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   Chapter 10 What A Bad Luck

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The homeless Marilyn held herself tightly in her arms. The chill of night penetrated into the thin shirt she was draping on. The skin under the shirt was swept by the cold wind and involuntarily tightened.

She was abandoned by that home completely. She wandered around the community like a homeless dog, trying to absorb the warmth of a home in the familiar scene.

The bright street lamps covered the whole community with a layer of warm color. She was picturing the scene in front of her as if it was a silent movie played in memory.

She wandered along the path aimlessly until she saw a huge carton beside the garbage can.

It was a super large carton and from its opening, the things inside rose out. A big white bear with half of its head exposed, and its body was buried under the clothes.

The familiar downy bear made her crush and stride towards the carton.

That's right, these were all her things. She started digging the carton.

The bottom of the carton was full of her books. These books used to be placed on the red wooden bookshelf in the study she loved most. Now they were piled up like waste paper at the bottom of the carton and thrown beside the trash can. They were bearing the same fate as the owner.

There was a big toy bear left by her mother on the book. When she first saw this woolen bear in a shopping mall, she was attracted by its big and bright eyes. This big and round woolen bear had a big, bright eyes, a round head, and the fluffy hair on its body made people can imagine its soft touch even through the counter.

Marilyn was so attracted by the large teddy bear that she wouldn't move a single step. She didn't go back home happily until her mother bought the bear and gave it to her.

It never occurred to her that this was the last gift her mother left her when she was alive.

Marilyn took out the bear, pulled out a coat from the carton and put it on. She sat on the ground against the carton. The soft touch of the bear and the thick jacket resisted the cold of night, making the corner into her temporary home.

The bar was bustling and filled with fiery drumbeats and enchanting music. The air inside was filled with a heavy smell of cigarettes. Mandy Shu was dancing crazily with music in the dancing floor, with a group of pursuers around her.

Since Marilyn was thrown out of the house, Mandy was high in spirits. She indulged herself in the happy life of luxury and dissipation. She was surrounded by a group of men and women and felt very comfortable with their being flattered.

"Mandy, one more drink. Let me send you back tonight, okay?" A greasy man who had squeezed beside her gave her a glass of wine in a flattering manner.

Mandy took the glass and had a sip. Next to her, a man in sunglasses took a cherry and put it to her mouth.

"Don't listen to him, Mandy. Alcohol is not good for your health. Come on, have some fruit."

Satisfied, Mandy held the cherry in her mouth and walked towards the couch near the dance pool. She took out a cigarette and lit it up.

She took a deep puff with satisfaction and puffed out a stream of smoke. When she raised her head, she saw a young man looking at her. She winked at him casually, put the remaining half of the cigarette in his hand, stood up and stretched herself.

The guy smiled professionally and said: "Hello, smoking in forbidden smoking area fined 200. Alipay, cash or WeChat?"

The man with sunglasses immediately took out two hundred Yuan bills from his pocket and put them in the hand of the waiter, waved his hand to ask him to leave.

The waiter took the money in a hurry.

Mandy stared at the waiter's back angrily.

"Go back home early today. It's boring," she said.

"Mandy, I will drive you home!" The oil haired man hurried forward, grabbed her coat and put it on her considerately.

"It's not cold tonight. How about taking a walk with me?"

The man wearing sunglasses picked up her handbag and followed her.

When she opened the door of the bar, the air outside became fresh. She took a deep breath. Life was so beautiful and unreal.

"Let's take a few steps. I want to take a walk."

The man with sunglasses and oil heads answered in a hurry. They followed her and walked towards the Garden Community.

Mandy was a little drunk, so she walked unsteadily in high heels with one hand holding the man with sunglasses and the other holding the oil headed man. They staggered into the Garden Community.

With the help of the dim streetlight, Mandy saw a familiar figure beside the trash can. She seemed to be doing something in the carton beside.

As soon as she looked carefully, Mandy was shocked and sobered up more than half. Then the figure was exactly Mari


'How dare she come back again?'

But to her surprise, Marilyn was rummaging through the garbage can. The poor look on her face made Mandy very excited. She got up immediately and walked in the direction of Marilyn with the tapping of high heels.

"Hey, isn't this the elder daughter of the Shu family?" She raised her voice on purpose, with her chest out, and looked at Marilyn in disguised surprise.

In just two days, Marilyn looked much more gaunt than before. She was wearing a men's shirt and an old jacket. Squatting on the ground, she held the old, ragged bear in her arms, which she had used to like.

"What are you doing here, Miss Shu?" Mandy kicked away a beer can on the floor as she spoke, and then glanced sideways at Marilyn.

It never occurred to her that she would meet with Mandy, who was dressed in a completely different style. She was more arrogant and aggressive than before. Her long curly hair was dyed into wine red, and her eyebrows were painted with heavy make-up. A mocking smile appeared on her bright red lips and her eyebrows revealed a strong sense of intoxication.

"You are still wearing man's clothes. Have you been tired of having sex with other men outside? Now you have nowhere to go and run to our home?"

Hearing no polite ridicule from Mandy, Marilyn felt both angry and funny. She knew clearly who drugged her and left her at Amin Road that day. 'How dare she satirize me here now?

It was Laura and her daughter Mandy who conspired with each other to drive me out. Now she turned out to accuse me.'

With a disdainful smile, Marilyn stood up slowly and surveyed the two men behind her.

"I've never seen wild man before. I just see two flies are circling around a pile of shit."

"Who are you talking about?" the oil headed man screamed.

With a slight smile, Marilyn turned her head away from them, as she didn't even make a response to his stare.

Since her childhood, the most unbearable thing for Mandy was the fact that Marilyn was a very proud and stubborn girl. Mandy seemed to be a foil to her. There was no need for Marilyn to distinguish herself from Mandy's real identity.

From now on, things had changed. Now that Mandy's mother, Laura An, was the real hostess of the Shu family. Marilyn was no longer the noble lady of the family. She had nothing to do with her. What was her greatest pride now?

Mandy could hardly swallow the breath.

Overwhelmed by the strong alcohol, she stepped forward and grabbed the coat of Marilyn hard as she shouted in a loud voice

"What are you wearing now? Which man did she sleep with last night? You have a husband. You are so shameless. How could you come to my home and embarrass yourself? "

When Mandy suddenly grabbed her, she felt a sense of coldness on her shoulder, and a large part of her shoulder was exposed. The hickeys on her neck reflected on her fair skin in the dim streetlight.

The man with sunglasses and oily head behind Mandy stared at the half naked shoulder of Marilyn, with obscenity in their eyes.

A gust of cool wind brushed Marilyn's shoulder, and she suddenly looked into the eyes of the two sleazy men. Suddenly, she felt a sense of coldness on her body, which brought her back to that night at the Amin Road.

The two men in front of her looked at her as if they were rogues in the street. What had happened that night, the humiliation and injustice that had happened in Ethan's house, the accusation by Anna and her speechless embarrassment were repeatedly flashing in front of her.

What she recalled had triggered her anger. She was on the edge of losing control. The look on her face was gloomy and terrible. The anger in her eyes had already worn out tears, and her eyes seemed to be full of fire.

Now, Marilyn was like an irritated animal. She was ready to jump up and tear her opponent's throat.

Seeing no response from Marilyn, Mandy didn't take her anger into account. She gave her a scornful look and snatched the stuffed teddy bear from her hand.

"What a terrible person! And what an ugly bear!"

With that, Mandy stretched out her arms and threw the bear into the air.

Before she took back her hand, she was knocked down to the ground by a great force, and her knees slammed into the road. She groaned in pain, and then her face was heated and her ears hummed. That slap was so hard on her face.

The whole process made Marilyn completely lose her head. She was overwhelmed by deep hatred. She bit, tore and pulled Mandy to the ground.

As soon as Mandy came back to her senses, she was thrown to the ground by Marilyn. Mandy stretched out her arms and tried to fight back, to scratch her hair. The two woman fought with each other in public.

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