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   Chapter 150 Try To Please Louie

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The doctor said that if the patient lost heartbeat and breathing for more than two minutes, it was very dangerous and impossible for him to survive. Marilyn managed to hold on for two minutes.

Marilyn kept doing CPR for him for a long time. Louie finally held his breath again, so it was Marilyn who saved his father.

Louie was taken away by ambulance. The family of Ethan got into the car with him. Only Marilyn was left outside.

"Don't worry. I'll drive with you." Ethan understood what was in her mind. No matter how hard he tried to stop her, she had to go.

Marilyn nodded and followed him into the car. They followed the ambulance.

On the way to the hospital, Ethan comforted Marilyn, "it's my father's old disease. The doctor said that if he was not stimulated, he will be fine. The doctor who came just now also said that it's not life-threatening. Don't worry."

It reminded Marilyn of her father. Shawn got sick every time because of Laura and her children's scheme.

Her memory was blurred. All she could remember was that the Shawn signed the letter from the doctor and gave it to her last time. Then Laura went to the ward directly to discuss with him the problem of division of company. Laura drove Marilyn away. When she came back, her father had gone.

When Marilyn thought about this, tears were running down her cheeks. Watching her crying, Ethan patted her on the shoulder and continued to drive.

When they arrived at the hospital, Marilyn said, "I'm not going upstairs. Remember to tell me about his condition."

Ethan nodded to her, turned around and left.

He could understand her feelings. When she was in the emergency aid, she mentioned her father, which meant that she missed her family so much that she couldn't get over it. Besides, he gave her some time to calm down because he thought she could handle it well.

"Dad is awake. Are you coming here?" Ethan told Marilyn about his father's condition and asked.

After waiting for two hours, Marilyn was very happy to get the news. She wanted to express her apology to him, so she promised him to go there.

As expected, Marilyn was disliked by Ethan's mother Levy the moment she entered the ward.

"Young people always make mistakes, so Louie got sick because of anger. I think you should leave now."

Levy didn't have a bad impression of Marilyn. She was dissatisfied with Marilyn because Marilyn's arrival disturbed her peaceful life and her husband was still in the hospital.

"Aunt, I came here to apologize. I want to make it up." Marilyn had a sincere attitude, which left Levy speechless.

"Mom, let her in! For your son's sake. "

Levy's mother was amazed. It was difficult for Ethan to make an apology. However, Marilyn did it. She had to know her once again.

"Levy, get her out. I don't want to see her." Said Louie angrily, lying in bed.

Levy was in a pickle. It was not decent to drive a guest who came to see the patient out, not to mention that the woman was the woman Ethan loved.

"Don't worry. I'll talk to him." Levy helped the patient sit up and brought him a glass of water, telling

made some dishes for uncle. Can you check if uncle likes them?"

When Marilyn saw Louie turning his back to her, she didn't talk to him, afraid that she might say something wrong and make him even angrier.

Levy was surprised. She did not know that the seemingly weak lady was willing to cook and cooked more than one dish.

"I am sorry to bother you. Didn't Ethan come with you?" Levy looked out as she spoke.

While tidying up, Marilyn said, "he said he had something to deal with at the base. He had been delayed a lot because of me. He might not be free recently."

While listening to what the two women were talking about, Ethan had just opened his eyes which were closed as he pretended to be asleep.

"Then why are you here?" Said Ethan, turning around.

Levy came over and helped him sit up. "This lady brought you so much food. How can you be so unreasonable? !"

Holding Louie's hand, Levy opened the dinner box one by one. She was attracted by the fragrance of the dishes. Although the dishes were ordinary, they smelled good.

As for Louie, he had been starving to death. He regretted what he had done the moment he had vented his anger on Levy.

"I won't eat it. Ask her to take it away." Said Louie stubbornly.

Even though he said he didn't want to eat, he kept glancing at the meat in the box. Levy immediately knew what he was thinking about.

"Miss, you can leave now. We have kept the dishes. I appreciate you on behalf of Ethan's father." Then she winked at Marilyn to let her know.

"I won't eat. I said I won't eat."

Seeing that Marilyn had gone far away, Louie began to "force" himself to eat. The more he ate, the happier he felt. He was even too full to eat well.

In the afternoon, it was a little late for Marilyn to go back to the company. She was called to the office by Adam.

"Mr. Adam, I was delayed by something."

"Let's talk about it later. Our company is going to apply for new candidates. You and I will take charge of the interview together."

"What? Oh! "

Marilyn got the chance by Adam secretly again.

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