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   Chapter 25 Perennial Loser

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Everyone was watching Marilyn going out. The woman was still caressing her face after being slapped. After several minutes, she recovered and screamed like a pig.

"Miss Miya..." She pretended to be aggrieved, and ignored her own image. The people around her still gathered around, and she began to cry loudly, "you see, that woman slapped me like that. You have to decide for me."

Miya was already upset and more annoyed by the woman's noise. She yelled, "enough. Isn't that shameful enough? " Miya didn't respond to the woman but saw Joey was still in a daze.

"Sis, is it true what Marilyn just said?" Joey began to get uneasy. "If she really wants to do something, what should we do? I can't lose everything now. If so, I'd rather die." Joey's statement was incoherent. Ignoring the whispers of his employees, he kept blurting out his worries.

Joey kept persuading Miya to give his an answer. Over the years, he also knew clearly that he was born in a rich family. It was his mother and sister who gave him the life he had now. If he really had nothing, he would have no money and power and might even go to jail. However, he had used to the well-life, what could he do then?

"Don't be so high minded. If Marilyn was able to do that, she would have gone to the police station and accused us. She doesn't have any evidence. She is exaggerating the situation just to scare us. You set her up. Everyone is here. How could you behave like this? "

After reviewing all the things happened today in her mind, Miya believed that everything had been done as planned. Marilyn didn't have any evidence to accuse them of using tricks to force her to sign the heritage transition, which comforted her and reassured her. Then she started to teach her useless little brother a lesson.

Looking at her younger brother's cowardly appearance and thinking that he was frightened a little and became at a loss by Marilyn's threat. Such a man was actually her younger brother. I, Miya, am a good-looking and smart woman. How could I have such a bad brother, who was just like a useless struggle? He was not bold at all and had no ability at all.

Thinking of her mother's conservative personality, Miya believed that even though the company of the Shu family was still owned by her mother and her, she could not guarantee that her mother would let her useless brother to manage the company. In this case, what she had done was all in vain. Miya knew that only by helping her mother get rid of the barrier of Marilyn could she swallow the whole company.

There were still many employees gathering here. "What are you looking at? Don't you have to work? If you don't want to work, go to the financial office to get your salary and get out of here."

After finishing her words, all the staff left. The woman who had been slapped by Marilyn was still unwilling to give up. She walked up to Miya and said, "Miss Miya, I am just angry for you. Who the hell is Marilyn?" She whispered in Miya's ear, "everyone knows that I am your woman now. It doesn't matter for me to be slapped. But I feel bad for you, Miss Miya. Obviously, she didn't take you seriously. "

Taking a look at the woman, Miya said, "I know what I'm doing. You can go back to work now."

The woman didn't say anything more. After that, she bowed to her.

In fact, she was right. Anyone who wanted to beat a dog had to depend on the master. If Marilyn continued to be so arrogant, sooner or later she would bully her.

After she left her father's company, Marilyn started to think over what to do next. It was impossible for her to stay in a hotel all the time, not to mention that the hotel fee was paid by Ethan. It was like a cage made of gold that she could not rely on him.

First of all, she didn't know whether he was reliable or not. Second, after going through so many things, she had always been under the protection of others and accepted help from others. If she hadn't grown up, then she would still be who she was. This was the last thing that Marilyn wanted.

She thought for a while. She was penniless now, so she had to find a job. If she had money, it would be easy for her to get things done. Whether she wanted to find a lawyer or to find a house outside the hotel, she had confidence.

All in all, she couldn't live without money.

She made up her mind to look for a job.

She thought about what she could do. She had learned how to play the piano before. She could be a piano teacher or do the piano play in some restaurants. If her father had been alive, he would have been heartbroken if he had known what she was doing. It was not because such job was inferior to others, but because she was a daughter of the Shu family. Anyone who saw her would be astonished.

But she didn't care. She knew it was not the right time for her to choose. She went to a training institution and she wanted to ask them if they needed kindergarten teacher. The person needed to ask the boss so she let Marilyn go home first and wait for the news. She went to the restaurant and asked the manager if he needed a piano conce

rt to create a dining atmosphere. The manager said that they already had violin so they didn't need any piano player. "I can play the violin, too." She said.

"I'm sorry, miss. We have hired a violinist." The manager replied coldly.

Marilyn had no choice but to say thanks to him. When she passed by the entrance of the restaurant, a kind-hearted waitress told her that if she really wanted to find a job, she could go to the talent market to have a look.

Hearing this, Marilyn immediately cheered up. She smiled at the waitress tenderly and said, "thank you. I see."

Then she went out and asked a passer-by about the address of talent market. After she got the address, she had no money to take a taxi to the talent market. She could only walk on foot. Fortunately, it was not very far and just a few stops away.

After walking for a while, Marilyn finally arrived at the place told by passers-by. It was a huge billboard with the words "the talent market" written on it. She finally got there, laughing happily.

As soon as she entered the talent market, she found that there were a crowd of people. Some were young men in suits and ties; some were wearing shirts and shoes; some were women in large flowery clothes; and some were young women in small skirts. The entire talent market was like a small society. All kinds of people gathered together, but they only had one goal: money.

The reality was cruel.

While on the other side of the line, Marilyn was still looking for jobs one by one. She wanted to know what she could do in the recruitment process and she hoped the job have a good salary. She believed that it would not be difficult for her to find a job as a college student.

While she was thinking, the man, who stand opposite her, knocked her. He didn't seem to have taken a shower for a long time and there was a smell of unpleasant on his body. He bumped into a woman, but didn't feel embarrassed at all. On the contrary, he yelled at her, "take a look at the road! You are blind!" After saying that, he didn't continue to quarrel with her, but went away.

Instead of talking to him, Marilyn continued to look at the recruitment information. She chose a small company which planned to hire a civil servant, so she wanted to fill in the information first. As soon as she was about to walk forward, a woman rushed to her and pushed her away, and grabbed the paper in front of her to get it.

Marilyn was rendered speechless when she heard this. Still, she didn't say anything. As she was about to ask for another form, the woman told her, "I'm sorry. That's the last one we've gotten. This position is very popular. There are a lot of people scrambling for it, and you should do anything as quickly as you can. Even if you are hired, you'll get frustrated when you get there." A middle-aged woman told her so.

So she gave up. If that didn't work, she would see other opportunities. So she tried to comfort herself.

However, this happened more than once and she was always defeated by others. At this time, someone came to her, "Miss, are you looking for a job?"

It was a man in shirt. Marilyn nodded.

"I have a job opportunity here, but it is a little tiring. I don't know if you will think about it."

"I'm not afraid of getting tired. I'd like to have a try." Marilyn replied.

The man took her to a corner and said, "we are looking for a simple house worker to wash the dishes. You are a refined person and you are very careful. Are you interested in this job?"

She knew that it wasn't the right time to choose a job. After some consideration, she decided to take over. "I can do it. What about my treatment?" she asked.

"Our restaurant will open the door at 9:30 in the morning. You can arrive at ten o'clock. And you can have one hour for lunch and one hour for dinner. Don't worry about that. The work is ended at ten o'clock in the evening, you have to work overtime if you don't finish the job. And the salary is 4000 dollars per month. What do you think of it?"

Without giving it much thought, she said, "Okay, I'll do it." "When can I go to work, please?" she asked.

The man answered with a smile, "it's done now. Let me take you to meet our boss."

Following the man, Marilyn walked into a restaurant. When she saw the fat and round boss, the boss asked, "why do you get a staff with such a tender skin? Will she break my bowl? "

"No, boss, I will be careful," answered Marilyn.

The owner still didn't believe her, "you can try it for one afternoon. You can go to work first. I'll come to see you later."

"Okay." When she was about to go to the kitchen, the boss said to her, "we are on a half-day probation, but you can't get any salary."

Marilyn agreed. She believed she could do it.

In the end, Marilyn was forced back to the hotel by Ethan's men. Although she was not happy about it, she was too tired to struggle. Working in his room, Ethan pretended to mention about her work in a casual way. Marilyn didn't want to complain, and refused his help firmly. In this way, Ethan had to "lend" something to her.

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