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   Chapter 168 Ask For It

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Putting down the phone, Ethan smiled at Miya and invited her to sit down.

Miya was flattered. With small steps, she moved to the seat and sat down, "so Mr. Ethan, when shall we leave?" She narcissistically believed that her clothes must have moved him. She was thinking that men were just so so, who were vulnerable in front of beautiful women.

"Wait for the woman coming in..." Ethan's eyes were sharp. He saw a woman with two packages wandering at the door for a long time. He spoke in a loud voice deliberately, "come in, the woman who brought me food."

Miya was amused by his words. Now she realized that Marilyn made a living by sending food to others. In that case, she must be a delivery worker.

After a while, Marilyn came in and said, "the meal is here. I'm leaving."

Seeing her behavior, Ethan immediately held her arm and asked, "we are going to have lunch together. Where are you going?"

"What? Mr. Ethan, I have something to discuss with you. I'm afraid... "Miya's last hope was destroyed. She thought she could get rid of Marilyn.

"I won't agree to have lunch with you unless she agrees. Miss, please persuade this wayward woman!" Ethan held Marilyn tightly in his arms, deliberately making Miya realize that he had a girlfriend. He hoped that Miya could behave herself.

The scantily clad women were the most disgusting kind of people for Ethan in the world. He agreed with her invitation only to punish Marilyn on purpose because she allowed Miya to enter his office without his permission. He did not allow her to use the power he gave her for such woman.

Marilyn's face was as red as a rose. She could feel his hands behind her back, which made her heart skip a beat.

"What do you think?" Suddenly, Ethan turned his head to look at Marilyn. It seemed that the girl was not prepared for this and she just nodded her head shyly.

Marilyn didn't know what crazy things he was going to do when there was another girl standing in front of them!

Miya bit her lower lip hard, forcing herself not to be angry at this moment. Otherwise, her efforts were wasted, and she endured it. She invited a big boss under the name of Ethan to discuss with him about what the Shu Group should do to change the situation.

Mr. Chen only listened to Ethan, and there was no other choice for Miya to do so.

"If you don't mind..."After a short pause, Miya said, "I called Mr. Chen from the investment company."

This made Ethan a little surprised. He had always thought that Miya's target was him. Hearing what she said, it was not the case.

"Of course not. I think the more people, the more lively we are. Am I right, honey?" Ethan kept his eyes on Marilyn and never took a look at Miya.

Miya felt that she was neglected. Although her plan was achieved, she felt very uncomfortable.

"I have reserved a restaurant, or..."Miya gave them a tentative look.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's

yn didn't take part in it and even showed some resistance to it.

Without waiting for Harrow's response, Ethan stood up and pulled his chair backward and took Marilyn away.

Miya was left alone. She felt extremely embarrassed facing a man she didn't know at all.

"Since he's gone, I'll go back too." Harrow ignored Miya's eager eyes. He felt that he had been cheated by her. He couldn't invite Ethan to his party, but he was at the mercy of a little girl.

At first, Harrow had a little admiration for her. But it didn't last long. He realized that the woman named Miya in front of him was so scheming that he couldn't be with her for a long time. So he left her behind at the request of her.

In the noisy restaurant, Miya was watched as a clown. Someone even guessed who the two men who had left her were and what wicked thing she had done that made them hate her so much that they wanted to stay away from her.

In this case, Miya didn't want to stay in the restaurant and she had to leave the restaurant with them. She intended to go home and ask her brother about the progress there.

The siblings had a clear division of work. One went to look for Marilyn, while the other went to look for Ethan. They thought these two were the last straw to save the company and they made up their mind. However, according to the plan, they didn't have a good result.

Ethan and Marilyn left for the garage to pick up the car. Marilyn grasped the hem of Ethan's clothes, hoping he could stop for a while.

"What's wrong?" Ethan found out that there was strength behind him and stopped. He put the key of the car back into his pocket and protected the woman's whole body with his hands.

"I want to apologize to you. I let that woman in. At that time..." Marilyn's voice trailed off in the kiss.

This time, Marilyn didn't struggle at all. She held herself up, became active and responded more violently.

Ethan had already forgiven her.

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