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   Chapter 27 Cancel The Engagement

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Anna told her parents about the cancellation of his engagement. Her mother was about to find Ethan to ask for an explanation as soon as she heard the news. At that time, when the two families were discussing this issue, Ethan went home. His mother scolded him about this. Ethan insisted on dissolving the engagement. Under the exaggeration of Anna's mother, his father got angry. Marilyn called her best friend Zia and asked her for help.

Last time, Anna went to the hotel in the mid night to find Marilyn, but he met Ethan instead. She had not seen him since then and she was busy filming on the film set.

After taking a day off, she was so tired that she didn't want to go anywhere but stayed at home.

Anna had nothing to do at home. She found something to eat in the kitchen for a while. She didn't wash the plates or brush them; instead, she just put them in the sink. She watched TV in the living room sometimes, and put magazine and chips on the floor.

Looking at Anna, her parents couldn't help but complain, "look at yourself. There will be trouble at home."

Anna didn't reply.

Her mother continued, "since you are at home and have a good rest, why don't you go to the Lan family more often?" Her mother suddenly approached her and sat close to her, "Anna, let me tell you. Men should still be controlled. Don't think that you have nothing to fear just because you have engaged with Ethan."

Anna rolled her eyes. She wanted to take a look at him as he made it clear last time, as if she would be in trouble if she wanted to do something bad. She was vexed at the thought.

"Come on, tell me about your relationship with him. Have you ever had sex with him?"

"What?" Anna didn't want to talk about it anymore. She felt humiliated when Ethan called off the engagement. And now, her mother mentioned it in front of her like rubbing salt into her wounds.

"That." Her mother asked with an experienced face. "Don't be shy. We are mother and daughter and we have nothing to hide. If you don't have sex with him yet, you should hurry up. It's better to give birth to a boy, and by that time, your status in the family will be stabilized. Then our family will also be benefit from it."

Anna's mother imagined her bright future. Anna was annoyed. "Mom, don't dream of it. Your son-in-law, oh no, your ex-son-in-law, Ethan has broken off the engagement with me."

"What did you say?" At the moment, her father came downstairs and heard her words. He walked to Anna immediately. Her mother asked nervously, "break off your engagement? Why did he cancel the engagement? Are you serious? "

Anna rolled her eyes. "I have cancelled the engagement with him a long time ago. He didn't even touch me, let alone have sex with me. What's more, how can I have a boy? How could it be possible? "

At first, Anna thought such an upright person as him might feel that he gave all his love to her only after they got married, so she waited patiently. She really liked him. God knew how happy she was when he said he would be engaged to her. At that time, when she walked on the road, she felt as if the whole world was blessing her.

Later, it seemed that Ethan did not spend too much time on her, and he was very polite when he talked to her, as if they were not engaged at all. Then, with the appearance of Marilyn, the bad situation became worse. Ethan directly said that he wanted to break off the engagement, just for the woman he knew for a few days.

"Why? Did he tell you the reason?" Her father asked.

"Reason? He has an affair. " Anna said.

"No, how could he do that? Although our Hu family is not as rich as the Lan family, it is not that they can decide to call off the engagement by themselves. What do they think of my daughter?" Her mother stood up and pulled Anna, "let's go, I'll go get even with you."

As soon as she was finished, she ran to the Lan family with Anna.

'There may be a turning point between me and Ethan. The pressure from my parents may change his mind and make him fall in love with me.' Anna thought.

Of course, Ethan's parents didn't know that their son had broken off the engagement with Anna. When they saw them, they greeted enthusiastically.

"Since you're coming, why don't you call us first? I should be ready for you." then Ethan's mother turned around and said to the servants, "tell the lord to come here. Anna and her parents have come."

After that, she said to her parents, "how about asking the servant to buy some cakes? Mrs. Holly, Anna, which flavor do you like to eat?"

Levy said to Holly and Anna.

Holly didn't say anything, but sat down first. Anna could not hold her breath, wondering why her mother didn't tell her intention. Holly patted on Anna's arm to calm her down.


I remember that Anna has told us that you like chocolate."

"Haha, Anna is so considerate. Remember my taste. You don't need to consider my taste if you want to eat something."

Anna smiled and said chocolate was okay.

"Levy, Anna cares about Ethan very much, so she remembered what you likes to eat. She is good to Ethan, so she cares about you very much." Said Holly.

Levy echoed, "yes. It's his fortune to marry a woman who loves him so much."

"Levy, what you said makes my Anna more flattered." Holly said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"What do you mean?" Levy looked at Holly and found that she seemed to mean something else.

Holly took a glance at Anna, and then turned to Levy, "well, you have to ask your dear son what wrong he has done to her. Does he want to abandon her?" Louie went downstairs as soon as Holly finished her words.

After hearing her words, everyone was a little surprised, "Anna, is what your mother said true?" Levy asked Anna, who pretended to be pitiful and nodded, "he told me before that. I asked him if he was not satisfied with me, I could change. But he didn't listen and was going to break off the engagement with me."

Holly continued, "I admit that our Hu family is not as good as your family, but we are still well-known. Although Anna is not as good as those actresses, she is still a popular star in the entertainment circle. She has pushed a lot of shows because she loves Ethan. She wants to live a good life with him, hoping that they can often accompany you two, and have an early grandson or granddaughter for you. "

Levy didn't know how to reply. Nor did she know the situation. Holy came to say that her son had broken off his engagement. Why was Ethan so unreasonable? Levy had to listen to Holly in embarrassment.

"We're still in relationship, and you have to explain it to me. You're a mother, and I hope you can understand my heart to protect Anna. Anyway, we must get an explanation today."

"You told us just now. That's when we knew about it. Anna, did Ethan tell you why he decided to break off the engagement?"

"Madam, young master is back." suddenly, the voice of a servant appeared in the hall.

After taking off his coat after a long journey, Ethan saw that Anna and her mother were there. Everyone looked pale. Seeing that, he guessed what had happened.

"It's great that Ethan is back. Let him talk about it himself." Levy had so many questions to ask her son.

He greeted them first.

"Ethan, are you going to break off your engagement with Anna?" Levy asked, grabbing her son.

"Yes, you're right," he admitted.

"But why?" Levy asked. He liked Anna very much, didn't he? How could it be canceled so easily.

"Holly, if you ask this question, Ethan will be in a dilemma. Do you want your son to tell you himself that he betrayed his wife because he had a mistress?"

Holly said before Ethan could explain. She knew clearly that what she said meant a lot to Ethan. As expected, Louie frowned. He would never allow his son to do such a thing.

Ethan looked at Holly coldly, not going to explain. His father looked at him and asked, "is what she said true?"

"I do fall in love with another girl." He didn't deny it.

"Did you hear that?" Holly continued, "you were so shameless to hurt Anna in front of her. Wouldn't you be so cruel to hurt her? If you really love another woman, then what about my Anna? Is she just a toy for you to kill time when you are bored? If you like her, you can tease her. If you dislike her, you can kick her aside. Is this the family education of your Lan family? "

Holly added, "I think the whole base is ashamed of you. You are such a disgrace."

Ethan didn't want to argue with Holly, because he knew it was useless to say anything to her. He said, "Dad, mom, I want to break off my engagement to Anna. I have made up my mind. No one can change my mind."

Louie was pissed off by his son's words. He had been a soldier all his life, so he was a self-discipline man. He was very concerned about what his son said just now, because his son said that he fell in love with another girl and didn't want to marry his fiancee. For people like Louie, this was just a child's play.

Louie was furious. "You're such a unfilial son. You don't know what you should do at all. You make your own decisions for such a big matter. Have you taken me and your mother seriously?" Then he went upstairs.

Seeing this, Levy smiled apologetically to Holly and said to her son, "your father is angry now. I'll go soothe him. You handle it yourself." Then she went upstairs.

Seeing this situation, Holly took Anna away without waiting for Ethan to speak.

On the other side of the city, Marilyn thought of a person, so she made a phone call.

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