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   Chapter 8 Who Is That Woman

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Wiping away her tears, Anna pressed her slightly swollen eyes with her cold fingertips.

She combed her hair with her fingers, gently smoothed the wrinkled gauze dress and squatted to pick up the pink coat on the ground. She gripped her coat tightly and her fingertips turned white. The feeling of unwilling let her deep in thought. She wanted to see what kind of person Marilyn was.

Putting on her coat, she tried to calm down and took a deep breath before she opened the door of the study.

Along the long corridor, there were so many rooms that Anna felt a little dizzy. She didn't know which room that the strange woman was in.

She passed by one room after another, listening carefully to the movements of each room, in case she missed any sound. The corridor was dreadfully quiet, and Anna stroked the doorframe with her fingertips, thinking every trace of resentment in her heart. With every step she took, her heart was filled with deeper thinking.

A woman's sob came from the room in front. Hearing it, Anna trembled all over and his heart beat so fast as if it was beating by a hammer. She was too nervous. She walked quickly to the half closed door.

The warm sunshine shone through the door. Marilyn was lying on the bed, wrapped in a quilt and nobody could see her face clearly.

Standing in front of the window, the expression in Ethan's eyes looking at the woman was like a beam of warm light on her. His eyes stroked her shoulders, cheeks, hair and tears, as if he was trying to coax her into stopping crying.

Anna felt his heart was torn into pieces.

She had put everything behind and tried her best to get a caring and warm glimpse of him like this. But she persisted, leading to such a result of being abandoned. He said that her dignity and love, which he cherished most. How could it be dissipated and discarded so casually?

All of these were caused by the woman in the room. If she hadn't appeared. Ethan wouldn't have abandoned her so mercilessly. If weren't for her, would Ethan take pity on her.

Anna stared at the situation in the house quietly, tears had already covered her cheeks unconsciously, and her body was rigidly leaning against the door. She tightly hold her mouth with her hands, tried to restrain her impulse to wail with all her strength, and turned to leave.

"Make yourself at home. Wait till I come back..."

This sentence was like a thunderclap piercing through Anna's eardrums, and all her senses were blocked at this moment. Only the sentence echoed in her mind.

Ethan asked her to wait for him here, but she was the mistress and his fiancee! She couldn't make a concession. She had to win back the love which belonged to her.

Then she raised her hand and wiped her tears, wandering in the corridor aimlessly. She wanted to stay and fight for the position that belonged to her by all means!

"Anna?" As soon as Ethan went out, he saw Anna wandering in the corridor.

"Why are you here?"

"I..." Anna turned his head and looked at Ethan. She choked with sobs and forced out a smile of indifference.

"I was just about to go out when I remembered that my bag seemed to be still in your study. "

Looking at her bloodshot and puffy eyes, the delicate makeup was unfastened, and the skin of her eyes was slightly reflected by the tears. Her nose was obviously wiped away by force, which was red, and she could barely squeeze a smile out of his mouth, making her more pitiful.

Anna made him a little unwilling to face at this time.

"Well, you can go to the study to get it back. I have something to deal with, so I won't drive you home."

He nodded politely and alienated to Yuan Yan, turned and left quickly.

Anna had no strength to look at the receding figure of Ethan. She lowered his head and stared at her toes in a daze. A sound of footsteps came nearer and pulled her back to reality.

A servant of the Lan family showed up in front of her and hold a delicate saucepan in his hand. He walked toward them gingerly.

The servant bowed a little humbly when he saw Anna standing in the corridor.

"Miss Hu."

"Ethan is out. Where are you going?" Anna asked casually.

"Mr. Lan, before he went out, told the cook to prepare a bowl of nutritious soup called bird's nest soup for a new guest," The servant's answer was very cautious, but Anna still had a clue.

"A new guest? Is the lady over there? " Anna asked.

"……" The servant didn't expect that Anna knew about this. He was shocked and didn't know how to reply.

Seeing that the servant was not willing to talk, Anna managed to bear the anger in his heart, barely changed into a gentle and intimate expression, and reached out to take the tray i

n the servant's hand.

"Ethan asked me to take care of her before he went out. All right, give me the soup. I'll help you give her. Go ahead with your business."

The servant stood there in a daze, not daring to scramble for the bowl with Anna. Therefore, he handed over the tray in his hand, and watched her getting the soup in his hand. After that, she walked towards the bedroom of Marilyn.

Anna looked down at the soup in her hand. There was no gap between the three toads and the pot. It can be seen from the first sight that it was carved from a core of the whole piece of jade. The material was very good as well as pastoral jade. Only looking at the container, one could know what precious food it was.

The lid of the pot was made of a crystal, which was bright and pure without any impurities. Through the hot steam drop hanging on the crystal, one could clearly see a translucent, solid bird's nest. The thick sap was a very good quality in the golden silk bird's nest and only the most nutritious part was chosen.

Looking at the pot, the status of the people in the room was something that she could not compare with. It was the first time that Ethan had done such thing to a woman.

This thought lingered on her mind. Anna was so angry that she almost wanted to rush in and splash the bowl of bird's nest on the face of the woman in the room.

When she was exhausted from crying, Marilyn got up and put on the wide shirt which was put on the bedside. She wiped her face and couldn't always lie naked in the quilt. 'Now I am going to start thinking about my future. I can't anymore. If I return to the Shu family, will Laura, Mandy and Joey hurt me again?'? The answer was obvious.

Thinking of this, she grabbed her hair irritably and sighed heavily.

"Did you feel comfortable living here?" The sudden voice from behind startled her.

Suddenly, she turned around and saw a charming and gloomy woman.

Anna carefully examined the woman in front of him.

It was not a typical beauty, but she had an obviously different temperament and expression. Her clear and pure eyes with a little confusion. The bridge of her nose was not very high, but it was perfect. She had a small nose, which made her look cute. The corners of her thin lips were very clear and stubborn.

At the same time, Marilyn was observing the strange woman in front of her.

Honestly speaking, she was very beautiful. Her plump lips, soft facial curve, big eyes and full forehead made her look as pretty as spring flowers. She was beautiful and gorgeous, which didn't match her expression.

Her expression was gloomy, and she looked a little weird. It was clear that the resentment in her eyes was about to spill out, but the corners of her mouth were struggling to smile. It seemed that she was trying hard to control her emotions.

This expression reminded Marilyn of that night. She remembered that Mandy had a very clear look of resentment on her face.

Her face was full of resentment that Marilyn didn't wanted to see it anymore. Immediately, she turned around, not wanting to talk to this woman anymore.

That's right, Anna was trying to control her emotions. Although the woman in front of her was not beautiful enough, she felt a great threat. Cassandra exuded the threat, making Anna feel suffocated.

"Don't you feel comfortable living here?" Anna raised his voice and put the soup on the table. She stared at Marilyn, meanwhile, thousands of thoughts were wandering in her head.

She wanted to hit her on her face, drag her hair and drag her out of Ethan's room. She wanted to scratch her common face. She wanted to get rid of her stubbornness and the self-esteem that was held in her upright body.

Her remaining sensibility stopped her, but Marilyn's silence infuriated her. She stepped forward and grabbed Marilyn's arm.

"Say something. Are you dumb? !" Anna sensed that her anger had blossomed into cotton. The silence of Marilyn made her questioning and shout become a prank.

She took hold of the Marilyn and shook her violently.

With a stagger, Anna almost fell on the bed. Marilyn stared at the crazy woman with a little anger.

"Who are you?"

Anna was also distressed by the woman's question. Who was she? Who was she? No wonder this woman didn't even bother to talk to her. What kind of identity of her in this house!?

Anna didn't want to hide her emotions any more, nor did she want to conceal the hostility from the woman in front of her. She clenched her teeth, raised her whole body and grabbed Marilyn by the collar hard.

"Who am I?! Who am I?! You live in my house, lie on my bed and wear my man's clothes. You ask me unexpectedly who I am? !"

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