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   Chapter 118 Who Was The Kidnapper

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Under the circumstances of a dispute, Marilyn was unable to persuade him to bring the cute little animal back. At this time, he ordered his men to leave first.

Ethan thought he could take Marilyn out of here on his own, so he asked them to leave first. He didn't want to show his private affairs to others, which would disgrace him as a leader.

The base lined up, the soldiers bowed to each other and got on their cars. Soon, the cars disappeared.

"Be good and come home with me. There is a kitten in our house."

Marilyn had once picked up a stray cat on the street, which she regarded as a treasure and took good care of. Wherever they moved, she would take it with her. Even if she didn't allow pets to be kept in the hotel, she would sneak it with her.

"Have you fed it? I haven't seen it for 24 hours." She was afraid that Ethan would ignore the poor guy. Without her taking good care of it, she couldn't make sure whether the cat would be able to survive.

"If you don't go back, I won't feed it. If anything happens to it because of your ruthlessness, you don't like it anymore." He made up his mind to start the battle.

But his words worried her even more. She knew he was a man of his word. She was afraid that he would kill the cat someday.

"Okay, okay, I promise you, I'll go home with you." Despite saying so, her move was hesitant. She did not know what to do with the little tiger that was perched at her feet.

"Sister, let me deal with it."

Doll saw the embarrassment on her face and didn't want her to feel bad, so she tried to take the blame. That was because she loved the tiger too much.

Marilyn was in surprise. She didn't expect a kid to be so childish and say such words. She thought even a kid was better than the man in front of her.

Marilyn didn't know whether Doll was joking or not, but she was waiting for Jacob's answer. She thought that Jacob would definitely refuse her. Anyway, tigers were ferocious beasts and if she was not cautious she would hurt by the little tiger. So, Marilyn didn't dare to take the risk.

"Doll, you are too young and you don't know how fierce this animal is. It will be half a head taller than you when it grows up!

Although the little tiger is like a cat now, it grows much faster than a cat. Half a year later, you will find that the cute little thing has become a tall and mighty beast."

Doll was not frightened by what she said at all. Instead, it kept smiling confidently and said, "don't worry, sister. I am not afraid of it even if it is higher than the roof."

Marilyn turned her head to Jacob. Instead of denying what Doll said, he said, "we can raise it for you, and if you want it, you can come to see it at any time."

Now that Jacob said so, it was not appropriate for Marilyn to refuse. In the end, she handed the little tiger to Doll, and Doll was so happy that she danced happily.

"I finally have a companion!" Doll took it as a playmate

d be the same as before, and he would arrive an hour earlier. That's why Anna had waited for three hours for Ethan.

Anna was very surprised when seeing the appearance of Ethan, until Monday behind him came to her sight.

Monday was her fan, and the chief of the reinforcements.

Anna remembered that the man promised to teach that bitch, Marilyn, a lesson for her.

"Look at what you have done."

As soon as he was finished, he threw a man at her. Anna dodged in panic, causing the man's head to bleed.

"What? Then he is worthless now? "

Anna wanted to keep a distance from him and kept telling nothing.

"Don't pretend that you don't know anything. This man has told me everything. What else do you want to say?"

Anna was in a very bad mood now, and she knew she would not be looked down upon by Ethan in the future.

She had nothing else to say. Ethan knew that his goal had been achieved, and that the person who was supposed to be provoked had been activated. Next, a punishment system would be implemented.

Ethan gave Monday a kick and then Monday lay on the ground. When he asked why Monday had to do that, the corner of Monday's mouth kept bleeding and the blue part of his head was black and blue.

"I won't tell anyone. You can beat and scold me as you like. I lost this time. You can do whatever you want."

Hearing what the man said next to her, Anna felt that she shouldn't take advantage of the good intention of this kind man. She was not a good person. She didn't want others to learn bad things from her.

Monday didn't speak out the name of Anna until the end, not to mention why he was doing this to Marilyn.

Ethan was not a weak person, so he had find out all the background of this man. He was clear that it was closely related to Anna.

He brought him here to deal a head-on blow to Anna, threatening her not to dream of replacing Marilyn. If Anna wanted to do more to hurt Marilyn, Ethan would not let her go.

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