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   Chapter 51 Entanglement

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Since the fight in the fitting room that day, the relationship between Ethan and Marilyn had been a bit stiff.

Marilyn knew that she said too much that day. Ethan knew Marilyn was still angry, so he tried not to provoke her.

But he was not feeling well, nor was he feeling good. He thought about the whole thing over and over again. He was not sure whether it was just anger or shame on her. To be honest, there should not be such thing.

After careful consideration, he gave up on the idea. Since things had happened, it was useless to dwell on it. It was time to work out a solution.

Today was a holiday. He wanted to have a meal with Marilyn and tell her his true feelings. Then he wouldn't feel bad as he was now.

Recently, it seemed that Marilyn was quite busy. It seemed that she was preparing for something.

When he knocked on her door, Marilyn was reading a book. "Are you busy now?" He didn't know how to start.

On the other hand, Marilyn asked in a thrilled tone, "what's up?"

"How about having lunch together?" Ethan said it straightly.

She glanced at her watch and said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I have an interview later and I need to prepare for it. I am running out of time. Let's fix it another day." She didn't refuse him on purpose but told him the truth.

He looked at Marilyn. It seemed that she was not telling a lie or trying to hide from him. Since Marilyn had something to do, Ethan decided not to bother her.

But he heard what she said. She said that she wanted to apply for a job. In fact, she had put in a lot of effort in finding a job for her. He called his assistant.

But after a while, his phone was turned on.

"Mr. Ethan, it's true that our company has invited Miss Marilyn for an interview today. Do you need me to inform the human resource department? " The assistant knew that even though his boss called him in person, this Marilyn must have a good position in Ethan's heart.

"Okay," said Ethan, "go ahead." After that, he hung up the phone.

He thought that since he couldn't have lunch, he had to celebrate the success of her interview. He had planned to give her a surprise when she came back.

In the afternoon, Marilyn went out.

On her way out, she suddenly remembered that Ethan had wished her a successful interview.

When she walked out of the room, she couldn't keep her smile on her face anymore. She was confident about the interview. After a lot of preparation, she was able to deal with the job from a different angle and a wide range of problems.

When she entered the company, she was surprised to find that it was a large company with about one hundred employees. Not many employees or a large company, but the atmosphere seemed to be good. There was a perfect management system.

She learned from the Internet tha

deal? It would be okay to tell her that they had recruited others as soon as she arrived here. She had been waiting for so long now, but they didn't have the right to make the appointment in accordance with each other. How could it be a temporary notice?

Annoyed, she complained, "I've been waiting for you for a long time. If you tell me that you've got a new employee, that would be a waste of my time."

"Sorry, we just got one."

"That would be even more unreasonable. You didn't even give me an interview. If I am in the same position with others, and you didn't even give me a chance, you just turned me down. It's unfair." She strived for the benefits that should belong to her.

She couldn't persuade herself. If they had passed the interview and learned about their capabilities and major, then they would blame her for not being a good candidate.

But now they didn't even give her a chance to take an interview. They just perfunctorily told her that she failed. She could not accept it anyway.

"This young lady who is going to be interviewed is our company's partner. She meets our company's requirements in every aspect, and her major is also in line with our company's standards. So we decided to hire her. Is there any problem?" Sherry just wanted to inform her, but she didn't expect that she was so difficult to deal with.

"I have prepared so much work ahead of time. Why don't you even give me a try?" She felt really wronged.

"This young lady, the world is a complex world. There are many gray zones. If you think everything in the world is fair, then I really doubt how you have survived all these years." Sherry retorted.

Marilyn thought, 'I must have met a madman. Why did she do something wrong, and she is still so confident as if she was educating me with life principle?'

As a result, she walked out of the building directly.

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