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   Chapter 29 Being Questioned

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When Vivian Li and Zia Du walked out of the bathroom, they saw Marilyn standing at the door. She leaned against the door and looked outside as if she was waiting for them.

The sudden appearance of Marilyn made Vivian slightly uneasy. Even so, she didn't care about it too much. Through the deep discussion just now, Vivian had gained the trust of Zia and they were good friends now. 'It is also a good time to let Marilyn taste the bitterness of betrayal.'

Thinking of this, Vivian directly forgot her scruple. She waggled her slim waist and stepped on her high heels, which made the clattering sound. She walked towards Marilyn.

Apparently, Marilyn didn't expect that. Vivian drew nearer and stopped in front of her.

"My dear friend Marilyn, are you so cruel and heartless?.

The opening remarks of Vivian shocked Marilyn even more. She didn't expect that she would be questioned by Vivian.

"Am I cruel? Did you say I have a black heart?"

"You, Zia and Me used to be good friends. But what about you? What did you do to me?. How could you treat me like this?"

Vivian had already made up a plan in her mind. At the beginning, she was going to directly put Marilyn into an intolerable situation. Now, she started her acting mode. As soon as she spoke, tears were rolling in her eyes, and she looked especially miserable as if she was suffering from injustice.

The grief on Vivian's face disgusted Marilyn. She cast a sidelong glance at her, not in the mood to reply. The look on her face was cold as ice.

"Marilyn, say something! How did I fail you? What did I do wrong? Why do you treat me like this? Don't you have conscience at all for what you have done? Say!"

"I have a good conscience, and I am glad about it!" Unable to hold her mind, Marilyn gave a light Snort and answered.

Marilyn's cruel words completely provoked the fighting nerve of Vivian. She walked forward, grabbed the arms of Marilyn, and turned back to shout at Zia.

"Look, Zia! What kind of person she is now! She has no conscience now! My dear Marilyn, I really want to know what happened to you. I really want to know your true feelings!"

Marilyn was angry as well as amused.

"What did I do to you? What do I owe you? Tell me? Why should I feel guilty? Who's guilty in the end?"

Vivian began her complaint. She grasped Zia's head with one hand, and grasped Marilyn with the other. She started crying.

"I don't blame you for your love to Leon, Marilyn. Love is irresistible, but you should consider the feelings of me. We are sisters. How can you take him away from me? How could you use your family background to force Leon to marry you? Tell me!"

When the surrounding people heard this kind of gossip about family love drama, they looked at them with curiosity and a little disdain. Even a few people who walked out of the washing room had stopped to watch it.

At this time, Marilyn was already very impressed with Vivian's ability to distort the truth. She didn't want to waste time on her anymore. She shook off her hand and pushed her away.

"Vivian Li, do you have any idea about who is the mistress and who tries to seduce other people's husband? Who on earth did Leon knew first? Don't you know? What's the point of confusing right and wrong?".

Seeing Marilyn start to fight back, Vivian stepped back smartly. She hid behind Zia, as if she was afraid of Marilyn and not daring to come forward.

"Look, Zia. She is like a lunatic. No matter how I begged her before, she refused to stop. She won't give up until she steal my beloved man."

Looking at the woman who grasped the corner of her clothes tightly and pretended to be aggrieved behind her, Zia could not help but want to say something. She raised her head and exchanged a helpless look with Marilyn. Then she couldn't help but sigh.

"She is the most shameless woman in the world!"

Hearing what Zia said, Vivian became more arrogant. She thought that Zia had totally believed her words, so she acted more arrogantly. Tears streamed down her face, but what she said was more venomous.

"Just as saying goes, 'Being a bitch and setting up a chastity archway'. But my dear, God is watching what you have done. You should reflect on yourself. How can you be so relieved? The rabbit would not eat the grass beside its own hole! You even stole the man from your best friend. How shameless you are?"

Before Vivian finished her words, Zia turned around, raised her hand and slapped on Vivian's face, leaving the rest words in her mouth.

Vivian was t

otally confused by the slap.

"Zia, what are you doing?"

"What am I doing? I hate little bitch like you the most. You are good at lying through your teeth!"

Furious as she was, Zia couldn't help but curse back.

"You must misunderstand me, Zia? It is Marilyn who robbed my man and everything from me! You know it clearly? Don't you? I just told you. Don't you remember?"

Vivian's face changed dramatically as she looked at Zia and Marilyn. She still couldn't figure out why Zia, who was in collusion with her, suddenly changed her sides.

"How shameless you are, Vivian? Do you think you can deceive Zia with your lies? "

Marilyn walked slowly towards Vivian and said word by word, "There is no eternal lie in this world! You will know it sooner or later."

"I didn't lie! I didn't! It's definitely you are lying, Marilyn! It's you! You took my man away from me!"

Under the circumstances, Vivian had no choice but to insist on what she said. She was overwhelmed by the hatred and disgust on Zia's face. 'Do I really go the wrong way today?' Vivian wondered.

"You are just like the villain who sues his victim first," Zia continued. "You think you strike first to gain the upper hand. Do you think you are able to convince people of your nonsense? How is that possible? You took Marilyn's husband away from her and tried to let her divorce without money. You used to be our friend. Didn't Marilyn treat you well? How did you treat her? I should have given these words back to you!"

Seeing that Zia was pointing at her with full indignation, Vivian felt as if she had fallen into an ice house and got cold. She covered the swollen cheek which had been slapped by Zia just now and didn't know what to say.

"Vivian, I even treated you as my best friend, even better than I did with Zia." When she spoke of this, Marilyn was a little emotional, as if she was back to the best period in her school time, during which the three of them were in good relationship.

"I never thought you would hurt me, in such a shameless way.

Vivian, I don't believe you would do such a thing."

Looking at Zia and Marilyn who were now reproaching her, Vivian slowly stand up. A cold and ironic smile appeared on her face.

"Zia, you are a good actress. When did you see through me?"

"Marilyn told me everything on the phone. I still couldn't believe it at that time. I don't believe that Vivian would do such a shameless and vicious thing. Until you personally told me that nonsense. At that moment, I realized that you have really changed. You are so horrible! You are vicious!" said Zia with a touch of sadness.

Her hand, which was pointing at Vivian, was trembling slightly. But soon she controlled herself. She thought Marilyn was more fragile than her and needed to be protected.

She stepped forward and held Marilyn.

"You think you can cheat others with a few lies, but you don't know that it's your lies that betrayed you. If you don't discredit Marilyn, I may still believe that there was misunderstanding between you two before. I will always find excuses for you. But what you have done makes me believe that you are a totally bitch."

Zia's words were like a heavy hammer, smashing heavily on Vivian's heart. But Vivian unwilling to show weakness.

"Who the hell are you, Zia? How much do you know about me and Marilyn?.

"Remember what you have done!" Marilyn was no longer trying to argue with her. After saying that, she turned around and intended to leave.

But Vivian stepped forward to stop Marilyn.

"What did I do? You have been threatening me to steal things from me since my childhood. I just go after the one I love. He is Leon. Don't you think there's something wrong with you?". Vivian looked at Zia with a hopeful expression, "Zia, we are friends. You can't only believe Marilyn's words. Yes, I lied to you, but I have my reasons. Do you know what kind of person Marilyn is?".

Zia finally realized that she couldn't have made things clear with such an unreasonable woman. Perhaps she could only be more ruthless and unreasonable than her to restrain her.

"You have to remember that from the day you chose to do such a thing, you are not my friend anymore! I've never known Vivian Li."

Then Zia turned around, took Marilyn's arm and they left hand in hand. It seemed that another second would be a blasphemy. They left Vivian alone, gritting her teeth.

"Marilyn Shu! Zia Du! I will remember the insult you gave me today! One day, you will have to pay for what you have done!"

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