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   Chapter 52 Miss Shu

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Not wanting to stay in the company any longer, Marilyn chose to leave the meeting room. At this time, Miss Shu who was interviewed came back to the company.

The moment Sherry saw her, she immediately put on a flattering look. "Miss Shu, why are you back?"

"I have left my belongings. I come back to take them." Miss Shu said to Sherry.

When Marilyn heard "Miss Shu", she thought the woman was calling her, but then she realized that she shouldn't have been treated so politely. They were just having a quarrel and didn't get along well.

Then, someone answered.

When she saw the reply, she was taken aback. What a coincidence.

Miss Shu was tall and pretty. To flatter her, Sherry pulled her to tell Marilyn. "This is the new employee. She is beautiful and competent. What's the problem for us to hire her directly? "

Not wanting to stay any longer, Marilyn wanted to go. Miss Shu realized what was going on. She nodded to Sherry and left the company.

So, Marilyn and Miss Shu took the same elevator downstairs.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't expect that there was a competitor in today's interview," Sherry said to her.

Of course, Marilyn knew there must be something wrong with the acquaintance of the company. She wouldn't vent her anger on her. With her head shaking, Marilyn replied, "I'm fine.".

Miss Shu felt so proud. In fact, she had already found out that the boss of this company was no other than Ethan.

The man was her cousin's boss. She had met him several times in his album. She adored him so much that she had long dreamed that the love story between the Cinderella and the prince would happen to them one day.

Therefore, she wanted to work here as soon as she knew that the company was owned by Ethan. In the meantime, she saw the recruitment news. Miss Shu sent the resume of this company without any hesitation. However, things were much easier than she thought. She had been working in the company, and she would get close to Ethan.

If she could get a chance to sleep with him, everything would be fine. That was what Miss Shu planned.

In fact, Miss Shu was a very innocent woman. Many women wanted to have sex with him, but it was said that he was a man of integrity and the only fiancee.

Even if she really climbed into his bed, she was not sure whether he would treat her differently or not. Therefore, she was so naive.

Now she is more and more confident, so she began to comfort Marilyn as if she was the boss's wife. Don't be discouraged. Nature is always useful. I think you will find your own job. Come on! "

Gazing at the woman in front of her, Marilyn thought, 'I also have chances to have an interview. But now I even didn't have a chance to have an interview, how could she say such words to me? Is she trying to comfort me or

runk now, so she refused them one by one and did not drink any more. But now she was so dizzy that it was difficult for her to go straight, let alone get out of the bar.

So she asked the bar counter for a glass of water. Before leaving, she intended to sober herself up.

Feeling less dizzy, Marilyn decided to go to the washroom to wash her face and get sober before going home.

However, she was stopped by three men the moment she reached the door.

"Miss, we have been keeping an eye on you for a long time, but you refused all of us no matter who we are." The leading man said to Marilyn, "if I were you, I would love to make you kneel down and sing a love song." The man, who had drunk too, began to talk incoherently to Marilyn, "what do you think? Will you consider it?"

Marilyn gave them a quick look and said, "go away." She knows he is not a good man. " I'm leaving. " Marilyn told them.

"Go? Why do you leave so early? The night life has just begun. " A man held her arm to stop her.

"Let me go." Marilyn started to fight back.

Once she resisted, the other party was more excited, pulling Marilyn towards their table.

That was what Ethan saw when he arrived at the bar. He pushed three hooligans away and said, "sorry, this is my girlfriend."

He didn't want to make a big thing out of it.

They three didn't agree to let Marilyn go with him because it was impossible for her to be taken away like this. When they were about to take action, the owner of the bar came in and acted as a peacemaker. Having known his identity, the owner told the three hooligans that today's banquet was his and then they gave up.

Ethan then took her away. In his car, Marilyn was still in a coma. He was very angry at the sight of her. He thought Marilyn should respect herself. She was carried away with the success of the interview happily.

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