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   Chapter 7 We Are Not Right For Each Other

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Anna devoted all his enthusiasm to Ethan. Whether he was like ice or stone, she would warm him.

The loss in his eyes faded away and was replaced by coldness, fortitude and a glimmer of A sense of compassion. After all, he firstly mistook her for his crescent moon.

Lowering his head, he looked at the woman on him. She was a bright girl, simple, clean, hot and simple, just like the sunshine. Ethan knew that her love for him was profound, and it was he who mistook her and let her pursue his love.

Ethan was trying to minimize the possible harm to her, although he knew that it was unavoidable.

He gently took her hands and put them aside.

"Don't be like this. Let's talk."

Anna raised her head suddenly and couldn't tell how she felt.

aggrieved? Disappointed? Or angry? fear? And maybe both.

She had already put her pride aside. She knew that Ethan was inarticulate, and he was a cold and indifferent man. She was willing to warm him up at first. After all, they owned each other. Was there anything more important than this?

But, was he like a stone that could not warm up? No, the stone was immediately heated by her, but why didn't he touch her?

Anna pursed her lips tightly. She burst into tears. She complained in an aggrieved tone.

He had changed Anna's deep fear was deeply aroused. The fear gnawed at her, tore her, and tightly grasped her heart, making her words choke in her throat and unable to spit half a sentence out.

The way he looked at her changed, and the way he spoke to her changed. Even his lips opened and closed and his breathing became different from before.

In the dancing party, Ethan looked at her eagerly, which was enough for her to recall every night. Now, his eyes became alienated, polite, cold, with a little pity.

pity! Anna suddenly felt annoyed, and the anger stirred in her heart.

She doesn't need other people's sympathy at any time.! Why does she need his sympathy? She had always been so proud and noble, like a noble princess. Only she can give other people sympathy, how could she live on the sympathy of other people one day?

Anna didn't expect that she was doomed to be humble when she fell in love with Ethan.

The more she cared about him, the tighter she held him. She never thought that he would give up her one day.

Ethan looks at Anna's gradually moist eyes, looks at her gradually clear eyes and looks at her slowly standing up.

"Let's have a talk, okay?"

Said Ethan in a soft voice as much as possible, hoping to make Anna feel better.

Anna stared at him and said nothing. Her eyes were full of tears and fear.

Suddenly, Ethan did not know what to say. But he also knew that if he wanted to follow his own heart, he had to speak it out.

"We are not right for each other. You know, we can't be together."

Tears rolled down from Anna's eyes. She said nothing, nor did she answer, nor did he make any action. The only things people could see were the tears and the expression in her eyes.

"Let's break off our engagement another day. I'll arrange it."

Ethan knew it was good for both of them.

A sob came out from Anna's throat. Although she tried her best to suppress it, the sobbing seemed to be squeezed out from the deep of her body. Her grievances and frustrations ran through her body.

She stepped forward and grabbed the corner of his coat, sobbing.

"Stan Ethan, please don't do this to me. I I ."

Ethan thought that he couldn't delay anymore. Then he raised his hand and gently brush away the hand of Anna.

"Anna, you can go back by yourself. My lawyer will help me cancel the engagement in the Hu family a few days later. I have something to deal with. "

With that, Ethan no longer looked at Anna, turned around and left the study.

Looking at him leaving, Anna could no longer control herself. She grasped her arms tightly, bit her lips and asked herself bitterly, "why? Why? Why did Ethan become like this?"!?

Was it for that woman?! The woman he brought back at midnight? The one he took out of the car and brought into the bedroom?

With this in mind, Anna held a deep grud

ge and quietly stood up. She wanted to see what kind of woman was able to take away Ethan from her.

Ethan left the study and hurried back to his bedroom to see the real crescent moon.

The dream was so sweet and long that it reminded her of her dead father and her deceased mother. Marilyn felt like she was in the happy childhood again.

In her dream, her mother and father still loved each other so much. She was their treasure. She hugged her mother lovingly and asked her mother to give her one more her favorite dessert. Her father looked at them with loving eyes.

She felt that such a happy and comfortable life would never end.

The sunshine in the afternoon shone on her face, and she couldn't help frowning. Turning over, she suddenly realized that she was in a strange bedroom.

Marilyn suddenly sat up. She got up in such a hurry that the quilt slipped off her body.

Marilyn was shocked. The sex between them last night was still vivid in her mind. Further on, Amin Road, Hongmen banquet, and the document of the property distribution.

Too much had happened this night, her brain, which is not yet fully awake, has not been able to accept so many facts.

And then she heard the sound of door opening.

As if frightened, she pulled the quilt up to wrap herself tightly and stared at the door warily.

A man walked in

As soon as Ethan entered the bedroom, he was surprised to find that Marilyn was awake.

He walked to the bedside and looked at her vigilantly. She was like a frightened kitten. She curled up vigilantly and prepared to attack, as if the other party would react and she would pounce on him.

"You woke up?"

With her eyes fixed on the man in front of her, she remained silent. His voice The sound seemed to be heard somewhere before.

He stepped forward and reached out his hand to her.

"Don't touch me!" Marilyn screamed as she moved backwards. Said Marilyn, as he put out his hand and hung it in the air.

"Who are you? !"

"Me? This is not the first time we have met. My family name is Lan and my full name is Lan Ruochen. "

Said Ethan seriously.

"It's not the first time we met." Marilyn caught the key point of the conversation.

"Yes. Her first time was in the corridor." Ethan couldn't help showing a sly smile. Although it just flashed for a short while, Marilyn didn't notice it.

She paid full attention to what she had heard.

In the corridor, the man whispered in her ear with the words that he would not hurt her. Yes, it was him, it was his voice!

My god! What on earth had she experienced!

Under the impact of anger and humiliation, this became the last straw to suppress her nightmares. Her all grievances could no longer be held.

Completely falling apart.

At this moment, all humiliation and bitterness burst out in front of this unfamiliar man. Tears ran on her face. She no longer cared about her image, nor did she care where she was.

She wanted to ask why God was so unfair to her. She wanted to ask her father why he died so early.

Seeing the whole body of her tearful daughter trembling and the man who had never frowned in front of a knife or a gun, Stan was at a loss.

Marilyn's tears is really plentiful. Her tears gathered in her chin, and fell down one by one. Soon the quilt in front of her has been wet. Her snot is crystal clear hanging on the tip of her nose. Her nose, her eyebrows and eyes wrinkled.

Her nose was not breathing very well. Marilyn wiped her face with a quilt. Her snot pulled up a long length, but it did not affect her to continue crying. She whimpered uncontrollably, which annoyed and amused Ethan.

At this moment, his cell phone rang. He took it out and became serious the moment he saw the number on the screen.

"Hey, it's me, Ethan."

"Mr. Lan, please come to the headquarters to attend the international meeting in a few days."

"I got it."

After hanging up the phone, he turned around and saw her wiping her tears and snot on the bed.

"I'll get out for a few days. Make yourself at home. Wait for me."

Then he walked out of the bedroom as a gust of wind.

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