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   Chapter 15 Lipstick

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When Marilyn saw that Vivian acted in a fawning way, she held Mrs. Zhang's hands intimately, just like a maid of the queen, It was really showing Vivian's ugly face.

With her elegant appearance and exquisite makeup, Marilyn felt that the next second, Vivian was going to kneel down and shout, Your Highness

Smart and proud as Vivian was, Marilyn couldn't help thinking of the happy time when she and Vivian were good friends. They used to play and go shopping together, hanging out with each other.

At that time, the living conditions of Vivian were not very good. Although she often went shopping with Marilyn, every time she went through the beautiful windows of a cosmetic counter, she just secretly took a few more glances at the lipsticks in the windows.

The rose red lipstick was wrapped in the black tube with a few golden ornaments engraved on it. The lid of the lipstick was placed aside, and the yellow warm light through the windows made the whole lipstick in a peculiar style. The golden logo was exquisitely printed on the cover, visible but harmonious.

The obsession in Vivian's eyes was captured by the considerate Marilyn. Marilyn also lowered her head to look at the lipstick through the window. This price of the lipstick was not a problem for Marilyn, but she knew it was not a small sum of money for Vivian.

Marilyn knew that Vivian was vain. At this time, Vivian's desire is easily known by Marilyn. With a smile, Vivian said, "of course."

Vivian smiled and said nothing.

Marilyn patted Vivian on the shoulder.

"Buy it if you like!"

"Not really. Forget it!" Vivian straightened up and walked away. She took a few steps and looked back through the window.

"Wait for me here," said Marilyn, winking at her.

Vivian stood there still and watched her trotting into the boutique.

"Please pack the lipstick for me,"

"Okay, Miss. Do you need anything else?"

The salesgirl said politely. After that, Marilyn shook her head and then picked up the well wrapped lipsticks and walked out of the store. She came to Vivian and said, "It is for you!"

With a surprised look, Vivian looked at the delicate bag in Marilyn's hand.

"For me?" Asked Vivian, surprised.

"Yes." Marilyn give the bag to Vivian and said, "I know you like it very much. Take it." Looking at the happy smile on Vivian's face, she felt very happy.

After taking the lipstick, Vivian put her arm around Marilyn 's shoulders and laughed happily. In the sun, the happy smile on the faces of the two became the most unforgettable picture in Marilyn's heart.

When Marilyn thought of this, she felt it was extremely ironic. She then averted her eyes to look at the hands holding Mrs. Zhang's arm. The pearl bracelet on her hand hurt her eyes. She was wearing that Pearl Bracelet!

Marilyn had a good memory. A few months after they went shopping together and bought lipsticks.

Vivian invited Marilyn to her home tonight to spend an unforgettable weekend. Marilyn went happily after she made some preparation.

From a distance, Marilyn saw Vivian waiting for her at the door. They walked into the room hand in hand. Inside the room, it was completely dark.

"Why don't you turn on the light?" The darkness covered the doubts on her face.

Vivian stuttered and didn't know how to reply.

"Is the electricity off?" Asked Charlotte.

Vivian said subconsciously

"No, i I couldn't afford to pay for the electricity. The building management has stopped it. "

"What? How are you going to live your life then! Will you watch TV, wash clothes and turn on the air conditioner? All of this was powered by electricity." Speaking of this, Marilyn suddenly thought of Vivian's family background and swallowed the rest words.

Thinking of this, Marilyn let out a sigh and paid for all the electricity bills for Vivian that night.

After that, Vivian always felt embarrassed for what happened to her. Kind-hearted Marilyn thought that she might hurt Vivian's self-esteem accidentally. So she was very careful to Vivian.

Therefore, Marilyn chose the Pearl Bracelet for Vivian on her birthday.

A saleswoman told her in the store that the pearl always means to bless the perfection and the person who wore it would live a happy life.

Although she didn't believe it, she looked at the delicate and round pearls, imagining that Vivian would like this bracelet when she received this present, so Marilyn bought it without hesitation.

As expected, Vivian was so excited that she held Marilyn in her arms with tears in her eyes when she saw the bracelet.

"My best friend, Marilyn. I'm so lucky to be your friend!" Vivian looked at her with excitement.

"Silly girl, we are best friends. Today is your birthday. Why are you crying? Come on, you are going to treat me with noodles today!"

Vivian smiled through tears, "Okay, I will cook for you!"

Upon hearing this, Marilyn's cheeks colored in crimson. She giggled coyly.

Thinking of this, Marilyn was enraged. She stepped forward, grabbed Vivian's hands and tore off the pearl necklace.

The Pearl fell to the ground one by one with the broken rope, just like the broken friendship between them, once shattered, they could never return to the past.

Looking at these lifeless pearls, they

rolled on the ground in different places as if it was people's fate and couldn't be controlled by themselves.

Vivian didn't expect that Marilyn would do it so she screamed.

"What are you doing, Marilyn?"

She sneered.

"What was I doing?" She looked at Vivian and asked, "What do you say? Do you still think you deserve it? " Vivian didn't know what to say for a moment

"Now I know what is called plastic sisters ( means not a true friend). How can you be so cruel to me? You've forgotten our friendship years ago!" While saying, she looked at Vivian with sorrow. She was no longer the shy girl she used to be.

"You did it voluntarily!" Vivian turned her head away.

"Yes, I am silly. I shouldn't have been so blind to treat you as my good friend. You schemed against your bestie and seduced a married man. Don't you fear karma for treating me like this?" So she said with her anger.

Just when Vivian was about to scold back, she turned around and saw Mrs. Zhang was there. She controlled her resentment. She just looked at Marilyn and said nothing.

Marilyn's anger and contempt burst out on her

" "I can only use this money to buy steamed buns to feed the dogs now, but dogs can shake your tail twice, and you are not even as good as dogs! You are not even as good as the dog!"

After hearing the stressed words, Mrs. Zhang let go of Vivian and walked to Marilyn.

" You are saying so. Why don't you look yourself in the mirror? You are barking here, and your men you can't control. I've seen a lot of women like you. It's better for you to leave here! "

At this moment, Marilyn didn't want to argue with this unreasonable old lady any more. She stepped forward with her face flushed in anger.

"Am I bringing disgrace on myself here? You do seem to have a glib tongue. !"

Hearing this, Mrs. Zhang was so angry that her lips turned blue and her face turned pale. She covered her heart with one hand and pressed her temples with the other hand. Suddenly she felt dizzy.

"What How dare you say that! At my age, do you still care about your elders? Is you still human? "? I... " She rubbed his temples and was about to faint.

Vivian stepped forward and hugged Mrs. Zhang, "Mom, are you having a headache? Is it hypertension? "

Madeline Zhang pointed at Marilyn, trembling.

"It's so unfair! We, the Lin family, have never done anything wrong to deserve such a daughter-in-law like you! If my son marry such a girl, I won't feel at ease. I worked so hard to bring my son up. But now I am going to be bullied by his wife! "

The sound of crying could be heard continuously.

Leon held Mrs. Zhang with concern and comforted her, "Mom, calm down. Don't take it to heart. Your body matters most! '

He turned around and glared at Marilyn.

"Bitch, we don't want to see you now. Get out of here!"

"You are a daughter-in-law. How could you make your mother-in-law so angry! She is just an elder. You are a vicious woman. Think about it yourself. You are not welcomed in my family. "

Then he helped Ms. Zhang with Vivian's help and walked inside.

Marilyn saw that Vivian embraced Mrs. Zhang tightly in her arms as she wiped off her tears, "Mom, don't be angry. It was bad for your health if you were angry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have made friends with her. I didn't know that before. I'm really regretful now. "

She didn't want to say anything more. She felt that she would never be reasonable with such a person. She just wanted to go downstairs and stay away from this messy home.

On the way to the manor, Marilyn thought of what had happened to her today, and she thought it was ridiculous. Helplessly, she shook her head.

At this moment, her phone rang. She took out her phone and found it was from a strange number. She was confused for a while, then she pressed the "answer" button and answered the phone.

"What are you doing?" The person on the other end of the phone did not tell her identity, but Marilyn still recognized the person was Ethan.

She didn't know why he was so sure that she could recognize his voice. But suddenly she felt relieved to have Ethan's trust. At that moment, she felt warm in her heart. She suddenly felt that there might still be someone in the world who cared about her.

"Nothing. I'm going to have dinner." She wasn't ready to face him yet, so she chose not to tell him what had happened.

After saying this, Marilyn suddenly felt that she didn't know what to say to this man. There was a long silence on the phone.

"Are... Are you okay?" Ethan's voice came from the other end of the phone. Although it was brief, the waves unexpectedly have a hint of warmth.

Her heart skipped a beat. But she resisted the urge to tell him the truth.

"What's up?" Marilyn asked in a calm and dry voice.

"Yeah, nothing." There were only two words. His tone was full of tenderness.

He never expected that he would call a girl in such a soft voice one day.

He even felt a little ashamed to speak it out. But these days he had not seen his girlfriend, so he had to admit that he missed her very much. When he thought of meeting, he was distracted, especially when he knew that she was the girl when he met in his childhood. He felt that he had a special feeling for her.

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