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   Chapter 141 Joey And Anna

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Marilyn was kicked out of the waiting area of ICU. When Ethan went to find her, he received her message.

"Don't worry about me. I'll wait for you in the hall."

Ethan breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't leave immediately since he was also worried about Ollie.

Felix covered his chest and looked more and more painful. Before Ethan could ask if he was all right, he fell on the ground.

"Help, send him to the ward."

It turned out that Felix's heart attack had begun to relapse after he knew that his daughter had a car accident, and he and his daughter were sent to the hospital at the same time. The situation was that just now, regardless of the doctor's stopping him from waiting in the ward for his daughter to have the surgery, but when he saw Ethan and Marilyn, he was a little agitated and his condition became serious again.

Felix was sent to the ward again. It was an urgent situation, so Ethan couldn't leave here.

Ethan and Ollie met at the base. They had known each other for more than ten years and they grew up together from small kids. They had a lot of wonderful memories. This place was simple and clean, and Ethan felt more comfortable to be here. He had always admired his sister.

Although Ollie was a girl, she was not inferior to a man in every aspect. She could play horse racing and fire guns. Sometimes she would even actively go to the front-line. In the face of an enemy, she was absolutely fearless as she really took advantage of her height advantage.

Before Ethan had a girlfriend, he and Ollie had been in a friendly relationship. They stood shoulder to shoulder during a battle, and he had never quarreled with Ollie. He admired and respected her.

But the appearance of Marilyn made Ollie change into another soul. What she had done was unknown to Ethan. He was so angry that he said something so cruel to her. He didn't expect that his words would hurt her feelings.

After sitting on the bench for a short while, Marilyn felt that someone was sitting next to her, and he was getting closer and closer to her. By instinct, she moved towards the distance.

"Hello, Miss Marilyn." Afraid that Marilyn would be disturbed by his rudeness, Edward revealed his identity.

It was not until then that Marilyn recognized the person. "It's you. Why are you here?" she asked.

When Edward saw that woman raising her head, there were still tears in her eyes, which reminded him of Ethan. He was afraid that their relationship would be damaged by the accident, then the efforts that Ethan had made all the time would be in vain.

"Ethan asked me to come here. You know that I have been working for him. I am following his orders."

Only then did Marilyn understand why Edward was always with him. She had thought that they were just friends. She didn't expect that it could be true.

"Do you know what happened to Ollie?"

In fact, she only g

e needed to go somewhere to sort things out as well. However, as soon as she got there, her boss told her to have fun.

"Boss, what do you want?"

"Don't ask. Come with me.

In this way, Marilyn got on his car and left without looking back.

There were all kinds of adult game machines in the entertainment city. Among them, Marilyn felt that coming here brought her a new life.

As long as there was competition, it was driven to go on. Although she might lose in a game, as long as she had a strong will, all the difficulties would be solved.

Marilyn tried to play a few game with him. At the beginning, the game was kind of rusty, but she didn't know how to start. Then she became good at playing it and she could even win him with one stroke.

Within an hour, Adam made her happy. She felt satisfied and happy. No one could understand his satisfaction.

Marilyn spotted a small doll hunting machine in front of her and wanted to have a try. Although it seemed very difficult, she wanted to challenge it.

After agreeing to her request, Adam took her there.

"Joey, why are you here?"

Although the light in entertainment club was dim, Marilyn still recognized her brother at first sight. She felt so familiar with him.

"Why can't I be here? It seems that this is not yours." Joey looked at them with disgust and wanted to leave as soon as possible because he didn't want to have any more contact with this sister.

"Who are you talking to, Joey?" Anna walked towards them with drink in her hand.

"Anna?" The woman spoke in an arrogant tone, which was very familiar to Marilyn. She still remembered how arrogant and bossy Anna used to be.

"Why are you two together?" While saying this, Marilyn turned to Joey. She didn't expect that the man had a relationship with Anna, and it seemed that they had a close relationship.

"What does this have to do with you?" Joey thought that Marilyn was nosy.

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