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   Chapter 167 Miya And Joey Did Everything They Could To Achieve Their Goals

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The Ollie thing didn't end well, but Marilyn got the news...

"How could this be? Did she say when she will come back to work?" Adam shook his head. When Marilyn tried to persuade Ollie again, she was told by Adam that Ollie didn't go to work and asked for a long leave yesterday.

Marilyn saw the passion and happiness of Ollie to the job. She never thought that one day Ollie would ask for a long vacation without a deadline.

In a daze, she had been through a lifeless morning. She was not in the mood to have lunch at noon. She planned not to eat anything. Now she had no appetite at all, even though she was starving to death.

"Miss Marilyn, are you not going to have lunch?" The employees greeted her warmly. They all saw the tension between her and Ollie yesterday. They thought this vice president was rather pathetic. Even if she was scolded by her subordinates, she had to endure it. Now she was not in the mood to have lunch.

Marilyn shook her head and then turned back to stare at the computer screen.

She guessed that something might have happened to Ollie's father, so she was worried about her father. Marilyn tried her best to find out what had happened, but she didn't get any similar information. As a result, she gave up her careful thought.

While she was still thinking about all kinds of possibilities, an unexpected visitor came here to look for her.

"So this is the place you work in, just so so!" It was no one else but Joey who was arrogant and rude.

When Joey came in without any invitation, no one knew how he passed the security guard. After all, it was stipulated in the company that the outsiders needed to show the ID card.

Raising her head, Marilyn quickly looked away. She had no idea what Joey was going to do.

"You don't have to be so scared of me. I'm your brother!" Joey wondered if Marilyn would believe that he was going to take advantage of her. This ridiculous thought disgusted Joey.

"What are you doing here? The security guard didn't stop you!" With that, she ran behind the desk, trying to protect herself. She knew there was no one else in the company at lunch time, so she had to face the man alone.

"The old guard is a friend of my father and he recognized me." Joey replied proudly.

With her brows knitted, Marilyn considered it a must to fire this irresponsible security guard. After all, they didn't need to provide any human resources for the company.

"Since you are no more than a vice president here..."Taking a look at the badge on Marilyn's clothes, Joey sneered, "I allow you to be the general manager of the Shu Group now." That sounded like a big honor for Marilyn and Marilyn should get down on her knees to show her gratitude!

Only then did Marilyn fully understand why the man had so much to say to her. She walked around the table and went towards Joey. Patting his shoulder, she asked, "my dear brother,

at unhappy.

She squeezed her body at the moment the door was about to close slowly. As the door was automatically opened and closed, its power was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. However, Miya totally ignored the danger, which startled Marilyn when she just entered the room.

Marilyn hurried back to the door and did a face check before the door was opened again. Otherwise, the internal organs of Miya would be hurt if the door was squeezed so violently.

Miya didn't show any gratitude. After she knew that she could get inside, she directly walked in, regardless of Marilyn who was standing next to her.

Because of her panic just now, her clothes were a little messy. Thus, Miya slowed down and fixed her clothes. Marilyn saw Miya squeezing her chest and lowered her dress on purpose. Moreover, she had just finished the make-up on the way for 20 seconds.

"This lady, you don't have an appointment, do you?" The secretary had just come from the Ethan's office. It was a suite, so she noticed Miya.

"How did I get in if I don't have an appointment?" Miya knew her sister so well that Marilyn won't expose her at this point.

"Connie, let her in." Marilyn followed them. She was on good terms with Ethan's secretary, so they knew each other very well.

The reason why Marilyn allowed Miya to come into the office was that she wanted to know what tricks Miya was going to play. Miya wouldn't do it unless she saw Ethan.

Miya knocked on the door and went straight in without saying anything. The smile on the face of the people in the room froze immediately.

"Mr. Ethan, I come here to invite you for dinner."

Behind her, Marilyn took a look at the food in her hand. It was still steaming. She felt it ironic. She decided to leave.

It was not until then that Ethan called his secretary and asked her why she allowed a stranger to come in, he knew that it was Marilyn who allowed Miya to come in.

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