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   Chapter 9 An Engaged Man

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Anna Hu's voice was hoarse. She grabbed Marilyn's neck tightly, and her face was almost touching her. Every word was squeezed out of her tightly clenched teeth.

When she was panting, Marilyn could even feel the scent of hatred from Anna on her face.

'Sleeping in my bed at my home... Wearing my man's clothes...' Thinking this, Anna was about to mad. Marilyn had to face the fact that the man who had spent a one night stand with her had a wife.

When Anna looked at depressed Marilyn, she realized that she had the upper hand and vented her anger without reservation.

"I'm Ethan's fiancee! I engaged to him! I am the future hostess of this house! Why do you seduce him? You bitch! Why do you destroy other people's family? Why?"

When she cried about it, Marilyn was so embarrassed. She never intended to destroy anyone's family, but her family was destroyed by her friend. She knew better than anyone that this kind of pain. How could she do such a thing if she knew Ethan was an engaged man? Of course she wouldn't do that.

"I... I don't know... "

She tried to explain, but was rebuked by Anna's series of questions.

"Don't say that you don't know that Ethan has engaged. Only a fool will believe in your nonsense. Don't you know he is a dog or a cat when you have sex with a man?"

Marilyn felt so ashamed as if she was a freshly plucked chicken hanging in the broad daylight. Every word of Anna cut right into her vital parts. She was unable to answer or defend herself.

'That's right. I had sex with a man without even knowing who he is. How could I be a decent woman? What's more, he is an engaged man. His fiancee was standing in front of me, accusing me of what I have done. How could I clarify it?'

Marilyn blushed and lowered her head. She didn't even say anything to apologize. Her tears were kept in her eyes and she dared not let them fall.

"Tell me, how did you seduce Ethan?" Anna was getting angrier and angrier. She shouted at the quiet girl.

"You seduced someone else's fiance, and now you are silent! If you have the ability to seduce a man, why don't you speak for yourself? I am asking you. You shameless woman! You've seduced Ethan's heart. Give him back to me!"

Speaking of this, Anna couldn't help but feel sad. The grievances that she had suffered this day could no longer be tolerated. She burst into tears with her lips shivering. While crying, she held Marilyn tightly against the door and dragged her out.

"Fuck off, you shameless bitch! Give me back Ethan!"

At that time, Marilyn felt so ashamed that she only wished there was a crack for her to hide. She was pushed and rubbed by Anna, and tears rolled down with her movement. She couldn't say a word.

The servants were disturbed by the sounds of the two woman in the house, and they went to inform the butler.

As soon as the butler received the notice, he felt that the matter was tricky. Without enough time to think carefully, he quickly ran to the bedroom. People could only hear the furious shrieks and wails of Anna from a distance.

"Fuck off! How dare you stay here?" Anna was screaming.

The butler took a few steps forward and saw that Anna was no longer the one who wore bright smile and delicate makeup as usual. She had hair all over her head, tears all over her sallow yellow face, and her voice had long been hoarse. The roar and cries were from her half lost throat, with a depressing sense of despair.

When he looked at Marilyn, he found that her clothes were covered with tears and snot and her hair was sticking to her face. She was too sad to say anything.

The butler sighed and went up to hold Anna.

"Miss Hu, please calm down."

Anna looked at him in a daze, "How can I calm down? Get this woman who stole my husband out of here! If she doesn't get out, I will die here!"

"Miss Hu, let's go to another room to have a rest. Please calm down first." The Butler tried to talk her out of it, hoping to separate the two women first.

Anna turned around and looked at Marilyn who was in silent.

"Are you not leaving? Emmm? If you don't leave, I'll go!"

After saying this, Anna rushed to the window, opened the window and half of her body stretched out the window.

"In this house, I'm not here with you! If you don't go, I'll jump now from here."

Beads of sweat began to form on the butler's forehead as he kept shouting, "Miss Hu, calm down!"

The other people exclaimed as if waking Marilyn up from her dream. She raised her head, turned around, and walked to the window with clear eyes, carefully looking at Anna.

"I'll go, right now."

Then, she went straight to the door without hesitation.

The butler tipped the servants a wink, and the two servants took the hint and hurried into the room to help Anna down from the window. The butler himself rushed to catch up with Marilyn.

"Miss Shu, Miss Shu, please wait."

So Marilyn stopped.

"Miss Shu, you don't have to leave. I

will arrange another room for you and someone will take care of you. I promise it won't happen again." Before leaving, Ethan asked the butler to take good care of Marilyn. How could the butler dare to let her go?

Marilyn shook her head and said, "No, thanks. I'd better go home. I..."

She wanted to tell him that there was someone waiting for her at home, but then she realized that she didn't have a proper home, let alone go there. A sudden bitterness came to her when she was defenseless, like a sharp blade stabbing into her heart, wriggling and making her heartache.

The butler tried to persuade her, but she was so disobedient that she walked straight out of the house.

Staring at the thin figure of Marilyn, the butler felt that his career in the family for years was about to come to an end. He stamped his feet helplessly. He knew that it was impossible to conceal the truth from Ethan any longer. It was better for him to report it to Ethan early and wait for the answer from him.

"Now the driving route of the vehicles of the summit meeting is passing through the Renmin Road, then the Yaomin Square and through the welcome team on the square, from the Fengquan Road to the conference center. They had run 8 kilometers. The current system was equipped with special police officers who were equipped with live fire equipment along the way. Each leader had four private bodyguards, two personal bodyguards and two security guards. Bomb disposal, anti-explosion, public security, regimental police. All set. "

"Does it say which country's leader has specially targeted?" After hearing the report, Ethan touched his chin and asked thoughtfully.

"Not yet, but we're still investigating."

"If close range investigations and shields can function well..." Before he finished his words, his mobile phone rang.


"Mr. Lan..." said the butler guiltily. Before he could open his mouth, Ethan realized that something must be wrong with Marilyn.

Making an apologetic gesture to the crowd, he stood up and walked out of the smoke filled conference room.

"Tell me, what happened to her?"

Hearing the butler's report, Ethan remained silent. The butler would have thought that the phone had been out of line if it hadn't been for the sound of breaths. Being silent was more frightening than the blazing scolding. The butler was in a cold sweat.

"Okay, I'll take care of the rest," After an one minute silence, he hung up the phone.

Annoyed, Ethan lit a cigarette, took a deep drag and exhaled a cloud of smoke.

'Where would she go? I would protect her no matter where she goes, just as she had protected me before!' Ethan decided.

When it was getting dark, Marilyn didn't know where to go and what to do. The lights of the house were lit up as the night fell. People on the balcony talked, laughed, and cooked. The smell of the spicy pot, combined with the warmth, gave her a sense of home.

The smell of cooking drifted in the air. When Marilyn sniffed hard, the delicious home cooked food floated across her mind. Although it was not as luxurious and exquisite as in the banquet, it brought the warmth of home. She needed the warmth of home so much. Just like the little girl selling match in snow and ice, she looked forward to seeing phantom even if it was just an illusion.

The moment she raised her head, she was shocked to find herself standing in front of the Garden Community. She had grown up here, which was the reason why she was unwilling to leave her family. Now this family no longer accept her, but she could not forget her feeling to the family.

She was very familiar with everything here as she passed through the main entrance of the community. She had been playing with her parents at the fountain in front of her. Her father always set up a barbecue grill on the lawn near the gate on summer weekends.

She belonged here, and it had her memory.

When she reached the door of her villa, Marilyn knocked the doorbell with a mixed feeling.

After a few beeps, the doorbell was picked up and then the voice of the house maid came through faintly, "Madam, it's Miss Marilyn!"

Then there came an inaudible sound.

The nanny seemed to be explaining something.

"Yes, madam."

After two seconds, the doorbell was hung up, and the door remained motionless, without any sound.

She was completely abandoned by this family.

Marilyn stood at the door, not knowing how she was feeling. She leaned against the wall and looked up at the stars in the sky. The moon shone thousands of miles. She raised her hand and gently touched the scar on her wrist.

"I'm fine, dad, mom. I'm fine. The moon will protect me."

The stars were everywhere in the sky, as if they had gathered all the sorrow and joy in the world. The light of the moon would comfort and heal all the sadness. The cold wind blew through her hair and her thin clothes. The moon was not round, and she was not round too.

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