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   Chapter 61 Dreams And Nightmares

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After Jim came out of the restroom, he found that everyone stood in the room in silence. He was confused. He looked at Edward tentatively. The latter winked at him, and Jim nodded and stood for a while silently.

The party ended in Ethan's anger. After Ethan left, the crowd had no interest in playing. After a while, their interests were all gone. Then, Jim patted on Edward's shoulder, indicating that he should stay. Edward nodded and stayed. There were only two people left in the big room. Jim walked to the fridge, took out a can of beer and gulped it down.

"That's bullshit. Ethan was really muddled. I won't change my mind. You've been with him for such a long time, and you never persuade him. "

Edward cast a profound glance at Jim without saying anything.

"I really can't let him go on like this. That woman is not simple. Ethan would not do that before. How could he be deceived this time?" Jim dashed the beer cans out of the cans on the ground.

But Edward seemed quite calm, he pressed on the shoulder of Jim.

"You are still the same. You have a bad temper."

Jim shook his head in frustration. He could do nothing to deal with him.

"Do you know who that woman is?" He looked up at Edward and asked.

At this moment, Edward showed an incomparably slippery nature.

"It doesn't matter what the background the woman had as long as Ethan loves her."

Jim rolled his eyes at him.

"You have stayed with him for a long time, and even learned how to speak!"

"Ha ha, did he say that too?" Seeing the frustration on Jim's face, Edward knew that Ethan had a disadvantageous attitude towards Jim.

What kind of person Ethan was? He was a man of his word. It was okay to kill him, but it was impossible to go against his will. No one dared to refuse him.

Jim grew up with Ethan and he couldn't persuade Ethan. Others could not stop Ethan, neither.

"He has never paid so much attention to his fiancee before! How can he take women seriously? " The more Jim thought about it, the angrier he got.

In the eyes of Edward, Anna was not a good person, so he didn't make an

ed by the psychologist for her to relieve the pressure.

He put a piece of pill into her mouth, took a drag of warm water and fed her into her mouth.

When he was about to lift his head, her arms were around Ethan's neck.

The sudden response shocked him all over. He froze for a second, then bent down and gave her a deep kiss.

He didn't open his eyes quietly until he felt a hint of rapid breath from Marilyn.

Her quiet and sweet sleeping face touched him.

The tight hug made Marilyn slightly uncomfortable. She groaned and tried to turn over and adjust her sleeping posture.

This slight move suddenly woke him up. He relaxed his arms and turned her around. Leaning against his chest, he held her as if she was the most precious treasure. Then they fell asleep together.

But her dreams were not peaceful. Cold sweat had seeped from her forehead, and her calves were slightly shaking. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, trying not to cry out.

Blood, a large area of blood pervaded in front of Marilyn. There was a red fog between the fog and the light shining. Everything was blurred.

What left was only his annoyance and cold eyes sometimes. While dreaming that, Marilyn still bit her lips tightly and kept silent, as if her heart was wrapped in a hard skin. She would not cry because of the sharp knife in her bones and thorns on her shoulders were not so hurtful.

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