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   Chapter 18 Conspiracy In The Entertainment Circle

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Marilyn didn't know what Anna Hu said to the celebrity, but she saw a mysterious smile on the man's face. The smile was a bit lascivious and impure. Marilyn didn't know what was on their mind, and she didn't bother to think about it.

Looking at the room card in Marilyn's pocket, Anna's eyes rolled quickly. She took a look at the doorman and slowly approached Marilyn. Anna looked relaxed, but secretly stretched out her evil hands to touch the room card in Marilyn's pocket. Finally, she got the room card.

Marilyn was completely unaware of what was going on here. She was a little bit surprised when she saw Anna approaching her. Immediately, a sly smile was plastered on Anna's face.

Soon enough, the elevator reached the top floor. Anna realized that even Marilyn was on the same floor as her. Thinking that God was helping her, she whispered to the celebrity, "Please give me some time to get ready."

After nodding at her, the man said nothing more and walked out of the elevator hand in hand with Anna.

Marilyn waited for them to get out of the elevator and then left under the guidance of the doorman.

"Miss Shu, may I know your room number?"

the doorman asked politely.

With a polite smile on her face, she replied, "Sorry, I don't know either."

"It doesn't matter," the doorman said, "you have the room number on your room card. You can show it to me."

"Okay." After saying that, she took out her card from her pocket, but it was empty inside. "Excuse me, wait for a moment."

"I remember that I put it in my pocket," she continued.

"Miss Shu, you don't have to worry. Maybe you need to search all your pockets."

According to the doorman's suggestion, she searched all over her pockets but still didn't find the card.

"Is it possible that it has fallen in the hall or elevator? Miss Shu, why don't you go to our VIP lounge to take a rest? I can help you find it."

The doorman provided the best solution. At present, there was no other way but to accept it.

"Miss Shu, please follow me. There are special VIP lounges on every floor of this building."

The doorman took her to the lounge and said, "Miss Shu, please take a break. I will go and find the room card for you. Once I find the room card, I will come up to inform you."

"Okay. Thank you very much," Marilyn replied politely.

The doorman bowed and left the VIP room.

When Marilyn sat on the sofa, a burst of fatigue swept over her in an instant. After a whole day's journey, she was indeed very tired. Leaning on the sofa, she began to feel a little sleepy.

To her surprise, Anna entered the room suddenly. She swayed her body and walked to Marilyn with high heels.

"Did you drop it?"

While saying that, she handed the room card to Marilyn.

"I picked it up at the corridor."

With half belief, Marilyn took the room card from Anna and thanked her.

"Thank you, Miss Hu!" There was not much emotion in Marilyn's thanks, but Anna didn't seem to care.

"You're welcome, Miss Shu." After saying that, she turned around and left.

As soon as Anna turned around, the smile on her face immediately disappeared, and was replaced by a cold and vicious look. 'Marilyn, never ever try to get close to Ethan. He is mine, ' Anna thought.

Staring at the room card in her hand, Marilyn stood up and walked out of the VIP lounge. Now that she had found the room card, she could go back to her room and have a good rest.

Tired as she was, she really needed a good rest at this time. She also called the hall to tell them that she had already found the room card, and the service here really made her feel at home.

When she was immersed in her thoughts, she arrived her room. But the moment she opened the door, she was taken aback by what she saw.

The big boss of the entertainment circle who just met in the elevator was sitting leisurely on the sofa with a glass of wine in his hand. The bottles of wine were placed randomly on the table.

In the room, two tall bodyguards were standing behind the sofa. And Anna had already changed her clothes and sat lazily with her legs crossed, giving the man a cigar.

Seeing that Marilyn was standing at the door blankly, Anna put off the lighter and gracefully stood up. She wiggled her body to the door and then held Marilyn's shoulder.

"Hello, Mary!"

Anna greeted, pretending to be affectionate.

"Don't stand there like a tree. Now that you're here, of course you should have a drink with us."

After saying that, she pushed Marilyn towards her room. It took Marilyn a few seconds to react.

"Sorry, I think I got in the wrong room!"

After that, she

began to try hard to shake off Anna's hand.

"Miss Shu, since you are here, there is no need to be shy. Come in and have a drink with me. It's also a favor for me."

The celebrity of the entertainment circle spoke with a strong Hong Kong tone. His deep voice made Marilyn feel a little greasy.

"Mr. Xiang!"

Anna called at the man and continued, "My friend is just shy. Besides, we are here now. Haven't you understood what Mary means?"

Marilyn didn't realize what she meant, but she knew very well that these people were not good people. The information sent by either Anna or the well-known star in the entertainment circle let her know that she had to leave this place.

She walk towards the door. Apparently, Anna could feel her aim. Although she was smiling on the face, she glanced at the two bodyguards. Immediately two of them walked up to the door to block Marilyn's way out and threatened her.

Marilyn had never seen this kind of occasion and didn't know what to do. Anna pulled her to sit beside the celebrity in the entertainment circle.

A satisfied smile appeared on the face of the celebrity in the entertainment circle. Following him, Anna sat on the other side of the sofa, and then took out another glass and poured wine to Marilyn.

"Mary, this is the leader of the Xiang Entertainment Company. He can do anything for you as long as he like."

And Anna kept refilling the glass for the big shots in the entertainment industry.

"Hello, Mr. Xiang. This is my friend, Marilyn Shu. She has just graduated from the university and doesn't know much about the business. If she offends you, please excuse her."

Anna intentionally referred to Marilyn as the newcomer who had just started her career. Now she appeared in his room, which made the celebrity think that she was the woman who wanted to ascend through the hidden rules.

And just now, Anna whispered to the big boss in the elevator that 'She knew Marilyn. If he is interested in Marilyn, he can give these new comers a chance to show off.'

"Anna, you know, I've been in this line for a long time," the celebrity said.

"I have seen all kinds of new comers and famous stars. Am I the kind of man who hasn't seen the world?"

After that, he put his hand on Marilyn's hand. Startled, Marilyn shook off his hand immediately. The boss didn't get angry, just smiled.

"But I'm willing to cooperate with some new characters who are full of tricks,"

the big shot said meaningfully.

"Come on, Miss Shu. Let me propose a toast to you first. My bodyguard scared you just now. I apologize to you!" While saying, he handed the wine to Marilyn.

Marilyn turned her head to show her stand.

Seeing the look on Marilyn's face, Anna began to mediate the quarrel, in fear that she would offend the big boss in the entertainment circle with no profit to get.

"Mr. Xiang, Mary is willful and stubborn. But she told me before that she admire you very much. She said that you are handsome and charming and you are popular in the entertainment circle."

"When did I say that?" Marilyn shouted at Anna with her eyes wide open.

"Look, she is too shy to admit it. I'm afraid she fell in love with you."

Anna had an ability to span, which made the big shots of the entertainment circle laugh loudly.

"That's what you are capable of. I never knew that."

After hearing that, Anna didn't knew the celebrity was just teasing her or praising her. However, before she could think about it, he spoke again.

"I've seen too much flattery from girls like you, and this sort of innocence and not affected is also a special style!"

As a person who had a high reputation in the entertainment circle, he thought Marilyn just pretended to be reserved.

"Miss Shu, I don't know if you have any development plan and which path you want to take, a movie or a TV drama. If you want to get popular sooner, you can participate in the trueman show. You can make fans quick and the requirements for the stars are low. I'll be happy as long as you tell me, that's a piece of cake for me."

Seeing the big boss gave an opportunity to Marilyn, Anna felt uncomfortable. If he cooperated with Marilyn intently, nobody could be sure who would be the star of the movie in the end. Now, Marilyn didn't say anything, but pulled a long face, which made her more attractive to the man.

Marilyn gave the man a cold look as if a pure holy virgin looked at a vulgar mortal with disdain. The girl's look infuriated the man somehow. He took the wine glass in his hand, grabbed her jaw, forced her to open her mouth and drank the wine.

"Drink! Drink!" he shouted.

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