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   Chapter 122 Encounter With Joey

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Marilyn was a hot potato to Adam. A year ago, he had heard the name of Marilyn.

In order to cut off her stepdaughter's path of living, Laura had spread a piece of news: Marilyn tried to take advantage of the properties of her family in spite of the relationship between her brother and sister, and planned to drive them away. Such an unfilial and evil woman was found out to have a taste of her own blood and then she was expelled from the family.

The news that Marilyn had been thrown out of the family made it public. No company wanted to put up with this pitiful woman.

At that time, Adam had known Marilyn. He was happy that he hadn't received her self-recommendation letter, but he hadn't expected that he had been forced to hire her by Ethan.

He had to show some respect to Ethan. As he had instructed, Adam allowed Marilyn to work in his company successfully.

But only he knew how uncomfortable he was. Adam had sent people to check on Marilyn. He was stunned when he found out that how well Marilyn behaved in the company before.

Hit people? Arrogant? Imperious?

Adam thought he was so crazy to agree to Ethan's request.

But Marilyn didn't know the thought of her new boss. She just thought that if he was a friend of Ethan, then she could live a peaceful life with him. Even if he didn't take good care of her, he wouldn't make her to be in a dilemma. That was enough.

"This is our new colleague. Come and meet her."

The head of the personnel department was responsible for the introduction and guidance. Adam enjoyed his time at ease.

To pursue her new job, Marilyn chose a new dress, which was simple and capable. She had to change into a new look to maintain her good mood.

Everyone stopped working and looked towards the door. They were all attracted by the new comers, not because she was special, but because of the gossip about her.

"Is it Marilyn?"

Ethan had saved a woman with a lot of money. Although nobody knew what she looked like, her name had gone viral.

At that time, Ethan had no time to figure out who had spread the news. When he came to himself, the gossip was all over.

Soon, rumors about her spread everywhere. In the story, Marilyn was the one who tried to attract the attention of Ethan by jumping into the river.

Once a name was given, people would become curious about the person's appearance, so it is no wander that Adam knew about Marilyn.

"Who else could it be? Look at the work card."

The name of Marilyn was printed on her employee card. Adam was an efficient man and he didn't allow anyone to waste one second in the company after the staff was done today.

Not knowing what they were talking about, Marilyn kept smiling to them, because she wanted to leave a good impression on them.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Marilyn. Nice to meet you!" She bowed so humbly that no one else could find fault with her.

However, some people were born to be untouchable. They always felt that new people didn't dare to provoke them.

The men in the c

ld agree to go with them because of his friend. He didn't want Marilyn to get drunk.

The bar was full of people, with glasses clinking. The loud noise made people around excited.

They chose a soft sofa and sat down, letting Adam sit in the middle. After all, Adam was the head of everyone, so he should be in the center. Marilyn sat down next to Yore, with three men and two women sitting on each side.

The people who came were all colleagues of the same department, so there weren't many people. They sat around the manager.

"You are the leading role today. Can you say something?"

Yore handed a glass of wine to her and told her to make a vivid opening speech. However, she didn't know that and handed the task to Adam. "No, I don't deserve it. It's not my turn! Mr. Adam, I'd like to propose a toast to you. Thank you for letting me stay. "

It was not that she didn't know that the man treated her badly before, or he wouldn't have come to the company without showing up. But since he promised to come to the bar with her, she was quiet grateful for his promise.

"Miss Marilyn, don't mention it. I did what I should do. You did a good job."

Adam said and drank the wine.

It seemed that he was very satisfied with her first mission, which made her very happy.

The atmosphere was quite harmonious until Marilyn heard a strange voice.

When Marilyn was listening to some interesting things happened in the company while drinking a glass of blood red fruit wine, she felt that her shoulder was hit by something.

"Are you blind? Don't you see I'm going to the toilet? Why do you block my way? I think you have done with your life! "

The drunken stinky man held his head high, staggered and pointed at Marilyn, cursing.

Just sitting on the sofa, Marilyn didn't sit on the very edge. How could she stop someone from going to the bathroom?

Obviously, he was picking on her. She put down the glass, turned around and looked at him! She found that the man was her little brother Joey.

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