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   Chapter 62 What A Tough Day

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When Marilyn woke up, she was still scared of the nightmare. There were beads of sweat on her forehead. Ethan's merciless and icy expression in her dream made her heart broken.

She sighed deeply. Sometimes the gap between them was too huge. A destructive blow could destroy the deepest love buried in the bottom of the heart. Although she had a good impression on Ethan, the nightclub's humiliation had been branded into her heart. It haunted in her thought all the time and distanced her heart from Ethan's.

She quietly sat up. Being keenly aware of her movements, Ethan frowned, turned over and pulling her into his arms.

"What's wrong?" he whispered to her ears.

Marilyn leaned her body forward in an attempt to escape from him instead of answering his questions.

Seeing her like that, Ethan chuckled. He wondered what this stubborn little woman was thinking about. He tightened his arms and held her in them. He lowered his head and wanted to kiss her.

"Don't dodge, understand?"

Marilyn frowned and lowered her hair to cover her face. However, Ethan did not budge at all. He held around her shoulder with one hand and used the other to gently brush the hair on her face.

On the first day of her work, Marilyn was waiting for HR at the front desk to pick her up with a trace of curiosity in her heart. The decoration style of this company was full of vitality, and the combination of different colors was unique, which would make people feel full of vigor but not lose a sense of technology.

Soon, a petite woman with blond long hair and oval face walked to the front desk.

"Are you Marilyn? I'm the person in charge of the personnel department. You can call me Abbey."

She stretched out her hand. Marilyn held her hand and said politely, "Hello, Abbey. Nice to meet you! I am here to apply for the entry formalities today."

Abbey gave her a sweet smile.

"Follow me. I'll show you around the company." After saying that, she opened the door of the office with her magnetic card in hand. Then she walked into the office with Marilyn.

Unlike the outside, the interior of the office was simple. Rows of office tables were separated with low partition, and on them lay rows of computers. The large French windows brightened up the whole office.

"These are all the colleagues of the design department. If you have any needs, you should come here and communicate with them." Pointing to the row of seats on the right of the hallway, Abbey introduced and then turned to the left. "The product department is here. They are active and creative."

While Marilyn listened carefully, she kept thinking in her mind, 'The first day I work in such a big company, I'm excited and a little nervous. I'm not sure if I can handle this job

to tell you that I have seen her resume. With her qualifications, I think she can only be a cleaner of our company." A low female voice said angrily.

"She must be a scourge in the company. We cannot let her be rampant in this company any longer."

"You are right. She came to steal our positions."

When Marilyn, who was standing at the door, heard this, she was confused. 'I have background? Didn't I apply for this company on my own?'

"We have to punish her on the welcome party!"

The girls talked in whispers. When Marilyn heard this, she was baffled. She just came to this company. How did she get into such a big trouble.

The girls' whispers deepened, maybe they were discussing how to make her a laughingstock at the so-called welcome party.

Standing at the door, Marilyn didn't want to go into the tea room anymore. She was in heaven this morning, thinking that she had received the favor of the whole world, but in the afternoon, the cruel fact told her that all these were just like soap bubbles. Where there were people, there were gossip. When there were women, there were trouble. Over the last twenty years, she had been so well protected by her family.

With the tea cup in her hand, Marilyn turned around and walked away from this place. In the tea room, there were many gossips of a company. It was not the right place for her. She knew that she just came here to work, and she shouldn't expect to have a good relationship with these gossip women to make herself as them.

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt relaxed. 'At the welcome party? Do you want to play tricks on me? For several months, I was on the verge of death, almost breathless. But I could still have a strong smile and put on a decent look because of my tenacity and perseverance. Am I afraid of these people?' She chuckled.

'No way.'

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