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   Chapter 169 That Woman's Secret

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Marilyn thought that Adam was avoiding her. She couldn't tell whether it was her illusion or not. Even if she saw him in the tea room, he would just nod and walk away. He didn't smile as usual at all.

Recently, the relationship between Ethan and Marilyn rapidly growing. So, Marilyn put down her guard completely and agreed to take his car after his both hard and soft tactics to the office. As expected, when the cold man in the blue formal suit opened the car door and got off the car, many inexperienced young girls stood at the door, looked around and even waited. When they saw a woman walked out of the front passenger seat, they became disappointed and sad.

However, this scene was in the eyes of Adam, who was tasting tea on the balcony. He knew that Ethan was warning him not to touch Marilyn.

Although Adam couldn't control his heart, he decided to stay away from that woman as much as possible, fearing that he would fall into an abyss.

"Is Mr. Adam not back yet?" For the third time, Marilyn had been to Adam's office. She couldn't contact Ollie and wanted to get something related to her vacation from him. If Ollie asked for leave for another week, it would be equal to quitting her job. It was not like Ollie who escape even if the first ray of light was in front of her.

"Vice general manager, general manager is back." The secretary stood in front of the CEO's office and blocked her way. "But he left again. He is on a business trip. I gave him the ticket just now and he had left the company." She nodded to Marilyn and left with broad steps.

Marilyn couldn't know about what happened to Ollie from Adam so she had to go to the gym herself.

Marilyn couldn't focus on her work in the company. She planned to look for Ollie and ask her in person what had happened. She even didn't care about her own work.

When Ethan received the call, he was in a meeting. He kept all the people quiet because he didn't want to miss every word that Marilyn said.

"I'm at the gate of the gym. They don't let me in." Marilyn placed her hope on Ethan, hoping that he could use his privilege to inform the guards around so that she could smoothly enter the place.

"No, this is too dangerous. Get out of that place!" The sudden and sharp rebuke from Ethan startled Marilyn. She didn't think it was a serious matter. All she wanted was to see Ollie.

"But Ollie..."

"The most important thing for you now is your life. Don't you know how heavy it is?" His serious tone shocked everyone present. Even the leader of the company was afraid of the authority of Mr. Ethan.

When Marilyn was about to explain something, she found that her cell phone was powered off because of the insufficient electricity. This time she was completely unable to get help from Ethan.

She thought back to the time when she came here before, Ethan

n he wanted to see now. When he saw her, anger welled up in his heart and he couldn't control himself.

"I...Felix, do you came here for Ollie, either? She... "

"Felix, I'm sorry. It's me who sent her in. And I left suddenly. I am sorry I took her in without telling you." Ethan showed up on time.

When facing Felix, Marilyn would always become frightened and scared so much that she would speak incoherently.

"No matter who you are, you can't put anyone in the base, let alone Marilyn. I really don't want to see her again!" Felix waved his hand to tell them to leave as he didn't know if he would change his mind.

"I haven't seen Ollie yet. I can't leave like this!" Marilyn had completely forgotten how the ruthless man treated her in the past. The fluster that day was nothing less than the current situation.

"How dare you mention my daughter's name! Is it not because of you that she looks like this now? "

Marilyn didn't get his meaning. She looked at Ethan, trying to get some information from his face, but she failed.

It seemed that even Ethan did not know the truth, probably because he did not often live in the base.

"What do you mean?" Since she didn't get an answer from Ethan, she turned her eyes to Felix again.

"The car accident, dare you say it has nothing to do with you?" After saying that, Felix clenched his fists. He believed that if it weren't for the presence of Ethan, he would have already made a move.

"But wasn't she discharged from hospital a long time ago after the car accident? The doctor told me in person that she could be discharged because she had nothing serious."

"Nothing serious? I'm telling you now, she has serious aftereffects and often has a headache. " Felix said fiercely. He wanted to kill the two people in front of him, but his reason told him that it would cause some unnecessary trouble, so he gave up this time.

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