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   Chapter 21 Who Is Coveting My Lover (Part Two)

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He just told her that, but she had something important to do now. Otherwise, he really wanted to fly to accompany the woman. The thoughts surged in his mind.

"Because I want to protect you as much as I can in my own ability."

Ethan said this with bullying, gentleness, despotism and charm.

After saying that, he was even a little nervous. Would he say it too abruptly? After all, the relationship between them was very special. If he said it rashly, would he frighten her.

But his worry seemed to be unnecessary as he didn't hear any reaction from Marilyn, "Marilyn?"

Ethan carefully called her name, but received no reply. He fondled her face, but she didn't respond at all.

Then he heard her smooth breath. Ethan smiled. He couldn't believe that she would fall asleep so soon.

Looking at her carefully and confirming that she was asleep, Ethan left the bedroom and went to the living room. He took out his cell phone and pressed several numbers.

"Come in." After a few simple words, he hung up the phone.

Then a man in casual clothes came in and gave a salute to him. It turned out that she had been protecting him all day long.

"How is she today?" Ethan asked

"Did anything happen?"

"Miss Shu went to the hotel after she took the room card you gave her, but she met Miss Hu in the meantime. Miss Hu appeared in the hotel together with a big shot in the entertainment circle, whose family name should be Xiang. He was the second son of Xiang family, who had an entertainment company, and was one of the top giants in the entertainment circle for those years."

The man continued to say.

"Then Miss Hu tricked Miss Shu into the room of the giants in the entertainment circle. I don't know exactly what happened inside, but it is obvious that Miss Shu was drunk"

"I heard that the big shot in the entertainment circle seemed to be interested in Miss Shu, but in the end, she was smart enough to resolve it. Not long after she left the room, she went back to her room and took a rest"

"I saw Miss Shu locking her room's door, and I told the hotel staff to take good care of her. Then I went back to tell you."

"You did a good job." Said Ethan.

"You can go back first. You must be very tired after all these days!"

He then left the room. However, what the man had just said was still lingering in his mind.

How could someone even try to seduce his lover and force her to drink? No wonder that she was so sleepy just now. It turned out that she had drunk too much. Mr.Xiang, was really an abominable man.

Then he immediately called his friend and his subordinate, Edward.

"Investigate a person for me." Said Ethan.

" I want all the information of the Mr.Xiang." after saying this, he hung up.

As long as he thought of the emaciated Marilyn

when she was being bullied, he felt sorry for her.

Half an hour later, the landline phone in the room rang again

"I have investigated Mr.Xiang. He is the boss of an entertainment company in B city. He has his own property, but it seems not to be very bright. He has invested in several hot movies in the past few years and the profit is not bad. So he opened an entertainment company and started to cultivate actresses."

"A lot of female stars in the entertainment circle have a crush on him. Over the years, he began to sleep with female stars brazenly, and he even did not reject them. The reputation of him in the entertainment circle is very bad, but many people dare not speak out of anger."

The person on the other end of the phone said.

"What's more, I also find out that the business of Mr. Xiang doesn't seem to be so legitimate. I suspect that it has something to do with his family. I have asked the police in B city that Xiang family has some gangland background in B city, but they have not had enough evidence to arrest them"

"If I guess correctly, Mr. Xiang takes the movie just to help his family launder."

Hearing this, Ethan's eyes flashed a sharp light.

"Now that you have got the evidence, we should cooperate with the police and get along well with them."

"As you wish."

Edward said. He was also expecting to see a good show.

It was obvious that what Ethan has said. Ethan hoped that Edward handed over all the information he got to the police of B city, and made the public know what Mr.Xiang had done. All of his businesses would go bankrupt. If he was lucky enough to hear the news earlier, there might be some time for him to run away.

But if he was not well-informed enough, he might be faced with public opinion and be put into prison. There would be no Mr.Xiang in the entertainment circle.

That was the price he had to pay to bully Marilyn.

Edward seemed not to be in a hurry to hang up the phone.

"I'm curious how Mr. Xiang offended you. He is digging his own grave."

"For such social scum, shouldn't we do our part?"

Ethan said in a relaxed and confident tone. For him, punishing Mr. Xiang was like killing an ant.

"Okay, okay. You are right."

Edward said, "it's late. You should go to bed early."

Edward hung up the phone.

Hearing this, Ethan returned to the bedroom and turned off the bedside lamp on both sides of the bed. The moonlight was very bright tonight, shinning on her face through the window.

Ethan' tensed nerve relaxed and his facial line looked soft. At last, he returned to the living room and lay on the sofa. His beautiful eyes were closed, leaving only his long eyelashes. With a smile on his lips, he adjusted a comfortable posture and fell asleep in peace.

It was a peaceful night.

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