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   Chapter 157 Marilyn Was Robbed

Yearning For Your Heart By Xigua Xiong Characters: 10179

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Miranda offered the chance to the newcomer. She asked Ollie to make the final decision. And the latter accepted it.

In Ollie's opinion, there was no need for Marilyn to put a finger in her pie, since she was able to take the lead in this matter, but she thought that this design was based on Marilyn's thoughts. Therefore, she had no choice but to "endure" herself for the time being.

The competition finally arrived. As the team leader, Marilyn needed to hand over their piece which was the result of their unrequited efforts to the competition site. It was Ollie who almost worked overnight.

Marilyn put the documents into her briefcase and rushed to the site. She had discussed the details with Ollie yesterday and forgot the time. She stayed with her all night. For Marilyn, she had gotten used to working day and night in a reversed way. It was a severe torture for a newcomer, especially for woman like Ollie who had never suffered.

Ollie felt asleep quickly, and told Marilyn to hand in the work piece in person. Otherwise, her efforts would be in vain.

Not daring to slight the news, she returned a sincere smile and said, "rest assured. This is the result of our mutual efforts. I can't allow anything to happen to it." Seeing the sincerity in Marilyn's eyes, Ollie was relieved and fell asleep on her office chair.

Before getting asleep, Ollie told Marilyn that she would arrive at the site on time and wait for the result. She hoped Marilyn should do a good job in front of her - turn in the competition items.

Marilyn felt that Ollie was not a very broad-minded person. It was just a small matter and she had to be told over and over again. She was not a child who could lose things. This idea was not completely put out until she was halfway there.

"What? Did you lost your work? Are you okay? How are you? " When Adam got the call, he heard that Marilyn told him in an anxious tone about what had happened. She told him the story of the case in details that the work piece was taken away.

Our work piece has been taken away! But Marilyn didn't know if their target was money or the documents in the bag.

The robber took actions when Marilyn was off the subway to change to the next bus. The three of them worked in an orderly manner, without a trace of panic on their faces. They targeted the target and began to move decisively when nobody noticed. When Marilyn discovered that her briefcase had been lost, the three had already run away.

Without thinking too much, Marilyn followed their direction. At first, she was running and asking for help loudly, but there was too much noise on the street, including bus voice and conversations. Her voice was completely drowned out.

The three came to their car and opened the doors to get in the car from three doors at the same time. Their movements were smooth and quick. Without any hesitation, Marilyn took off her broken high heels and took a taxi to chase up.

"Master, keep up with the black Santana in front. They are robbers who have robbed my import

..." Kip was busy fiddling with each button on the car, trying to restarted this huge machine, but he failed. The heavy guy planned to sleep here.

"I have no other choice. Listen to me. Let's get out of the car and rob a small car for four people before that woman ran to us.

"Four? Anyone else? " Upon hearing this, Kroc glared at Kamp.

"Idiot. Kroc meant to take that woman with us so that she wouldn't cause us more trouble." They blamed the broken car all to Marilyn.

With careful plan, they took action and the process of grabbing cars was smooth and fast. Before Marilyn could react, she was pushed into the new cars that the three men took.

The driver, who used to be a criminal police, shouted around and found that nobody stopped. He had to call the headquarters' number while getting back to the car, hoping to catch up them.

He started the car a little late, and when he was about to follow them, he could not find the trace of the car, let alone the people in it.

Ollie, sleeping on the desk, didn't know there was a problem with her work. She stretched her arm lazily and planned to leave for the competition in the afternoon. She thought she had put her talent in the best and she would get an excellent performance in this competition.

As for that woman, Ollie planned to buy her a dinner to thank her if she really won the big prize.

She was annoyed when she found no work of hers when she arrived at the site.

She knew that she shouldn't have trusted her former enemy so much. She should not have believed that woman's nonsense.

"She took my draft and hid. It must be. She must have done it to embarrass me!" Ollie hated Marilyn even more. She decided that if she saw this woman one more time, she would skin her alive and be at daggers drawn with her.

Adam was worried about Marilyn. He called her again and again, but no one answered. He wondered what had happened to her. There was no time for him to explain anything to Ollie, so Ollie's misunderstanding to Marilyn deepened.

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