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   Chapter 59 Miss You

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There was a silence between them.

The car was still driving on the road. It was getting dark. Marilyn took a look at the clock in the car. Her interview was scheduled at three o'clock in the afternoon and it had passed the interview for half an hour. She had been delayed for a long time in the branded store.

So it was getting dark although it was summer now.

Marilyn rolled down the window. The star of the summer night could be seen as long as she looked up. The song of 'Miss You' was being played in his car.

'Starry stars lined up in the sky

Are you on the balcony over there?

Colors gradually added into love, praying for the future

Oh my love, we will meet with each other

Miss you tonight, if someday

You think about who love you, there must be me.

Miss you tonight, if someday

No one loves you, it must be because I left you

We can't live without each other

I can see you as soon as I close my eyes

I will take you to the last stair and don't want to be in the end

Oh my love, we can feel each other

Your tears blurred my eyes

Because I was thinking of you

If someday you...

Miss you tonight

Miss you tonight'

This song was accompanied by the silence of the summer night, and the whole song continued to sing. Especially Ethan, he liked this song very much. The lyrics seemed to stick into his heart. At this moment, Marilyn felt this song was very pleasant to listen to.

But a call interrupted the music.

Ethan put his phone on speaker because he was driving.

"Ethan, where are you?" It was Edward's voice at the other end of the phone. It sounded like she had heard the voice before. But it was not good to hear someone else talking on the phone. Since Ethan was on the speaker, she couldn't just ignore it.

"I'm driving." Ethan replied to Edward at the other end of the line.

"Are you coming for a drink in Beauty Bar?" Without any hesitation, Edward spoke out the purpose of the call.

Beauty Bar was a place where he and his friends often gathered, and the boss was one of their friends, so they also liked to go there.

Before Ethan could answer his question, Edward continued, "come on! If you arrived here, find bartender Bob to bring you here. Hurry up! We are waiting for you!"

Then he hung up the phone.

"How about you pull over? I'll take a taxi and you can go to the bar now," she added.

Ethan thought for a while and did not stop the car. "Let's go together." Then he sped up and took her to Beauty Bar.

When Ethan brought Marilyn here, many people stared at them, or more precisely, at Marilyn. It was the secret place of him and his friends. Now that

On hearing this, Marilyn gave a bright smile. Then she clinked glasses with Ethan.

"Well, that's enough. You two are both high-profile. What's more, you are hurting single people here."

When she heard what he said, she felt a bit shy. The man was quite straightforward. What's more, she had no special relationship with him. There were a lot of people at present, and even if she explained it to them, they would not listen. So she just let them say whatever they wanted to say. Anyway, she would not see him again when she went out.

Even if it was Jim, Marilyn thought about that she won't meet him again in the future. Now what she learnt best was to make herself happy. She did not care what others thought of her. She just wanted to be happy, and that was enough.

"Leave them alone." Ethan said to her in a low voice. Marilyn nodded and took a sip of the wine.

This wine was especially ordered for Marilyn. The concentration of alcohol was low, and she would not get drunk, but it tasted good and suited girls very much.

At this time, although Jim was chatting with the crowd, his eyes had been paying attention to the couple, Marilyn and Ethan. It seemed that they had a close relationship, but With his experience in love, Jim could feel that they were not so close. But it seemed that they did have something to do with each other.

This kind of aura was easily developed between men and women, and only they two could enter this kind of aura, but others could easily feel it through their eyes, movements, or anything else.

But what puzzled Jim most was that Marilyn seemed to be his working partner, Leon's wife. Why was she talking and laughing with Ethan happily?

Jim was worried that his friend might be cheated, so he prepared to ask.

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