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   Chapter 37 Mrs. Lin

Yearning For Your Heart By Xigua Xiong Characters: 8988

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Marilyn stayed in a necessary road near the Lin family. She firstly had to deal with the thing of the hourly employee who was going to the Lin family, otherwise there would be two part-time workers. The secret would be uncovered.

Really, before long, the hourly employee she had seen before appeared.

"Lena." When Marilyn said, she immediately appeared in front of the hourly employee.

"Hello, Mrs. Lin, long time no see."

Lena looked at Marilyn. She had met Marilyn several times before, and she was a gentle woman who came to clean up every time. Marilyn was always very polite and would make tea and desserts for her. Which made her have a good impression of Marilyn.

But recently, she hadn't seen Marilyn for a long time. Instead, she saw another woman, who always wore heavy make-up. The woman's lip was red with the lipstick. Each time the woman saw Lena, she was arrogant and behaved just like Vicki. Lena was only an hourly employee, and naturally she can't talk about it anymore. But Lena had a very bad impression of the woman and Vicki.

"Yes. Lena, long time no see. " Marilyn was sad.

Lena saw the expression on her face and asked, "Mrs. Lin, what's wrong? Are you unhappy? " Lena asked with concern. She liked this girl in her heart, so she cared more about her.

On the other hand, Marilyn was immersed in her own thoughts, seemingly sad.

Got hooked.

Marilyn looks embarrassed.

"Lena, to be frank, there's something wrong with my marriage with my husband."

As soon as she blurted out, Lena was intrigued by her.

"I love my husband very much. So, Lena, can you help me?"

Marilyn said. " I want to live a good life with my husband. "

"Of course, you should live a happy life together." Lena echoed.

With a blush on her face, Marilyn replied.

"Lena, can you do me a favor? I want to give my husband a surprise and pretend to be today's hourly employee. In this way, I can make him happy. Can you lend me your clothes and have a rest at home? I will pay you today's salary."

Marilyn went on with her plan. Lena looked at her with an understanding expression and thought 'I didn't expect that Mrs. Lin would be so good at playing. You're so young, so good! That's your talent.' With a smile on her face, Lena said, "no problem, Mrs. Lin. Come on! I believe you will make it."

Lena agreed readily. It was much more successful than Marilyn had imagined.

On the other side, Marilyn put on Lena's clothes. The size of the clothes looked a little bit big, but it didn't matter. She could get into Lin family now. With the respirator on her face, she wore a pleased smile.

When Marilyn arrived at Lin family, she rang the doorbell.

he knew that she was an hourly employee. Leon can't help but stare at Marilyn's figure

He could not help walking towards Marilyn.

Leon stood behind her. So she didn't realize the danger behind her at all. She didn't know how she was now, either. She was absorbed in looking for her cell phone.

She also saw some of her private things in the wardrobe. In fact, her heart was filled with disgust when she saw the two people. She cursed them in her heart as she anxiously looked for her phone.

Leon walked behind her, reached out his evil hands and touched her waist.

Shocked, she shivered and turned around at once.

Marilyn's action amused Leon. He thought that what a cute woman

As soon as she turned around and was about to fight back, she saw that Leon looked obscene and he was about to stretch out his hands to her.

"What are you doing?" Marilyn asked.

When Leon touched her waist, she felt a pang of pain. She just wanted to take a shower and wash every part of the body that Leon had touched.

But now, when she saw that Leon still looked at her with an evil look on his face, she was suddenly alarmed that this shameless man had done something bad to her. Was he a walking boar? He had slept with Vivian when he got married, and now he was living with Vivian. He even wanted to have sex with the housekeeper.

Marilyn felt that she was really blind. How could she fall in love with a man like Leon at the beginning? And she even married him. Thinking of this, Marilyn felt very angry. She was angry at Leon and herself.

"Are you the hourly employee today?" His creepy voice was still shaking, as if he was very excited. At the same time, Marilyn began to feel scared. But she didn't know that in Leon's eyes, her frightened look made him want to own her.

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