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   Chapter 41 Dangerous Situation

Yearning For Your Heart By Xigua Xiong Characters: 6074

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When Ethan was having a meeting with Edward and the others, his cell phone suddenly rang. He hung up without even looking at the caller ID, but the phone kept ringing. He took a look at the caller ID, which told him it was someone who was protecting Marilyn.

Seeing that, he answered the phone immediately.

Not knowing what the other party was saying, Ethan pounded the table angrily and stood up. He directly threw his phone aside. He was obviously angry. Everyone dared not to speak, and even breathed carefully. He had never seen Ethan get so angry. No one knew what had happened.

"Call off the meeting," he said briefly.

Then she quickly walked out of the meeting room.

On the other side, Marilyn was locked in the bar for the whole afternoon and in the evening, Tina took a loyal maid and a waitress to her room.

Tina glanced at the lunch that Marilyn hadn't touched.

"I've seen stubborn women before. You're not the first one to threaten me with a broken heart." "But in the end, everyone was obedient to me. Do you think you are better than me in playing these tricks? "

Marilyn didn't respond, Tina didn't take it seriously. She turned to her woman and said, "persuade her." Then he said to the waiter, "dress her up well and make her beautiful."

When she was about to go out, something occurred to her all of a sudden. She turned to Marilyn and said, "all the girls here have their stage names. Usually, I let them take them by themselves. But I don't think you have the mood now. Just call you Bella. Tonight is your first night in your life. I don't know who has such an honor." Tina said to Marilyn.

Then she left the room.

Marilyn looked at the woman in gold with a cold face. She even looked at her with some disdain.

"I know you look down on me. But in this society, nob

, only the original rudeness and barbarity, and even the words were disgusting.

Once again, she realized how ugly the society was. The whole auction house was noisy because of the ugliness of human nature. The tasty drink and the filthy words of those men made her frightened. Now she had no will to survive. What should she do?

Tina continued, "since everyone likes Bella so much, we don't want to waste our time. But we still have to tell you a good news. Bella was still a girl."

"So, our price this time is different from before, but I believe that everyone really likes Bella. Well, now the auction officially begins, our rules are the same. Anyone would got Bella if he paid the highest price. The lowest price is fifty thousand and it has no high limitation."

Tina was waiting for others' answer. Tina didn't expect that so many people liked Marilyn.

"60000." Soon a man began bidding.

"Eighty thousand."

"Ninety thousand."

The higher the number was, the more Marilyn wanted to die. She no longer wanted to see the men under the stage. She felt so wronged that her tears immediately fell down.

And now, there was a pair of sharp eyes staring at them in the crowd. It was Ethan.

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