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   Chapter 14 Mother In Law

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Leon Lin had never felt a trace of guilt for Marilyn.

In his eyes, Marilyn was just a hen that could lay with golden eggs. He was the one that would kill the hen to get the eggs if the hen failed to give him golden eggs.

He even started to doubt why her anger came from.

"Enough! Stop making a fool of yourself here!"

He pushed Marilyn towards the elevator. He didn't want to see her anymore.

She tried to get rid of his hand.

"I made a fool of myself! Are you kidding? Have you thought about you are making a fool of yourself when you slept with Vivian?"

She was fed up with Leon's shamelessness and detested his scoundrel face. She was going to tear everything in front of him and let him know what was shamelessness.

When they were quarreling outside the elevator, with a sound of 'ding', the elevator door opened.

With a pile of things in her hands, Vivian Li held the arm of Leon's mother, Mrs. Zhang. The old lady stood in the elevator with a surprised look. No one would expect that Marilyn Shu would come to find Leon.

After Marilyn left, Vivian moved in with her stuff in an open manner. In her eyes, Marilyn was the stumbling block to the way she and Leon's love relationship. She didn't think the woman in front of her was Leon's legal wife.

Leon's mother, Mrs. Zhang, was in her fifties. She was a well-dressed, chubby

middle aged woman. Hypertension all year round made her suffer from headache and insomnia, with a touch of impatience and tiredness on her face.

The Lin family was neither rich nor noble, but it was surely a literary family. Although the Lin family was not very rich, it strictly followed the rules. When Mrs. Zhang married into the Lin family, she was still a young girl who was often bullied by her mother-in-law.

She had been wronged since she was married into the Lin family. Her tears and temper gradually spread, and the adorable girl's face completely relaxed.

When she was young, Mrs. Zhang could only depend on her son Leon. Because she gave birth a son, she had defeated several mistresses of her husband. When her son married the daughter of the Shu family, she had thought that she finally become a mother-in-law after many years. Now it was her turn to show off her power as a mother-in-law.

To her surprise, Marilyn gave her a modern life style. After getting married, Marilyn couldn't live with her mother-in-law. What's more, her son often told her that his wife didn't even cook. What's more, Marilyn didn't know how to take good care of her son and her mother-in-law.

Mrs. Zhang had only one son Leon, and Leon got married and lived with his wife. This made Mrs. Zhang living alone. The thought that previous happy life with her son and looking at the empty house around her made Mrs. Zhang more dissatisfied with her current daughter-in-law.

Vivian was very good at pleasing her man and her future mother-in-law. Every day, she would not only take care of Leon, but also take time out to visit Mrs. Zhang. Every time when she met Mrs. Zhang, she affectionately called her "mom", which made the old lady very happy.

Mrs. Zhang had experienced a lot, so it was not difficult for her to see through Vivian's mind. This woman is smart, sensible and obedient. The most important thing for Mrs. Zhang was to give her an imposing manner as a mother-in-law, which had been coveted for decades. Compared with her daughter-in-law, who was the best choice, Mrs. Zhang had already come up with a good idea.

In the elevator, Vivian perceived the unhappiness on Mrs. Zhang's face when she saw Marilyn. She held Mrs. Zhang's arm and walked out the elevator.

"Mom, be careful, don't slip down."

Mrs. Zhang held up Vivian's hand and smiled with satisfaction.

"Oh, my good girl. The dress you chose for me today is a little bright, but I like it very much." Mrs. Zhang said these for her current daughter-in-law to listen.

Leon wasn't surprised to see them coming out of the elevator happily. Marilyn didn't expect that Vivian would come with Mrs. Zhang.

She was still pulling each other with Leon, but her mind was spinning fast.

Mrs. Zhang left no time for her to think. When she passed by Marilyn, she stopped. She looked up at them.

"Son, Vivian bought some fresh ribs for you today. You said you want to eat ribs soup recently. Why don't you go and help Vivian?"

She said in an indifferent tone, but it was like a slap in the face of Marilyn, which instantly placed her in an ext

remely embarrassing position.

She looked at Mrs. Zhang and tried to speak something out. Her lips were quivering.

"Mom... He, Leon..."

Mrs. Zhang lifted her eyes and glanced at Marilyn. She stopped but didn't talk to her. She was just waiting what Marilyn would say.

"They have an affair, Leon and Vivian..."

Marilyn took a deep breath, hoping to tell her mother-in-law the truth calmly.

"Oh, do you mean that my son cheats you?"

When she spoke, she looked askance at Marilyn, with a profound expression in her eyes. After taking a deep breath, she told Marilyn in a calm tone.

"I am not blaming you. But you young people these days don't know how to follow the rules nowadays. Every man likes flirting with woman. Every man would have a crooked thought at least for one time."

Speaking of this, she paused, looked up at her son and then turned to look at Marilyn.

"As for a woman, the most important thing is to serve the man well, to show filial respect to her parents in law, to take good care of her children, and to treat them well. Nowadays the society is a new era, don't like our old ways. Are you young people really going to be self-conceited?"

Speaking of this, she looked at Marilyn up and down, and then turned to Vivian.

"In my opinion, not all young people are so ignorant of the rules. You should learn more from others. Sometimes you put the blame on a man even though you didn't do well enough."

After that, she held up Vivian's hand and walked towards the room.

"Wait," shouted Marilyn.

"Do you mean that I'm the one who should take the blame for the disloyalty?"

She was about to burst into laughter because of anger.

Mrs. Zhang turned around calmly.

"I can't tell right from wrong. But people were looking for the best. The man will lean on the one who can do better."

"You're wrong. Flies shouldn't go to the best place!"

Noticing that the old lady was as eloquent as her son, Marilyn retorted with a snort.

Hearing this, Mrs. Zhang's face turned sour. She stared at Marilyn and walked two steps towards her.

"Although Vivian are not from a big family, she is much better than you. You still hold the grudge against my son and her, but I want to ask you, when did you come to the Lin family to cook for me? You claim to be my daughter-in-law?"

Then she turned around, grabbed the rib bag from Vivian and showed it to Marilyn.

"For example, Vivian wants to stew sparerib soup. She is afraid that it is not healthy to eat too much food made outside. She wanted to cook for Leon herself. What's more, she will never forget to take me with them."

After returning the bag to Vivian, Mrs. Zhang turned around to face Marilyn.

"You are from a wealthy and powerful family. You could be counted as a noble lady. But how could you come here to argue with your husband? Tell me, when could you know be courteous?"

"Mom, don't be angry. There is no need to talk to her. She won't understand. Let's go inside and change the new clothes we bought today for Leon."

Vivian walked towards the old lady and patted her on her back gently.

"Marilyn, please stop arguing with mom. Mom is old and she can't bear to be pissed off by you," Vivian said.

Mrs. Zhang was extremely pleased with Vivian's words.

"As you said, they both know how to behave well! But don't you think they are shameless?"

Marilyn pointed at Leon and Vivian with disdain.

Hearing this, Mrs. Zhang looked at Marilyn with a mixture of surprise, disgust and anger.

"What are you talking about? What does 'shame' mean? Oh, I need you to teach me the word 'shame'."

After that, she stepped forward, held Marilyn's hand and patted it gently.

"Don't you feel ashamed to yell and fight with your husband in the corridor?"

A wave of nausea washed over Marilyn. She suddenly pulled her hand back.

"Is it not shameful to cheat, but shameful to tell the truth?"

Vivian strode forward hurriedly. She held up Mrs. Zhang's hand and looked at her.

"Mom, are you all right? Are you OK? Mom, please don't talk to her. She wouldn't listen to anyone's reason. Otherwise, Leon wouldn't do that..." She pretended to almost burst into tears while speaking.

"Look at you. Look at the gap between you and Vivian. Alas, it seems that my son is not lucky enough to marry Vivian. I would rather make Vivian be my daughter-in-law than you,"

Mrs. Zhang said pompously. She didn't look at Marilyn, but gave Vivian a kind smile.

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