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   Chapter 40 Malicious Speculation

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As soon as the announcement was finished, both Leon and his mother Vicki were shocked. Both of them looked embarrassed.

Vicki tried to ease the situation and said, "Vivian, I know that Marilyn has done something bad to you. But..." It was also the first time for Vicki to see Vivian get so furious. Vicki a person who was afraid of strong person and liked to bully the weak. She was afraid Vivian now but still finished the sentence. "We just send her to the nightclub in this way. If anything happens, we will be responsible for it."

"That's right, Vivian. We'd better not to make it a big deal," Leon echoed.

Different from his mother Vicki, on the other hand, in Leon's opinion, Marilyn was only a tempting cherry. He had not eaten her yet, and now he even had to send her to the nightclub to let others taste her. It would not be appropriate for him to do so. Besides, Marilyn was his wife in name. It was him who cheated on himself, especially when he just knew how beautiful Marilyn was. At this moment, he was loath to part with her.

"I think you don't want her to leave, do you?" Her words exposed his thoughts.

Then she looked at Vicki and said, "mother-in-law, I know you are kind. But I don't know what happened to you today. Anyway, I can't let it go. " She knew exactly Vicki's weakness.

"Marilyn has been pretending to be a part-time worker to work for us since the beginning. Have you ever thought about who will be responsible if we lost anything in our family?" "Mom, think about it. Luckily, I've come back today. And Leon is back too. If we didn't come back today, what if Marilyn wanted to do something to you?" she added.

After hearing her, Vicki nodded her head immediately.

"Do you really think I'm going to revenge her that she has an affair with Leon? Yes, I admit it was part of the reason. But I'm worried about you, my mother." Without caring about her own logic, Vivian continued to stir up trouble for Vicki, "if Marilyn really wants to hurt you, can you, an aged woman, resist it?" Then, Vivian added, "of course, I'm not saying that you're old."

"I can't imagine what you are going to face if neither I nor Leon come back." Covering her chest, Vivian seemed very worried about Vicki.

"Vivian, you are so considerate! It's so sweet to have a daughter-in-law like you!" Vicki had been persuaded totally. She began to speak for Vivian. "You're right. I'm just scared at the thought of it." She patted herself on the chest.

In the singing with Vicki, Vivian described Marilyn as a monster who wanted to eat the meat of monk Tang, or a beast who wanted to destroy the Lin family.

"That's right, Leon. How can we let a bad woman like Marilyn go soft on us? She did bad things to us first, so we could take revenge on her. According to what Vivian said, s

he wanted, Leon left the nightclub.

Marilyn's mouth was shut and she couldn't utter a single word. But when she heard the conversation between the two persons, she understood what they meant. She was betrayed by Leon and she couldn't imagine what would happen next.

Tina took away the rag covering on her mouth and asked, "let go of me now! How much money do you want? I'll give it to you."

Tina smiled at her, "do you think I can't afford it?"

"I'm not willing to do that. You're selling me by force, and you're not allowed to sell me. You'll be put behind bars if you continue to sell her."

"Little girl, you're smart. And I'm more reluctant to let you go. We haven't had fun for a long time. I believe that you can be a stunt to attract a lot of stinky men."

"Don't be so ungrateful. You are a criminal." She couldn't believe that there were such things nowadays.

"A crime? What crime I committed? I didn't give them money, nor did I care about the interests. Who do you think they are? " Tina teased her.

"Well, little girl, you'd better behave well, otherwise, you will really suffer. Your skin is so tender, you must cherish it by yourself." Tina told Marilyn.

When she looked at Tina's face, Marilyn was annoyed and directly rushed forward to hit her. However, Tina couldn't keep her balance and fell directly to the ground. Marilyn also ran outside as fast as she could.

"Little girl, you still want to run? Go to stop her!" Tina was really like an ancient madam. Two strong men suddenly stopped her.

Tina slapped on her face, "can you run?" After that, she started to pinch the bud of Marilyn again. It hurt so much that Marilyn almost burst into tears.

"Lock her up first." Tina ordered the two strong men to take her out.

Marilyn felt like weeping but had no tears. She didn't believe that such a thing would happen to her.

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