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   Chapter 50 A Drama

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He was so close to her that it seemed that he was trying to protect her. It was a fearless, solitary and brave face.

If it was said that he had a crush on her, it was because at the beginning, she was a girl with a crescent moon on her wrist when she was a little girl. Later, it was totally her own character that attracted Ethan deeply.

The girls he knew since he was a child were either girls who were a delicate princess who wanted to win at everything like Ann, or who were vain and arrogant like Anna.

In fact, no one was like Marilyn. Marilyn was a lady before, but she had no bad temper at all. Ethan didn't know what was she like in the past, but since he met her again, he could clearly feel the change in her. He thought that maybe she would return to his father after she got hurt before, but now, she had learned to fight back.

Just like now, even if Ann didn't say anything, she must be frightened by Marilyn in her heart.

This kind of woman was even difficult for him to fall in love with.

The manager gave a shopping guide a look, and the shopping guide immediately understood what he meant. She walked to them and said, "Mr. Ethan." The shopping guide politely nodded to Ethan, and then said to Marilyn, "Miss Marilyn, let's change the clothes together, shall we?"

When she saw the scene in front of her, she didn't know what was going on. She just wanted to stop Ann who was talking all the time and said something bad. She was so angry that she planned to directly rip off her clothes. And then Ethan immediately put on his coat. In fact, she didn't expect that.

Judging from Ann's facial expression, it was obvious that she was scared by Marilyn. So Marilyn followed the shopping guide into the fitting room.

Marilyn looked so beautiful and dreamland like a full moon. Just now Ann was frightened, but now she was recovered from it. She was still very indignant at her.

'What does she mean? Does she want to threaten me?' At the thought of this, Ann ran after Marilyn to stop her.

"Stop! What do you mean by tearing my clothes! ?" "Did you hear me?" Ann asked.

Marilyn chose to ignore her but Ann didn't stop. Immediately, Ethan stepped forward and stopped her.

"Ann, that's enough." He stood in her way.

Marilyn saw this and realized that they were old friends. Ethan's attitude towards Ann was strange.

To be honest, he didn't take people seriously if he didn't care about them. No matter what they said or how rude they were, it was useless. Now that he treated Ann well, so Ann meant something to him. Marilyn felt bad about it, but she didn't show it.

But she didn't know that Ann was his good friend's sister. Whenever he met her, he should show some respect for her. When she saw them and felt unhappy, she felt like she was jealous.

But Ethan was an

ith her. She is my friend's sister. I have watched her grow up. This child talked straightly, but she is not a bad woman. Please don't take it to heart." In fact, the aim he said this to her was to comfort her. He wanted her to get over all these and he didn't want her to be unhappy.

But Marilyn misunderstood it. It was obvious that Ethan was trying to help Ann. They must have a close relationship. She once said that they grew up together since childhood.

In fact, she was quite envious of Ann. They grew up together and knew each other very well. She didn't even consider herself to be a friend of his. We just met by chance and didn't know that she was over confident to be a friend of his. In her opinion, she was making trouble for herself.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. In a bossy tone, she said, "don't do that, Mr. Ethan. I don't dare to get angry. Miss Ann is your friend's younger sister. How dare I have a problem with her? I'm just a woman whom you took to buy some clothes as a charity. How can I have the right to be with her?" I'm so sorry. I offended your childhood sweetheart. I have to apologize to Miss Ann. "

Marilyn began to satirize Ethan without considering his own words. Ethan knew that Marilyn must have misunderstood him. But as far as he was concerned, he did not want to explain anything to her either. Under the state of Marilyn, Ethan could not deal with any trouble and did not know how to explain it to her.

When Marilyn saw that Ethan remained silent, she knew that it was useless for her to say anything. No matter what she said, the person who would feel uncomfortable was herself. She would not make trouble for herself.

So, Marilyn also shut her mouth and didn't say anything. The atmosphere suddenly became dignified and it was also awkward. The relationship between the two people became even stiff.

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