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   Chapter 158 First Aid

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Adam made a phone call and couldn't find Marilyn, so he drove to the site immediately.

"Ollie, have you seen Marilyn?" Adam saw Ollie standing outside the door of competition site first. His tone was so anxious and impatient that he did not notice Ollie's mood.

The name "Marilyn" immediately angered Ollie. "I also want to know where that woman has gone. She took the product that I had worked hard to make and disappeared. She is too vicious!" With the poster in her hand, Ollie smashed it onto the floor and yelled, "Mr. Adam, how could she do this?"

Ollie felt wronged. She had never been so serious about one thing. She had put all her heart in this game. She had grown up under the protection of her father, and she hadn't experienced any hardship. She came to this company only for Marilyn. She wanted to disturb her life by entering her working environment, but she found herself specialties by accident.

Ollie was very discontented with her height. This kind of low spirit had influenced her for nearly five years, but the working atmosphere here made her feel comfortable and happy. She even tried to put down her hatred and try to fit in.

"My good plan was destroyed by Marilyn." Ollie thought.

She wanted to prove to her father that she had the ability to support herself by winning the competition. She wanted to get rid of her father.

However, her plan couldn't be carried out in time, and her plan was ruined by Marilyn.

"She didn't come here. I'm afraid she might be in danger!" Adam told Ollie what had happened, but the latter still didn't understand her. Ollie believed that Marilyn did it on purpose.

"That's all I can tell you. She's in a very dangerous situation. We must take moves." Adam didn't stop. He got back, made a turn and left.

Adam left Ollie standing there at a loss. Her anger was taken away by this restless Adam. She didn't know if she should stay or leave.

The competition was in full swing. All designs were put on the big screen for contestants and judges. In addition to the groups that participated in the competition, there were the spectators who came to visit and learn. They sat in regular seats and watched the big screen playing, with approval or comments from time to time.

Ollie read a few pieces of the work and didn't find anything new. And she was down in the mood because her work disappeared for no reason. So she decided to go home and wait for the news.

She hoped that Adam could find that woman and took her work back as soon as possible. She would be comforted even if she couldn't take part in the competition. As for that woman...

"It's none of my business whether she is alive or dead!" With that thought, Ollie came to the conclusion. She looked back at the judge with a beard and left.

He was a person with authority in the industry. It was an honor for Ollie to receive the judge's comments. And she would never have another chance.

The three robbers took Marilyn to a remote warehouse and threw her on the ground.

"Didn't the client tell us to bring her here?" Kamp was full of doubts. He didn't know wh

m in a formulaic way.

"Is your leader here? I want to see him. " The boss and Adam were good friends. They had fought for each other for many times, so they were very close friends.

"I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. He has gone to the suburb to deal with the case. He won't be back in a short time." The policewoman almost revealed the details of the case, because she was too young and inexperienced.

"What case would take so long? I want to see him right now. It's a matter of life!" Adam shouted at the young policewoman. People around were whispering to each other and not paying attention to him. But the policewoman was shocked. "Sir, please calm down. I can understand your feelings."

"Mr. Adam, why are you here?" That driver happened to come to report the case. He recognized Adam who was registering at the door at the first sight.

The base and the police station were connected, so they were very familiar with each other.

The driver was the one who had driven Marilyn before. He was the witness of the whole story that he saw the three men kidnap her and took her away.

"That's strange. This morning I took a girl who was chasing after some robbers. The girl who wanted to take back her documents or something was taken away. Now I met you in the police station near noon. I don't know what magical thing will happen this afternoon."

"What?" Adam hit the point. He finally understood why he couldn't get in touch with Marilyn.

The driver didn't know why Adam came to the police station until now. He asked him to join the rescue, because he already knew where the robbers were. He had come to ask for help after chasing the suspect for such a long time. Here were his trusted friends and colleagues.

When Adam and several police officers found Marilyn, she had blacked out, and the kidnapper was nowhere to be seen.

Through the cellphone in the hand of Marilyn, Adam saw a message sending successfully. It was for Ethan.

Marilyn tried her best to send the message. At that moment, all she thought of was the man on the border.

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