.

The auction was coming closer and closer. They needed to make some preparations in advance to make sure that there were a large number of people attending, so that they could get the money they wanted. Marilyn put a huge poster on the busy street in the center of the city for three days. It was her specialty.

It was said on the poster that it was free to participate in the auction, but a certain deposit was needed to be paid to return after the activity was finished. Marilyn pulled Ethan out as a guarantee and the other party agreed.

The auction became the hottest topic, Everyone was estimating how much profit this woman could take from it. No one knew that her purpose was not money, but the value she could bring up was what she wanted to prove and get.

When the Shu family got to know about it, Miya deliberately rented the space next to the auction house and held a similar auction. Her purpose was very simple. She wanted to make Marilyn's treasure not bid, and then let them end the auction in embarrassment.

Joey's hatred for Marilyn hadn't gone yet. He let her go due to the threaten of Adam. But since he had already taken the revenge on his heart and unknowingly would rise up. This time, Joey and his sister Miya had the same ideas.

They carried all the valuable things in their house. If they made a big profit by bidding and humiliated that woman at the same time, their purpose was achieved.

"Sister, don't you want all these things?" When Joey saw the large number of jewels, he was curious why Miya was willing to sell them.

"I will go all out to compete with that woman!" Miya had made up her mind to compete with Marilyn. She would not stop until one of them made an apology.

Joey was frightened by Miya's words. He thought the battle between women was fiercer than that of men. It was a destined battle.

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