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   Chapter 23 Let Me Feed You

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Hearing her words, Ethan was stunned for a while. He saw that Marilyn was like a brave soldier who made a tough decision. Finally she told him to keep a distance from herself, asking him to pretend that they didn't know each other at all.

How could he pretend nothing had happened and didn't know her?

If it could be so simple, he wouldn't let himself end up like this.

No matter how the stars changed in the future, even if the earthquake or tsunami, planet explosion, or even the whole universe no longer existed, no one could erase the seemingly insignificant facts.

They had met before. Although their first encounter was a little ridiculous and dramatic, it was impossible to pretend that it had never happened as what Marilyn said.

As a matter of fact, Ethan couldn't do it as well as he didn't want to. He didn't believe that Marilyn could do it.

The woman was standing straight at the moment. The morning breeze gently blew through the window to her face, and her hair was blown. She was warm and soft, but she said so decisively.

Ethan did not seem to be very angry. He slowly walked to Marilyn and asked, "Nothing happened between us?" Ethan looked at Marilyn in earnest.

It was a torture for her to see his eyes. With a guilty conscience, she looked away and avoided eye contact with him.

"Yes. It's good for both you and me.

You have a fiancee and I have my own life goal. Now that our acquaintance was a mistake from the very beginning, we should end this mistake as soon as possible. Do we still need to move on in a wrong path?" she asked.

"Mistake?" Ethan frowned.

"Marilyn, maybe you don't know me well. I have never done anything wrong in my life."

He stretched out his right hand and gently pinched her chin, forcing her to look up at him. "Put away your secret thoughts now. Don't try to have nothing with me."

She wondered what he meant.

Instead of getting angry, Ethan smiled. Some people would smile instead when they were down.

"Let's have breakfast first."

Ethan called the kitchen and asked the servant to bring in a glass of milk and sandwich.

Then he came to held her hand and lead her to the small dining table in the living room. But she was still not willing to leave and stood there motionlessly.

"Do you need me to hold you there?" Seeing that Marilyn didn't want to listen to him, Ethan simply put it this way. He didn't mind holding her to the table. If she was still so stubborn, he had to use some special means.

Soon after, the doorbell rang.

"Hello, Mr. Lan. This is your breakfast, please allow me to bring it in for you."

With a professional smile on his face, the waiter was very polite.

Ethan nodded and gave way to the waiter to put the breakfast on the table.

"Thank you. You can leave now," Ethan said to the waiter.

The waiter bowed and left.

The hot milk was handed to Marilyn. She turned her head away and refused to drink it.

Then, Ethan handed the sandwich to her. Marilyn stretched out her hand and shook it off. Fortunately, he was holding it firmly and the sandwich did not fall to the ground.

'Is she going to go on a hunger strike to protest me?' It was the first time that he had seen such a bold and reckless woman.

He stood up and left the seat, starting to pull his tie.

By the time he stood in front of her, he had already taken off his tie. Despite her resistance like a kitten, he tied her hands with his tie.

"What are you doing?" Marilyn asked him anxiously.

"Now that you don't want to have breakfast, I have to play some tricks." He checked the tie. It was not very tight and it didn't hurt Marilyn.

"Let me go, I will eat it," said Marilyn.

Ethan shook his head in a way as if he was coaxing a child.

"You can't convince me with your words." After returning to the table opposite to her, Ethan sat down again.

"Let me feed you," he said.

Marilyn had no idea what tricks he would play if she refused to cooperate with him.

So when he sent the milk to her mouth, she had to drink it obediently.

Ethan was extremely patient. He fed her milk and sandwiches in person. There were bread crumbs on the corner of her mouth. He even wiped them for her with his hand.

It was not until she finished her breakfast that she felt better. She had drunk wine without eating anything last night.

So, she felt obliged to express her gratitude to him.

"I have finished eating. You can let go of me." Marilyn asked, raising her hands.

Without any hesitation, Ethan untied the tie for her.

Clenching her wrist, she complained inside.

Not caring about her, Ethan wal

ked to the other room. When he came out, he saw her still sitting on the chair.

He handed an envelope to her. Marilyn took it over in confusion. "What is it?" she asked.

Ethan did not say a word. He gave her an expression as if she would read it by yourself. Then, Marilyn opened the envelope and exclaimed, "It's my identification card!"

When she was about to say something to express thanks to Ethan, his phone rang.

"Okay, I'm coming back now," said Ethan in a decisive and calm tone, which was totally different from the way he talked to her on the phone.

"I have something to deal with. You stay here and wait for me. Don't go anywhere,"

said Ethan, patting on her cheek after hanging up the phone.

"My identification card... Thank you!" stammered Marilyn. She didn't know how to express her thanks to him now.

Without any hesitation, Ethan picked up his coat and went out.

Staring at the closed door, she was immersed in her own thoughts.

'In the hallway, I was taken away by him for no reason. When I fell into Mandy's trap, he saved me. When there was no place for me to go, he offered me a room. He carefully prepared breakfast and new clothes for me, and he also brought my ID card for me.

Ethan, are you my nemesis or my knight?'

She didn't want to think about her relationship with Ethan anymore. She had just said to him that she wanted to keep a distance from him, but he hadn't listened to her at all. She couldn't stand it anymore, and she couldn't just sit here and do nothing. She planned to go out for relaxation.

She tidied herself up and left the hotel. When she wandered on the street aimlessly, she unconsciously walked to her father's company.

As she was about to enter the building, she was stopped by a security guard.

"Please show me your company ID." The security guard claimed that he must make sure that she was the employee of the company before letting her in.

"I'm Marilyn Shu. I'm from the Shu family. Do I still need the company identification?" Marilyn asked in disbelief.

"I'm sorry. We're just following the rules. Is there anything you want to do, or looking for someone? Do you have an appointment?"

Security guards were loyal and responsible. "If you don't, we can't let you in."

Hearing this, Marilyn asked in disbelief, "This is my family's company. Why do you stop me at the door?" She persisted.

At this time, the conversation between Marilyn and the security guard attracted the attention of people coming in and out. Many people looked at them.

"Oh, it's my good friend, Marilyn." Suddenly, a woman's voice with bitterness and sarcasm sounded.

Immediately, she recognized the woman was her father's assistant. Before Marilyn could speak to the woman, she said, "Security guard, how come you can't recognize Marilyn Shu?"

Then the woman changed the topic and said, "Oh, yes, I remember. Now the executive director of the Shu family is not Miss Marilyn." "Miss Shu, why are you still here?" the woman asked.

"Lillian, what do you mean?" asked Marilyn.

"Miss Shu, you have eaten too many abalones and bird's nest soup since you were a child, which makes you foolish. Now the entire business of Shu family is managed by your stepmother and her daughter. They are the real members of the Shu family. They work hard for the company. Isn't it improper for you to come here?"

"You are an outsider. It's none of your business," Marilyn retorted. She wasn't a soft hearted girl who could be bullied easily.

She remembered this woman. When her father was still alive, she occasionally came to the company with him. At that time, this woman was very close to her. She also said that she was in love with her, like two sisters.

"Mr. Shu, your daughter is so lovely and beautiful. How lucky you are!"

"Miss Shu, the clothes you are wearing today makes you so beautiful."

"Mr. Shu, why didn't you take your daughter here earlier? We are so like old friends."

"Miss Shu, I made this cake for you. Please try it. Mr. Shu, you should also try it."

What the woman had said and done in the past came to her mind, but now she changed into such an ungrateful person. In front of interests, there were so many people whose hearts were growing hard.

But what Marilyn said was rebutted by the woman, who felt humiliated in front of so many people. "You're not welcome here, my dear Marilyn!" she shouted.

It seemed that the woman had gone to the side of Marilyn's stepmother.

"You are not the one who can decide whether I will be welcomed or not. You can't represent my family," Marilyn said in an imposing manner.

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