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   Chapter 48 Try On

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On the other side, Marilyn was busy getting changed in various kinds of dresses. She chose a black dress. After thinking for a while, she decided to wear it in a party, and it wouldn't be wrong to wear black.

But the dress looked old-fashioned, so Marilyn started to pick out other dresses. This time she was wearing the same black dress, but she thought it was still low-key. Since she was going to attend the dinner party on behalf of his original date, the more low-key, the better.

Meanwhile, she didn't think bright color was a good color for her, so black was the best.

Ethan saw that Marilyn had changed into two black dresses, which looked pretty good. But he really wanted to see how she would look like in the dress through the window of the store, so he whispered to the manager.

The shop manager nodded and walked towards her.

"Miss Marilyn, there are several new arrivals of our brand in this season. Would you like to have a try?" After saying that, the shop manager pointed to the dress that she had just recognized on her Weibo account.

After pondering over it for a while, Marilyn nodded at the shop manager. She thought that it didn't matter if she tried on any one of them.

The shop manager gave the dress to her friend scrupulously.

Marilyn nodded to express her thanks. When she turned around and entered the fitting room, she saw that Ethan was embracing his chest, as if he was waiting for her to try on this dress. Especially now, the expectation on his face was so obvious.

She didn't know what she would look like in this dress, but she was also a little nervous. If her dress didn't work out as he had imagined, would Ethan be disappointed?

At that moment, Marilyn didn't know why she suddenly cared about what Ethan thought of her. She was a little nervous as if...

She behaved like a bride who was dressed in a wedding dress.

Even she herself was shocked to think of this possibility in her mind. How could she think in this way? It was too absurd.

She shook her head to shake off the thought, and then put the dress in.

After all, Marilyn was a woman. When she saw beautiful clothes, she immediately forgot her previous thoughts. All she wanted was to wear this beautiful dress as soon as possible, and then she would see how she would like to try it on.

When she put on the dress, Marilyn found it fitted her perfectly. It was well cut and had her beautiful legs exposed.

Marilyn was tall and slender, and her skin was fair. She looked more charming in it. Even though she hadn't put on any make-up, it didn't affect her overall sense. She was quite satisfied with herself when she saw her look in the mirror in the fitting room.

e same as Vivian and Miya. She wondered why she could be so evil in her life.

Looking at Miss Ann's exaggerated reaction, she almost guessed that the dress that she was wearing now was the one had already been ordered by her.

On a second thought, Marilyn thought it was not appropriate for a gentleman to grab things from others. Besides, Miss Ann had been cursing her a lot, so Marilyn didn't want to argue with her anymore. She just thought that it would only make her more unhappy.

So she decided to take off her dress and return it to Miss Ann.

"Miss Ann, I'm sorry. I don't know the dress was yours. You said I wanted to take it from you before. But it's not true. Don't worry. I'll take off this dress. And it still belongs to you." Said Marilyn.

Miss Ann didn't expect Marilyn to be so straightforward. It seemed that she was being unreasonable. She couldn't take it any longer and said to her, "bah, you have worn this dress, do you think I'm still interested in it?"

Miss Ann rolled her eyes at her and said, "I see... I see. " Miss Ann seemed to have thought of something. She said, "after you tried it on, you thought you couldn't afford it. Now it sounds good, but actually you are poor and can't afford it."

At this moment, Ethan finished the phone call and went back to the shop. He saw several people standing there and knew something had happened, but he was confused.

Miss Ann pointed at the shop manager and said, "I will hear your explanation later about the matter that you gave my clothes to others for private purposes." Then she walked to Marilyn and said, "you know you should give it back to me. But..." Miss Ann paused, "you have worn that dress. Do you think I will still wear it? Now I lost a coat and I lost my spirit. I want you to compensate me. "

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