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   Chapter 64 The Farce At The Welcome Party

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Soon, Marilyn realized how malicious the gossip women could be when she was working. She occasionally found something strange in her cup in the tea room. Sometimes it was a ball, and sometimes it was a piece of torn paper.

Chewing gum was left on her chair from time to time. She almost used up a bag of tissue.

But it was just a piece of cake for her. Sometimes, she even felt like she was fighting with a bunch of kindergarten children.

Amanda didn't even try to hide her hatred.

"Excuse me!" When Amanda pushed Marilyn away, she put the list Marilyn had just printed in her hand on purpose. Marilyn flabbergasted and held the work result that she had typed hard the whole morning to keep it in her hand. But she almost fell to the ground because of losing her balance.

She raised her head and looked at Amanda who was full of resentment.

"You... You just do it, I will never flinch! "

Ever since the news that Marilyn assumed the role of CEO by using nepotism got round fast. Marilyn could clearly feel the unspeakable meaning in others' eyes.

An employee without any work experience was arranged to work in the important and complicated department as soon as she entered the company. She must have an inexplicable relationship with the young and handsome vice president, Jim.

Fortunately, except for those gossips, other colleagues were not averse to Marilyn. Louis was enthusiastic and outgoing, while Chandler was indifferent to the gossips of the company except for his job. The manager, Nash, was approachable and also quite satisfied with her overall performance, One day, Jelly dashed towards Marilyn with excitement.

"Marilyn, the welcome party is coming. At that time, you will surely be in the limelight!"

With knitted brows, Marilyn was aware that she would have a hard time if she went there. She made up her mind to turn down her kind offer.

"No, I don't want to go. Thank you for your invitation. I've been very busy recently, and I have to continue my work, so I have a lot of things to do. "

Hearing this, Amanda stopped suddenly. She turned around with a smile on her face.

"Marilyn is afraid that if she drinks too much, she will have to trouble Mr. Jim to take care of her, right?"

Stunned by her words, Marilyn didn't expect that Amanda would say something like that in front of her colleagues. She was embarrassed to say no to her.

"I don't know Mr. Jim at all. The last time he asked me to go to his office, he just wanted to learn the basic work from me!"

Marilyn didn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble to Jim.

"In that case, Marilyn will definitely attend the welcome party, right?" Amanda raised her eyebrows and asked in a provocative and somewhat inquiring tone. Amanda knew it was the right time to get Marilyn, because Marilyn would not want to involve others into trouble. In that case, Marilyn would have to step into Amada's trap and make a fool of herself.

Seeing the complacent look on Amada's face, a wave of rebellious emotion rose from the bottom of her heart. Marilyn stared at Amanda closely with a sneer on her lips.

"The welcome party? I can go there. No problem! "

and smoothed the oil from it. Amanda stirred up the spoon and bring it to Marilyn!

"Finish this soup, we will let you go." Others thought that Amanda meant that Marilyn could pass this game, but only Marilyn knew it clearly. She knew that Amanda didn't let her go easily.

Marilyn gulped it down without any hesitation, throwing up! The decisiveness on her face made Amanda feel like she punched hard into cotton, as if she couldn't get any reply!

"Marilyn, you are the saints who cannot show themselves. I never thought that you, a weak woman, could eat so much spicy food. I, Amanda, feel ashamed of myself. Let me propose a toast to you. "

What Amanda said made Marilyn sick. Drink? So Amanda planned to play another trick.

Before she could respond, Amanda handed her glass over.

"Your glass is empty now. Have a drink with me."

With a cold face, Marilyn stared at the wine in front of her. A strong smell of jealousy rushed into her nose. As expected, Amanda still didn't give up. When she tried to downplay the wine, the attendants of the mall burst into laughter. Marilyn bit her lips tightly.

No matter how hard she pretended to be calm, she would cause various discomfort if she drank the vinegar.

"Amanda, why did you just pour me half a glass? Don't you believe in my capacity for wine?"

Her words made Amanda's face blush. Speaking of age, Marilyn knew that Amanda was three years older than her. Speaking of age could really piss a beautiful woman off. Even if she drank this glass of vinegar, she would not show any loss in words!

She picked up the red wine bottle and filled her glass. The wine tasted special combined with vinegar and red wine!

Such a strong sense of sour had long been sensed by Jim, but he did not expect that this smart woman would easily dissolve the other party's provocation, without losing the battle! When Louis was about to tell the truth, Marilyn stopped him and took a sip of her champagne and gulped down her wine. She sat down quietly without any change on her face! Jim gave her a thumbs up in his mind!

This woman was not simple!

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