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   Chapter 35 Adding Fuel To The Flames

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"Hello, Miss Marilyn." Christina shook hands with Marilyn and said, "Ms. Marilyn, do you experience a top spa here? The essential oil and massagists here are very skillful. "

When Marilyn was about to shake her head to say no, Christina quickly cut in and said, "Oh, look! I'm really confused. Since Miss Marilyn is the distinguished guest invited by Ethan, I think you must have a try."

Christina wanted to know what the relationship they were. She wanted to know what Marilyn would say about their relationship.

"This club is very famous in this circle. I think Ethan must care about you very much, so he brings you here." Christina continued.

"No. Ethan and I..." When Marilyn heard the words "Ethan must care about you very much", she was shocked and wanted to deny it. And this seemed to fitted in the arms of Christina. Christina had planed to get some information from Marilyn. At this time, Marilyn was not defensive at all. She would tell the truth about whatever Christina asked.

Therefore, before Marilyn could say something, Ethan interrupted.

"Miss Christina, how have you been?" "I heard that a new TV series is going to ask Miss Christina to act as the third heroine. I believe it is an important step for your development in the entertainment industry," he continued.

"But I heard that many female stars can't balance their work and family after they get married. How are you going to choose between them?"

Ethan knew that Christina had taken a play behind the oil tycoon, but the oil tycoon wanted her to be a good wife and a loving mother at home. It was better for her to have a child as soon as possible, but she wanted to work and believed she would be able to coax an oil tycoon.

These things were all what Anna once said to him on purpose. At that time, Anna said these words, which was a sign that she was fully qualified to be the daughter-in-law of the Lan family. Since she was married to the Lan family, she would think highly of the family, and would not show up again. She would definitely hold a wedding with him immediately.

Anna might not have expected that he had wanted to compare her merits with that of her friend, and now it turned out that he had used them against her friend.

Hearing what he said, Christina know what he meant. If she continued to act rashly and tried to harm Marilyn, she will only fail to play third heroine and offend the oil tycoon. She knew their business circle is mutual. If Ethan really wanted to provoke dissension, the tycoon may not be on her side.

Christina was a timid girl. She didn't dare to overdo anything due to Ethan's warning. She forced a smile and said, "thank you for your care, Mr. Ethan. I'm tired. Miss Marilyn, have a good time."

With these words, Christina left resentfully. As soon as Christina returned to her room, she calle

me?" Hearing that she said "thank you", he was very happy.

"What do you mean 'how'?" When Marilyn saw the expression on his face, she could tell that he was up to something.

"What are you saying? Are you being too straightforward, Marilyn? So that's the way to thank me, just say 'thank you'?" "After we got in the car today, you first thought that I was going to do something to you, and then thought that I was going to do something. I was really exhausted after all those things." He started to act pitiful.

"I didn't torture you." of course, Marilyn didn't admit it.

"Do you want to torture me then?" His eyes suddenly focused on her. She immediately got his meaning.

"You know, every man is a monster that can't find a place to release his sexual desire in his body. He tried the same way again and started to get closer to Marilyn. He grabbed a strand of her hair and played with it with his fingers, as if he said casually," especially like me. I haven't seen you for so long... " Ethan made a pause.

"You leave me away a little. We can have a talk." Just like before, Marilyn tried to calm herself. She tried her best not to misunderstand him. In order to keep him away from her, she made up an excuse. "Yes, yes. I know all of you are doing this for good. I can't bear it when you are close to me."

Ethan didn't try to stay away from her at all. "It's not about my righteousness that you can't stand it." "It must be the smell of the man from a hormones in me," he said to Marilyn. The more he said, the more excited he became.

"Besides... How do you know you can't bear it? Why are you so confident in me? "

He started to get close to her step by step. She was losing her mind.

Today, Marilyn was a little abnormal in the first place. But now, seeing that Ethan was so nice to her, she felt that her heart sank deeper and deeper like falling into a swamp.

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