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   Chapter 166 Unexpected Thing

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The journey to the gymnasium didn't help Marilyn ease her worries. Instead, she seemed to be more anxious. The appearance of Vivian didn't affect Marilyn. But it reminded her of Leon and what her grandmother had said to her.

"Shu Group is on the decline, and it can't hold on any longer..."She had never seen her grandmother be so sad.

Even if she had conflicts with her grandmother before, she still love her grandmother. After all, it was she who gave birth to her father and then gave birth to her.

Marilyn knew very well what kind of person Joey was. But she knew nothing about the company's situation nowadays.

When she got home, she couldn't fall asleep at ease. After tossing and turning restlessly in bed for half an hour, she didn't feel sleepy at all. She decided to check the current situation of the Shu Group.

Ever since she had left there, Marilyn had deliberately ignored the messages about company and told herself not to care about the company's existence. After all, it had nothing to do with her. But things had been really that way, she didn't have the courage to persuade herself to pretend not to care anything.

After that, she turned on the computer and quickly browsed the website about the Shu Group while Ethan was still washing his face and brushing his teeth. At this time, more and more news popped up.

The first dozen pages of the search engine were all about the love stories of Joey.

It reminded Marilyn of seeing Joey in the game room once. At that time, his girlfriend was Anna, the most popular female star.

Marilyn has no impression of the woman shown in the picture. The woman is not like a rich lady of the upper class, nor a star on TV. What she dressed was more like a girl from whorehouse.

Seeing the woman with exposed clothes and unrestrained behaviors, Marilyn can't open her eyes to continue to check. She feels that her eyes are severely impacted and can't open at all.

The photos of Joey and different kinds of women kept flashing in Marilyn's mind. Some of them were taken secretly. Then she understood why the company was in such condition.

On the other side, Marilyn stared at the person in the computer with a look of disdain, as if she had expected that.

At this moment, the computer went out and the surroundings were all dark.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here." Before she could scream out, she was held into a warm chest. She could feel the strong heartbeat of the man, which made her feel at ease.

"You're here. I'm not afraid of anything!" She tightly held onto Ethan's arm, and quietly closed her eyes to feel the serenity from the dark.

Here is full of warmth and the Shu family are in a mess. They didn't expect that the bank would send someone to urge the debt in the evening.

Shu Group's loans in the bank have been due for repayment as early as half a year ago. However, they could not pay any interest, nor could they collect the principal at the beginning. So they through their relationships to ensure that they would be able to pay back after a long time.

They d

er keep it in mind." While in fact, Marilyn felt a little bit painful in her heart. She knew that Ollie did not take the competition seriously. She should not have spared no efforts to grab the document that Ollie did not care about at all.

Ollie didn't regret. She only found that Ollie was unreasonable, and even she thought it was a precious thing, and the owner of it was abandoned like nothing.

In a low mood, Marilyn didn't tell Ethan what had happened. Instead, she came to her father's tomb and planned to tell him.

On the anniversary of the Shawn's death, she didn't clean the grave for him and plucked the grass, so she felt guilty of that. She intended to take this opportunity to have a look again. It would be all right even if she only to talk a few with her father.

"I don't know why, every time I wants to give my heart, but the other side doesn't need me to do anything. It's really hurt. I don't regret for what I have done for her, but I don't understand why her temperament has changed greatly!" Suddenly, it occurred to her that she had received a gift before she left the hospital. It was a portrait made of water powder from Ollie.

In fact, Marilyn liked to collect painting, and she had practiced the copy made by several famous masters. But they was left behind when she was kicked out of the house.

She could recognize the quality of the painting at a glance. The painting Ollie gave to her was a best precious one. The name of Ollie was on the signature, which meant that she drew it herself, showing her sincerity.

It meant that she had taken the initiative to show kindness, but things had changed now. This time when she returned to the company, Ollie glared at her.

She asked in confusion, hoping that her father could give her a satisfactory answer. However, there was no response around except for the dancing weeds.

She knew she was daydreaming, so she just paid a visit to her father's grave and left. She knew that there were things that needed her who were still alive to understand.

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