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   Chapter 42 The Auction

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The greasy man who got Marilyn at the auction stood up happily. Everyone was looking at him and he laughed proudly. "Miss, you will be my woman tonight."

Marilyn stared at the man in front of her in desperation. He was so much like a big winter melon, and his hair had almost dropped from his head. But he stubbornly refused to admit that he was bald. He combed his hair a few times in order to look like that his hair was still too thick.

He had a pair of small eyes with one eye lid and he was with an obscene smile, narrowing his eyes into a seam, but it was still clear that the obscenity in his eyes was shown. His nose was large and had a few black heads on it, and the lips were thick and big with a self-satisfied smile. His shoulders shrugged, and the flesh on the face was also trembling. Marilyn felt the back side of her head was like being hit by something heavy, and she had a severe headache.

She became more and more desperate. If this man really became her man, she knew that she would not have the courage to face the world again. At this time, she thought of her father, and she thought that she would soon be able to accompany her father.

She was ready to die. She didn't want to be humiliated like this, and death might be the only solution for her.

Everything in front of Marilyn's eyes became unreal. The laughter of Tina and other men flowed to the whole area of her. She felt that she was just like ants, who were dragged by fate and couldn't control herself at all. Marilyn thought that she might have done a lot of bad things in her elder generation, or she wouldn't have lived so hard all her life and had to face these things.

When she looked at the people present, she suddenly found a pair of familiar eyes.

At first, she thought it was her illusion. She stared at that eyes and blinked her eyes, and then opened again. Then she was sure that it was Ethan.

She seemed to have grasped the last straw to save her life after she fell into the river. She kept staring at Ethan, hoping he could save her. She had never looked at a person with such eyes. All her hopes had been pinned on him.

But Marilyn didn't get the reply she wanted. Her eyes were cold and he soon became part of those men. Her heart, which used to have a glimmer of hope, became even dimmer.

When she saw no reaction from Ethan, Marilyn started laughing. She felt like a fool to expect something from him. She didn't expect him to stand out for her. At this moment, he was nothing different from those men.

It was the same way that their own happiness was based on the pain of others. They watched the sex deals numbly, and even looked coldly at this good play.

Marilyn used to think that Ethan was a little different. What he had done to her really touched her. She had thought a lot about him, but i

fight against her.

It was not until then that Tina realized the man was coming for Marilyn. She then realized that she had offended the gods in the sky and got into trouble. She had seen many kinds of scenes, but now, there was no cheerful chatting and cheering in the nightclub at night, only cold corpses and blood on the ground.

Tina couldn't believe her eyes. All of this happened in an instant, and she didn't know where Marilyn came from. If she had known about it, she would never take the risk. Now that the nightclub was dead, she didn't know if she could still be alive.

"Handsome, I didn't do bad things to Bella... No, your woman." Tina knew the key to the problem was Marilyn, so she began to plead, "I didn't know she is your woman. I haven't seen much of her, but we are good to her. Please let me go, please."

Her begging softened Ethan's heart for a moment. When Tina saw Ethan's hesitation, she thought it was the best time for her to escape. She stood up and pulled Marilyn in her arm. If Ethan fought with her, he would hit Marilyn first. But looking at the man in front of her, she knew if it was Marilyn, he would not shoot. Therefore, she seized the opportunity and began to run out.

But Tina underestimated his marksmanship. Tina was completely enraged by his move of taking Marilyn as an excuse. Without hesitation, he shot Tina. Tina thought she had escaped, but she was shoot on her back and fell down.

Looking at the dead bodies all over the nightclub, Ethan walked towards Marilyn with deep concern. She was still in a coma. He called her several times, but she did not respond.

"Leave it to me. You take her away first. " Edward said to Ethan.

Ethan nodded. He held Marilyn in his arms carefully, as if he was taking care of a piece of rare stone, "my dear, let me take you home." He then held her and walked out of the nightclub.

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