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   Chapter 19 Fighting Back

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The drinking made Marilyn very uncomfortable. Many wine got into her nose, and she began to cough violently.

The wine was not in her mouth. It flowed along her neck and made her clothes wet. This scene made her look especially charming.

Anna quickly seized the chance to take several photos of Marilyn. She didn't believe that Ethan could still be so loyal to Marilyn when he saw the photos. What she wanted was to destroy any possibility between Marilyn and Ethan.

She would let Ethan know Marilyn was such a woman. It's not worth Ethan to treat her like this. She, Anna is the only woman who can stand beside him.

At this time, Anna had imagined that everyone see her and Ethan standing on high, accepting the women's envious eyes and all the blessings.

It seemed that a century had passed, and the celebrities in the entertainment circle stopped plying Marilyn with too much wine. Only in this way could she take a good breath and stop coughing.

It seemed that the big shots in the entertainment circle were not going to let her go so easily, "Miss Shu, you are so disobedient!" The big boss picked up a towel on the table and wiped his hand that had just been wet with wine. Then he rubbed the small smooth cheeks of Marilyn with his hands. The touch from the delicate skin enchanted all the people in the entertainment circle, "If you had listened to me, I would still like you. You're newcomers. In the entertainment circle, you're extremely hard to work. Without the mastermind supporting you, you'll have no place to stand. If you want to become famous, only I can help you."

After hearing that, Marilyn roughly guessed what happened. It turned out that Anna directly framed her for having sex with the giants in entertainment circle. From the very beginning when the room card was lost to when she went to the VIP lounge to give her the room card, everything was designed by Anna.

She cast a cold glance at Anna. How could a woman be so scheming? Was she his fiancee? What would he react if he knew that his fiancee was dating another man.

Although she had only met Ethan for several times, she thought he was a good man for no reason. At this moment, she felt sympathy for him.

When Marilyn realized what was going on, she immediately came up with a solution. Instead of trying to fight against the big shots in the entertainment circle as she had done before, she picked up her glass and drank, "Mr. Xiang, I know you are highly respected and have an important position in the entertainment circle. I have offended you just now because I failed to recognize you!"

With that, she raised her glass and made a gesture of toast

As a newcomer, I hope I can make it up to you. But I know you won't get angry with me. "

After saying that, he smiled to the big shots in the entertainment circle.

Seeing the smile on her face, the big shots in entertainment circle decided to forgive her.

"Miss Shu, you are clever!"

After saying that, they drunk a toast to each other and drank the wine.

They had a good conversation, but Anna who was standing next to them seemed to be forgotten. But he was not worried about it at all. Seeing the two of them drinking, she thought she was overjoyed and started to take photos one by one.

The more pictures of Marilyn drinking with big shots, the more jealous she was. She never feels that she has anything wrong. Happiness is something she strives for. No matter the role in the movie or her fiance, only if she works hard can she belong to herself.

While Marilyn and a big shot of the entertainment circle were drinking a lot, his hands began to move about. He then touched her pretty face, and held her hands excitedly.

They were getting closer and closer to each other, and the big shot was also getting closer to Marilyn. His restless hands began to move around her thighs.

So she tried her best to refrain herself from shaking off the big boss.

"Mr. Xiang, you know acting has always been my dream since my childhood. Even though I know this path is full of difficulties, I think I still have to try it. If I don't have a try, I will never know whether I can do it."

Marilyn didn't know that she had such a wonderful acting skill. As she spoke, her eyes twinkled.

The big shot in the entertainment circle said with a nod, "I appreciate your attitude,"

Holding the hand of hands of big shot in the entertainment circle, she had stopped him without trace.

"Mr. Xiang, call me Leilei, please." With her big eyes twinkling, she said to the celebrity of the entertainment circle.

The big shot nodded. Marilyn continued.

"But when I entered the circle, I realized that I was just a person of narrow view. The outside world was horrible. The weak were the prey to the strong. It turned out that everything was more terrifying than I had imagined. I have seen actresses who didn't make peace with each other, and then I had seen them slapping each other with dramas. I have also seen people fight wildly on the red carpet, and I've seen a famous actress still threw away the mobile phone of the staff by virtue of her own status.

While speaking, tears in her eyes can be se

en. She turned around and wiped off her tears.

When the big shot saw the scene, he was attracted.

"Leilei(Marilyn), have you ever been wronged like this?"

When she heard this, she knew that her trick was half success.

She spared no effort to put on a show and deliberately looked at Anna, as if what she had just said was talking about Anna.

Anna realized something was wrong, but didn't further move. She didn't believe Mr.Xiang will believe Marilyn. So she waited and saw.

"I've never been wronged like this. I only heard it from my good friends who also was an entrant in entertainment circle like me," she replied

"What did they say?" The big shot in the entertainment circle asked.

With an embarrassed look on her face, he understood what she meant immediately. "Don't worry. You tell me. I will support you!"

When Marilyn heard this, she pretended to be excited and asked.

"Really? Mr. Xiang, please help me! "

"Go ahead, please." A big shot in the entertainment circle said immediately

" One of my friends was shooting a movie with Anna at that time." As she spoke, she glanced at Anna again, "We got a scene. My friend was the maid of Anna. I don't know why she had offended Anna. She bullied her when she was in the filming group. The maid served Anna a cup of tea, and Anna said the tea was too hot and slapped my friend directly. She said my friend wasn't good."

Marilyn continued

"My friend is not happy. She told the director that there aren't that scene in this movie at all, but Anna said that she was just a good actress. If she acted too recklessly, the director would help her. So my friend suffered a lot. However, Anna did worse. She didn't restrain and still did it.

When filming the first one, she pretended to pour the hot water into my friend's hands by accident. It's so pitiful that her delicate white hands were so hot and red that they were going to bubble out of the water.

Anna couldn't hear anymore. She pounded the table and stood up.

"That's enough, Marilyn. Don't try to slander me!"

With a reproachful look on her face.

Marilyn was so afraid that she would run to the arms of the big shot. As a result, she said pitifully

"No, I didn't. You did it yourself. How could you be afraid of being discussed by others?"

Anna saw Marilyn beside the entertainment giant and she dare not say anything more. She can only stare Marilyn with her eyes, and then look at the entertainment giant with an aggrieved expression.

"Mr. Xiang, I didn't! Don't listen to her nonsense!"

"I'm not kidding!"

Marilyn spoke again.

"My friend can prove it. Later on, my friend got to know that you had an affair with the director. In the production team, you always command this and that with arrogance.

At ordinary times, the style of work is not good either and receive several dramas at the same times. She's not good at acting and can't think about the roles she plays at the same time. "

When she finished speaking, she even felt quite satisfied.

She knew that it was because she was too cowardly that she made Leon and Vivian betray her one by one, while she was just like a little beast. When she was hurt, she could only hide in a cave and lick her wounds. She was always the one who was suffering.

Now she began to understand why she had to endure these silently, and why she couldn't let those who hurt her suffer the same pain.

Looking at the panic on Anna's face, she couldn't tell how happy she was. It was also the first time she knew that she was not so cowardly.

In the past, she didn't expect to fight back, but now she wouldn't do that anymore. The previous Marilyn had been dead. From today on, she would no longer make concessions no matter what Anna, Leon and Vivian, or her stepmother and nominal sister who took her property.

After hearing what she said, Anna just couldn't help but get restless. If only the big shot of the entertainment circle believed her words today. And if she couldn't get the female leading role of the movie that she wanted, she might have a hard time in the entertainment circle later.

She had been working hard on her career and her image for so many years, she didn't let Marilyn lie to Mr.Xiang. She began to regret cheating her into this room today.

Anna stood up and began to burst into tears, "Mr. Xiang, I didn't. I don't know why she would do this to me. But I didn't do it."

The cries of the two women annoyed the big shot, only feeling that the woman's crying is irritable. Anna was still good at gauging people's mind and taking the opportunity to kick Marilyn out of the room, "You're bad woman. Get out!"

Immediately, Marilyn understood that it was not a good idea to stay here any longer. As for the big shot, she believed that Anna would be able to coax him obediently.

The doorman came as soon as she walked out

"Miss Shu, you are here. I have been looking for you everywhere. I can't find your room card, but we have prepared another one for you. Please go in and have a rest."

Hearing this, Marilyn felt frustrated. It should come to an end tonight.

The moment she went to bed, her phone rang again.

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