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   Chapter 4 Signature

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Suzan Feng trembled with anger, unable to speak smoothly.

Seeing that, Laura An walked over immediately and gave the property transfer agreement to her daughter Mandy Shu and winked at her.

Mandy understood at once. She quickly walked to Marilyn Shu.

At the moment, Marilyn was about to fall apart. Her energy was consumed up by the violent movement just now. Now she was in a haze and she would pass out within a minute if she was completely hanging by her will.

When Mandy saw no reaction from Marilyn, she smiled with satisfaction.

The effect of the psychedelic drugs was not bad. Now Marilyn hadn't been able to judge correctly. Mandy could do whatever she wanted to Marilyn.

Again, Mandy handed the pen to Marilyn, and put the property transfer agreement in front of her. She lowered her voice and said very tenderly, "Mary, my dear, write your name here."

This is she imitating Shawn's tone.

When Shawn Shu was alive, he always called his daughter Marilyn "Mary". After he passed away, no one had called her like that.

In a daze, Marilyn seemed to have heard her father's call, feeling warm in her heart.

Then, she signed on the paper!

Mandy read the words on the paper with a smile.

Laura pushed the old lady aside and happily took the property transfer agreement from Mandy's hands. Her hands trembled with excitement.

For the sake of this signature, she had been waiting for twenty years to live with old Shawn. Now she was holding her head high.

She didn't think her husband Shawn ever trusted her and left all his property to Marilyn. But what could they do now?

Now they were all controlled by her.

"Hum!" the old lady snorted.

Gloated, Laura raised her head and gave the old lady a disdainful look.

"Send the old lady home!" she said to the servants.

"Yes, madam!"

Two servants bowed and held the old lady up.

"Laura!" Suzan had never thought that Laura would burn the bridge after crossing it. She was angry but could not say a word.

"You'd better take good care of yourself. It's getting late. You might be exhausted after a whole day's work," Laura said.

Suzan glared at Laura. But she didn't look like an easy-going woman any more. Instead, she raised her head and gloated.

The current Laura was no longer the one that wanted Suzan's help. Her obedient daughter-in-law had completely disappeared with the establishment of the signature and the certificate.

Looking at Marilyn lying on the floor unconsciously, Suzan heaved a deep sigh and was carried out by two servants.

The gloating mother and daughter stayed in the room.

"Mom, what should we do with this bitch now?" Mandy squatted down, held Marilyn's chin and slapped on her face.

The unresponsive Marilyn was still in a daze. Her vengeful will was yet to be triggered. The heavy slap on the face downstairs still made her feel that her self-esteem was tossed away.

Her self-esteem which had fallen on her face was burning, and she must make her pay back by ten times or even a hundred times.

"What else can we do? Kill her!" Laura said in vicious voice.

After twenty years of forbearance, this once young girl had already become a ruthless vicious woman. She wouldn't give up any opportunity to live in peace. The result of years of hard work could not afford any lose.

"Isn't it too easy just killing her? I want to revenge!" With a disappointed face, Mandy mumbled.

"Don't be unreasonable. She has signed the property transfer agreement, and she's useless now. Get someone to get rid of her," Laura said.

Then she took up the property transfer agreement and walked out of the room.

"Damn it! You are so lucky today!" Mandy kicked Marilyn who was lying on the ground hard, pulled her up by her collar and slapped across her face several times.

Suddenly, she stopped, her eyes moving down her seized collar, and saw the hickey on Marilyn's collarbone. A satisfied smile appeared on her face.

"Although mom wants you to die, I will make your life a living hell!"

Leaving Marilyn behind, Mandy stood up and rushed into her room. She came back with a small pill in her hand.

"It is a German special medicine. You bitch is lucky to get it!"

She was so angry that she pinched Marilyn's chin and forced her to open her mouth and put the pill into her mouth fiercely.

Fearing that the unconscious Marilyn couldn't swallow it, she grabbed the teapot on the table and gulped it down at her mouth. After totally drenching Marilyn, she raised her head and threw away the teapot.

Marilyn's wet hair stuck to her forehead and her eyes were closed. She had no response to the outside world.

The white high necked lace long dress she had specially chosen was now wet by the tea. There were the leftovers of the tea

on the sides of the lace, and some water stains on her chest.

"Take her to the suburb, Amin Road!"

The Amin Road was different from that of the other side. It was not a good road.

This was a well-known slum. There were gangs that asked for money; there were also hooligans who looked for fun.

The poor were always picky about making their living. Living in poverty would provide violence and create crimes.

The raindrops were pouring down on the not clean streets. A white figure was lying in the dustbin at the corner of the street, which looked somewhat harsh in the night.

The wet white clothes with rain and mud were no longer clean. The skirt hem touched the muddy ground, which was a great contrast to the texture of the clothes.

Cold. Marilyn was shivering. The cold rain beat her, as if to drain the last bit of heat out of her body.

She tried to move her fingers, and the numbness seemed to be clearer than her actions. Her body had not yet recovered from the strong anesthetic, and her spirit was gradually sober up.

What happened before she fainted finally came to her mind. The sarcastic expression on her grandmother's face, the anxious expression on Laura's face and the false conciliatory action of Mandy came into view.

Along with her consciousness, there was the effect of strong philter that she had drunk.

As her consciousness woke up, her senses widened, and her mind went blank. A stream of heat rose from the depths of her body.

This heat circled around her body, dashing around to find an exit. The cold at first was gradually replaced by an uncontrollable heat, and her blood was gradually getting hot.

The rain had no longer been used up to drain the heat. It had become a good medicine to resist the extreme heat. Marilyn urgently needed coolness. She pulled her clothes, hoping that the rain could suppress the hotness.

With the help of the powerful drug, Marilyn was in a trance. The part of her shanks that was exposed was half lost in the muddy water at the corner of the street.

"I have a little secret... She didn't... Burp..."

"Ha ha, fatty, you're drunk. Let's go and find a girl to have fun."

"Are you going with us?"

A few rascals were walking towards Marilyn.

"Is there a dead person in front of us?"

"Screw you! What are you afraid of?"

One of the hooligans came up and found that it was a beautiful woman with a fresh look. He was immediately excited.

"Hey, bro! Come here! Look at her! She is here!"

While saying that, a rogue pinched Marilyn's bare shanks hard.

Marilyn was in a daze as she bit her lower lip lightly.

"Army commander, we have found the person you want!"

Ethan picked up the phone and asked, "Speak quickly! Who is she?"

"Marilyn Shu. Miss Shu is elder daughter of Shu family..." After briefly introducing Marilyn, the man on the other end of the phone stopped, as if he didn't know if he should continue.

"Go on!"

"Yes! As far as we know, Marilyn is in danger now. She was drugged and thrown on the Amin Road. "

"…… Okay, I know." Ethan said calmly.

But once he put down the phone, he turned around, grabbed his coat and rushed downstairs.

As the drug took effect, Marilyn seemed not to realize that she was in danger.

"Hey, fat guy, we have a lot of good fortune in love affairs tonight."

Urged by the crowd, the fatty gave a belch and picked up Marilyn. He pressed his oily mouth on her tender cheek and kissed her. A group of hooligans nearby screamed.

A sharp sound of brake interrupted the next move of the hooligans.

The headlight of car gave out a silver glow.

"Fuck! Who is he? Damn you!" The plump guy groaned and let go of Marilyn. He pushed through the crowd, stood in front of the car and hit the engine hood hard.

"What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Go away!" the fat guy shouted.

Looking at the scene in front of him that Marilyn falling asleep at the roadside, Ethan felt a sense of irritation against his chest. He brutally suppressed his impulse to draw the gun.

He even took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. Then he opened the door of the car abruptly, strode to the street.

"How dare you..." Before the fat man could finish his words, Ethan hit him with his elbow and the fat guy was thrown far away.

Seeing the two men were about to have a fight, these bullies swarmed up and intended to take advantage of them together.

Looking at them pouncing on him randomly, Ethan sneered and dragged at the leading hooligan who was the first to run over. The hooligan was taken down.

He turned around, took off his coat, threw it on Marilyn and covered her petite body.

At the same time, he kicked at a man's vital part ruthlessly. A scream sounded scary on the rainy night.

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