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   Chapter 6 An Old Friend

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Stroking the crescent shaped scar on Marilyn's wrist, Ethan was deep in meditation. Only he knew how important it was to him.

"Suddenly there came a rat -a-tat on the door."

He was interrupted from his thoughts by the knocking at the door

He opened the door and found the butler standing in the doorway, wearing an apologetic and embarrassed look on his face. He had been working for Ethan for nearly six years, but never felt as embarrassed as today.

"Mr. Lan..."

Before the butler could say something, Ethan frowned and made a silence. He turned around to look at Marilyn who was asleep. Then he stepped forward and gently closed the door behind him.

"What's wrong?"

"Miss Hu comes here and she wants to see you."

Although the butler knew that Miss Hu was Ethan's fiancee, he still felt very embarrassed. Miss Hu arrived at an inopportune moment, but came at just the right time.

Anna had cooperated with several well-known international directors before, and she also acted in several of the most popular TV series. Now she is quite a popular A-lister, and her character was as enthusiastic as her beautiful appearance.

During the time when she attended a well-known Movie and Television College, Anna had been a little famous advertising star. In addition, Hu family, which was a rich family help Anna, Her career in stardom was so smooth.

At this moment, She found her lover successfully on the charity dinner a year ago by accident.

At that dinner party, she finally got a chance to dance alone with the famous boy called Ethan.

Although Ethan was cold in nature, he can't resist the great charm of Anna.

When he learned that his godmother had been a friend of Anna's godmother. Ethan's hot and burning eyes almost attracted her.

Anna shook her head with a smile.

In less than a year, they were engaged. Now, she was no longer the famous star Anna, but Mr. Lan's fiancee.

Next, she would be the wife of him.

Before she achieved her goal and got what she wanted, she wouldn't allow anything to happen to her.

After receiving the call from the servants of the Lan family, she got to Lan family from the set in order to see what happened to Ethan who brought back a woman last night.

Hearing the Butler's report, Ethan frowned slightly.

"Take her to the study and wait for me there."

At the charity party where she had met with Ethan, she danced to him lightly and lively, ask inviting him to dance with her. The lights on the dancing floor were shining. He didn't hear a word of what she said.

It was not until she mentioned that her godmother had been in Vatican that she had successfully attracted his attention.

Up to now, Ethan still remembered clearly the last care that his godmother said when she sent him out

"A letter from my bestie in Vatican said that you could stay away for a while in her student's home. Ethan, you can go to her house. I..."

This was the only clue to find the girl who had a scar with the shape of a crescent moon! Ethan was stiff all over his body on the dancing floor.

"Is it so lucky that I met her here?"

He had been longing for meeting the girl who had a scar with the shape of a crescent moon. It was a longing of a drowning man who had swim for too long a time and never been able to get on the shore. It was the most important part in his heart.

The straw that can help him was right in front of him. Driven by the crazy ideas in his mind, he almost went crazy. He was so desperate. He couldn't let her go.

He couldn't let her leave

him again.

At that time, in the eyes of Ethan, the straw was no longer the straw. It was a huge ship. At that moment, he seemed to believe that the ship would take him ashore, or even be a harbor he cared about day and night.

Of course, Anna also felt the change of Ethan, and there was a surprise in her pure and bright eyes.

A smart woman always knew how to protect her object.

Then she went to visit, date with him and attend family gathering.

The Hu family showed unexpected joy at Anna's success in the marriage of Ethan. The circle of Ethan has always been married to each other and few people in the business circle could integrate into it.

Entering his social circle meant not only that their business entered the smooth road, but also a new level in the upper class.

Under the pressure of Hu family and Anna, the two got engaged soon and decided to marry.

Ethan was used to hiding himself and wasn't suitable for Anna's sunny disposition.

In his impression, the crescent moon gave out soft and cold moonlight, which was just the right temperature to warm Ethan without burning him. Anna was as bright as the sun, enthusiastic, and even a little dazzling.

Even so, he was still willing to accept her. Because she was his crescent moon.

But now, Ethan began to be in a trance. He was angry at his stupidity. How could he make such a mistake!

He needed to find out who was his crescent.

"Is Ethan still in the bedroom? I'll go to the bedroom to find him! "

Miss. Hu's sweet and clear voice came out through the door of the study.

"Miss Hu Please wait for a moment. Mr. Lan is on his way. "

Stammered the Butler, trying to dissuade her in a low voice.

Ethan twisted the delicate brass door handle and opened the door.

"Go ahead with your work, Butler."

Butler felt relieved, made a bow and left immediately.

There were only the two of them in the study. Suddenly, the air seemed to be frozen. The room was so quiet that people could even hear a pin drop.

Anna observed Ethan quietly. He frowned tightly, his lip pursed and his eyes are full of thinking.

This gave her a sense of crisis.

"Ethan I specially skip work today to see you. Why do you look unhappy... "

Anna giggled as she lightly walked towards Ethan. She knew it was her who must break the silence first.

"No, I'm happy."

Ethan walked quickly to the window of the study and put the coat on the back of the chair. He turned around and looked at Anna.

"I've been very busy lately, and there are many things arranged in my work. I've been ignoring you."

Anna breathed a sigh of relief and reached out to hold his arm, trying to get close to him.

He grabbed her wrist before she could reach his sleeve.

The hand that Anna extended to him was white, smooth and delicate. The pore could not be seen. The light blue blood vessels flowed under the white skin.

There was no scar on her wrist.

She was not my crescent moon.

The words were like a sharp knife stabbing into his heart. Depressed, he sat on the sofa, the words appearing in his mind again and again.

"Damn it! I love the wrong girl. She is not my crescent moon!"

Seeing that Ethan had never behaved intimately to her and now he pulled her wrist with a serious face.

Anna thought it was a clear signal that she could be closer to him.

She withdrew her wrist and walked towards Ethan step by step, pretending to be shy.

Ethan had never given her a chance to start a relationship with him before. But now, she would not let it go.

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