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   Chapter 11 Redemption

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The madness made Marilyn a great fighting power. As she screamed, she pulled Mandy's hair, kicked and punched with both hands and feet, gnashing her teeth. The hatred made her eyes red. She held on to Mandy and tried her best to tear her up.

Mandy never thought that Marilyn could be so powerful. Her hair was grabbed and pressed under her body, and heavy slaps fell on her. She struggled hard, kicked at Marilyn, but the latter just acted as if she were kicking a piece of wood, totally ignoring herself. At the moment, all Marilyn could think was attack.

It was a battle of life and death between two women, a battle of honor and revenge for Marilyn.

How did she become so ferocious? Marilyn had never been humiliated like this. She was so angry that she breathed heavily.

The men with sunglasses and oil head were shocked by Marilyn who suddenly pounced on Mandy. The two men's mouths were wide open as they watched the two women rolling on the ground, tearing, kicking and cursing. They were woken up by a loud voice of Mandy, who had just called out their name.

"You two idiots! Are you going to watch me get beaten? Come quickly to help me! Teach her a lesson for me!"

The man took off his sunglasses and rushed over to Marilyn.

The oil headed man stepped forward, protected Mandy and dragged her out.

Of course, Marilyn was reluctant to let Mandy go. She grasped her hair tightly with one hand, refusing to let her go. And she raised her hand trying to scratch Mandy's face.

The man had the upper hand in the aspect of strength.

The man in sunglasses locked her neck with one of his arms from behind and pushed her backwards hard. The harsh sound of choking around her ears choked her. The pressure in her eyes went up, and her eyes almost protruded. Countless stars seemed to emerge in front of her eyes.

The man held her neck tightly and punched her hard. Dull pain jumped on her black and blue wound again and again.

She was unwilling to let go of Mandy. Her lips had been strangled purple, and she slightly opened her mouth. She panted hard, and her breath made a strange hiss through the tightened trachea.

She could clearly feel that the blood was stuck in her neck and failed to pass. The tip of her finger began to feel a little cold and numb. She tried her best to clench her fist and kicked with both her legs, hoping to kick something that could help her to calm down.

Mandy's hair was still grabbed by Marilyn and she was unable to stand up. Seeing this, the oil headed man forced Marilyn loosen her fists by pulling her fingers one by one. Marilyn felt the piercing pain from her fingertips. The joints of her fingers seemed to be broken, and she could hardly hold her fists after loosening them.

Mandy finally got rid of her grip. She picked herself up from the ground in embarrassment.

Her bright dress was covered with mud, and her knees were wiped by the rough ground, with blood dripping down. Her cheeks were red and swollen, and several scratches were clearly seen on her jaw.

Seeing Mandy get up, the man with sunglasses slightly loosened his grip on Marilyn's neck. Marilyn took a deep breath and coughed heavily.

The fight made Marilyn exhausted all her strength, and now she was paralyzed by the sunglasses man and the oil headed man, being pressed on the ground and unable to move.

Mandy stood up and stared ferociously at Marilyn on the ground. She just couldn't swallow the anger. 'I will let her pay ten times or even a hundred times the price!'

Mandy bent down and grabbed up Marilyn's hair, which made her scalp tingled. The hair was pulled by Mandy, Marilyn could see clearly the bruises on her face. Looking at her masterpiece, Marilyn's mouth lifted up with a smile.

Marilyn's smile made Mandy feel worse than a slap on her face!

Mandy raised her hand and slapped Marilyn several times on her face. The heat brought a peculiar pleasure to Marilyn. Her face turned red and swollen, her mouth banged by her teeth, and there was a strong smell of blood in her mouth.

She clenched her teeth without a snort.

Mandy didn't get an answer from Marilyn, she just remained silent. The tough look on Marilyn's face made Mandy more angry. She just wanted to hear Marilyn's begging and she wanted Marilyn to kneel down in front of her and beg for mercy.

Marilyn always disappoint her!

As she saw the stubbornness and disdain on Marilyn's face, Mandy got angry from the bottom of her heart. She strode over to Marilyn and grabbed her hair, push her to the floor with great strength.

Marilyn's forehead hit the ground hard, her cheeks close to the ground. The cold ground made her hot cheeks feel better. The sharp pain on her forehead clouded her vision. She seemed to hear some footsteps approaching, but she couldn't look up. She couldn't see what happened.

The three soldiers who were sent to protect Marilyn by Ethan arrived to the

Garden Community. And they saw Marilyn beaten by two men. The three of them rushed straight into the battle ring.

When Mandy was riding on Marilyn, she felt a strong pull and she was dragged down on the road. Just as she got up, the two men in black had used capturing techniques and pressed the man with sunglasses and the oil head to the ground. They groaned and begged for mercy. The other man quickly rushed over, stooped down and held Marilyn up, examining her injuries.

"She is fine. The injuries are mostly skin trauma. But I'm afraid of concussion. Otherwise, I don't know how to explain when we go back," one of the three man said.

"Who are you? Why do you help her? This is a closed community. How did you get here?" asked Mandy harshly.

No one answered her question. The man who supported Marilyn got up, stared at Mandy angrily.

"Why do you take her away?" Mandy stepped forward and blocked their way.

The man in black was impatient. Without saying a word, he reached out his hand and pushed her.

The other two men in black left the two men who were crying on the ground and stood up. The three men walked towards Mandy step by step.

Mandy had never seen such terrible scene before. She stepped back, raised her voice and screamed over the Garden Community.

"Help! Help! Security staff! Come here! Someone is going to kill me!" Mandy's screams echoed in the Garden Community.

The safety of the Garden Community was not bad. It only took less than three minutes that the security team came. Compared with the police, it was much faster.

But Laura reacted more quickly than the security team did. She heard her daughter's painful cry in the bedroom.

Though wearing only a pair of slippers and pajamas, Laura dashed toward her daughter and tried to stop her from crying. She saw her daughter's hair was in a mess and her cheek was swollen. A large piece of flesh blood was clotted on her knee because of the injury. The mark on her jaw was bleeding, which almost made Laura cry.

"Oh, Mandy, my daughter, who bullied you? Who did such brutal things to you? Are you feeling better now? Do you have any injury?"

Mandy felt so humiliated and wronged today. When she saw her mother standing in front of her and hearing her concerned words, she burst into tears before saying anything.

Laura was surprised when she saw Marilyn supported by a man in black.

"You hit my Mandy? Did you? You bitch, how dare you hit my daughter? I will kill you!"

Outrage surged up from Laura heart. She tried her best to act like a shrew in this situation. She pointed her finger at Marilyn and cursed her.

"You little whore, how dare you come back? Our family doesn't have a shameless woman like you!

Mandy said that you are fooling around with other man. Are you afraid? So you hit Mandy? You whore! You bitch!"

As Laura cursed, she wanted to rush forward to beat Marilyn, but she was stared back by the men in black. She had to jump on her feet and keep cursing her.

When the security team heard the scream, they immediately gathered five members of security guards to the scene. Mandy leaned herself against Laura, crying out loud.

Seeing the security team was here, Laura roared.

"Are we living in a closed off area? Is the security work? Someone isn't the resident here can get into the community? And hurt my daughter!"

The security guard knew that Laura lived in a villa. He turned around and saw several soldiers sent by Ethan. A security guard walking towards them with an electric baton in his hand.

"Are you living here? If not, please go with us to the security office."

Although his words were polite, everyone could sense the threat in it.

One of the men in black walked to the security guard and pulled him aside. Then he showed his ID card to the security guard.

"Hello, we are here to carry out a secret mission. Please cooperate with us. If you have any questions, you can contact our base leader directly."

The security guards were in a dilemma. One was the resident of the community, and the other was the secret mission agency. They had to give the resident an explanation.

The security guard felt so embarrassed that he scratched his head. They had no choice but to work hard to comfort Laura.

"Mrs. An, although we made some mistakes in the security, that lady was also hurt. We are willing to pay for Miss Shu's medical expenses and we will enhance the security in the future. What do you think?"

Seeing the change in the security guard's attitude, Laura knew that the men in black were very influential. Even if the matter was investigated, there might not be a result.

Thinking this, she pointed coldly at Marilyn and the three men in black.

"That's all for today. But remember, this woman can't enter the Garden Community even half a step from now on!"

After that, she turned around and carefully helped Mandy into her room.

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