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   Chapter 3 A Dinner With A Trap

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Marilyn slept soundly for a long time with no disturbances.

"Dong Dong."

Suddenly, someone brazenly knocked on her bedroom door.


While saying that, Marilyn poked her head up from under the quilt. Her eyes were pinched tightly shut.

She had been tormented all night by that man, and she felt as if her body was falling apart.

"Miss Marilyn, Mrs. Laura asked you to join her for dinner downstairs."

A maid's voice respectfully sounded from outside the door.

The household staff had lately all treated Marilyn with great respect. After her father had passed away, he had left his property to her. She was now the true master of the family.

"No. Bring some dinner to my room."

Marilyn turned over and frowned darkly.

Now that her father had passed, it was impossible for her to stomach having dinner with her hypocritical step-mother and sister. She had decided just to avoid sharing a meal with them in future.

Moreover, it was obvious that she had slept with a man. If she went out now, she just knew that Laura and Mandy would viciously comment on her appearance from her head to her toes. She'd better not let them see her like this.

"Mrs. Laura said that your grandmother is coming to have dinner with us. If you don't come, I'm afraid that she will be unhappy," the servant added.

When she heard the words "your grandmother", Marilyn's eyes widened in shock.

'What?! Grandma is coming here?'

This was not good news. When she thought of the family matriarch's cold face, she knew that only alienation would be seen in her eyes. Although Suzan Feng was Marilyn's grandmother, she was a traditional woman, who preferred boys to girls. Suzan Feng had refused to attend Marilyn's mother's funeral simply because she hadn't given birth to a boy.

To her disappointment, Marilyn hadn't pleased the cold hearted grandmother.

However, shortly after Laura married into the Shu Family, she gave birth to a son. Since then Laura's position in the Shu Family had been greatly elevated, resulting in a lot of benefits simply because she had pleased Suzan Feng.

Joey Shu, the only son of the Shu Family, had become the apple of Suzan's eye, and she pampered him in every way.

But none of them had anticipated that Shawn's will would leave his whole estate to Marilyn after his death. It had been such a surprise that it had instantly provoked everyone's dissatisfaction. Not least of all that of Laura, Joey, and Mandy, but it had also upset Suzan.

To her, the family's grandson was much more precious than any of her granddaughters. Joey was the heir of the Shu Family, so how could he not receive any property?

'Grandma must have something to do with this. As soon as I return to my home, she comes to have dinner.

It seems that I won't be able to enjoy a peaceful dinner tonight.

Never mind. I'll just have to face it anyway. Let the storm come more fiercely!' Marilyn mused.

She sat up on the bed and replied politely, "I'll be right there as soon as I am dressed."

"Yes, Miss Marilyn! Please be quick," the servant replied briskly, as if the answer had been expected, and she kindly reminded Marilyn to speed up, lest the old lady be offended. Having delivered her message, the maid walked away lightly.

When Marilyn hear the respectful tone of the maid, a bitter smile appeared on her face.

In the almost 20 years since her father had married Laura and brought her into the Shu Family, the maids had never been kind to Marilyn. They had conspired against her, deliberately contradicting her or making mistakes, wrinkling her party dress, stealing her gifts deliberately...

But their attitude had changed drastically because of the will.

At the thought of her father's death, Marilyn closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, they were full of determination.

'No matter what my grandma is up to, I won't back down.'

She opened the wardrobe and looked through her collection of dresses.

Finally, she chose a long white lace dress with a high neck, which would cover the hickeys perfectly. She then carefully arranged her loose hair to hide the back of her neck, in case they saw the marks there.

She couldn't help but sigh again, 'That man really was a beast!'

Once she was dressed, she took a deep breath, checked her appearance in the mirror, and walked downstairs with heavy steps.

It was a cold and chilly night. Moonlight shone over the mansion.

The air seemed to be charged with the potential for a fierce fight tonight.

As soon as Marilyn descended the last step, she saw her grandmother sitting on the sofa. When Suzan saw Marilyn coming, her face immediately filled with disapproval.

"You are such a wicked and brutal girl! Why are you behaving so arrogantly? I've been waiting for you for such a long time!"

She cast a sharp stare at Marilyn and became even more agitated. As Marilyn did not answer her for a long time, the old lady raised her crutch, which was made of precious sandalwood, and pounded at the ground heavily with a thump.

"Are you dumb or deaf? Why don't you answer me? I am you grandmother! Don't you know how to show some respect!"

After hearing what Suzan said, Mandy gloated over Marilyn's awkwardness.

Seeing this, Laura walked to her mother-in-law in a hurry. She patted the elderly matriarch on her back and consoled, "Mom, please don't be angry. Marilyn just came back home. She just needs some rest. Please don't be mad at her."

Then she turned to accuse Marilyn. "My dear, you've made your grandma very angry. Come over here and apologize to her."

When Marilyn heard this, her back straightened, and she walked over to her grandmother. She oozed confidence, and there was no sign of timidity on her face.

The situation was becoming quite embarrassing. Marilyn didn't apologize to Suzan, nor did she smile at them. Instead, she just looked down at them coldly.


her resolute expression, Laura's heart skipped a beat.

'What's wrong with her? Why does she not be frightened? Neither is she even a little scared?

I have invited her grandma here to back me up. How can she still be so calm? She is real troublesome!'

Surprised, Laura stepped forward and said, "Mom, let's have dinner. Please forgive Marilyn. It's my fault really. I spoiled her, and she sometimes becomes rebellious."

Then Laura stood back and called the servants to serve the dishes.

When Laura's eyes met her daughter's, there was a strange light in them.

With the ice broken now, everyone moved to sit at the table, silently waiting for the meal.

In the meantime, Laura brush her hair with her hands. Mandy took the hint immediately. She pointed subtly at a bowl of soup in front of Marilyn, indicating that she had put the powder into it.

It was a powerful narcotic. As long as Marilyn ingested it, she would do anything. Whether she was willing to or not, it would not be up to her.

During the meal, Marilyn didn't say another word and ate her food attentively.

After all, she had nothing to say with them.

"I am going upstairs," she said once the meal was done. As she was about to leave, Marilyn was stopped by her grandmother.

"Stop! In your eyes, I'm just an old woman. How could my family have bred such an ill-mannered daughter?"

The old lady again hit the ground angrily with her walking stick. Then she took out the property transfer agreement and threw it in front of Marilyn.

Ignoring her grandma's words, Marilyn stared at the white paper.

"Property Transfer Agreement"

The words were like a sharp knife stabbing into her heart. Before she could ask what was going on, she heard Suzan's words.

"Sign it quickly. You are just the daughter-in-law of the Lin Family. You are not qualified to inherit the property of our family."

Looking up, Marilyn gazed at Suzan. Her old and wrinkled face was all crumpled up. Her serious expression was a mix of coldness and alienation.

'Is she... my own grandmother? She must be an imposter!

Oh, my God! What have I been made to suffer these days? Deserted by everyone? I had been betrayed by my newly wedded husband and my bestie, and I've had a one night stand with a stranger. So exhausted, I just came home to rest, but then this drama hits me.

Everyone is a gold-digger, and they are after my father's inheritance without exception!'

She took the paper and sighed inside, 'Dad, thank you so much for letting me see their true colors. They will do anything for money.'

"Ha-ha..." When she looked at the paper, Marilyn suddenly burst out laughing, and she felt no anger or sadness. She was in a good mood.

"I'm afraid I'm going to let you down, grandma. Although there seems to be a lot of wishful thinking going around here, I can't let everyone have their wish." Then she threw the paper aside, got up, and walked away.

Her unruly and unyielding manner had completely irritated Suzan. Standing up too, she swung the crutch violently at Marilyn as she passed by her.

The sudden blow took Marilyn by surprise. She ended up on the floor, and her knees first hit the tiles, and then the large bruise over her hip ached. The pain seeped into her bones.

But no matter how painful it was, it was nothing compared to a broken heart.

The marble floor was frostily cold in the summer night.

In the following silence, she could clearly hear the crisp patter as her tears hit the floor.

She wiped her wet eyes quickly. 'I won't cry in front of these people. If I showed any weakness, I would be letting those hypocritical people succeed! I can't let these villains get what they want!'

After a few seconds, she felt her body soften, and she broke out in a cold sweat.

'What is going on?'

Her head started to buzz dizzily. She tried to pull herself up with the help of a table nearby, but she failed.

'No! No, I can't! I must stand up!'

Her mind was getting more and more confused. She bit her lower lip to try and draw herself back to wakefulness, and she tried to stand up again, but in vain. Marilyn blacked out and fell down heavily.

Fading in and out of consciousness, she looked around the whole room and saw the indifferent eyes of the maids and the sneer on Mandy's face. She folded her arms across her chest and spat at Marilyn.

Her grandmother, Suzan, looked down with disgust at her, while Laura gloated and raised her chin.

Marilyn's face pressed against the cold ground. Although she could not regain consciousness, she did not completely pass out either.

Eventually, Laura took action. Taking the property transfer agreement from the table, she squatted down beside Marilyn, pretending to comfort her.

"My dear Marilyn, please sign your name on the agreement. You have a younger brother to take care of in this family. I hope you will consider his feelings. He is not an outsider, and he should inherit."

Laura's gentle seeming face was dressed with a wicked smile, but her eyes could not hide her greed. The covetous expression on her face was disgusting to behold.

"I... I won't sign it!"

With all her strength, Marilyn threw the pen away.

"Stop, you evil creature!"

Suzan walked up to Marilyn, brandishing her crutch. Then she hit Marilyn three times in a row. The first blow was on her arm, the second on her waist, and the third blow impacted on her leg.

Every time the stick pounded at her, Marilyn's eyes widened.

At last, she could no longer hold back the beast in her heart. She wanted all these people to pay for their evil deeds. Then suddenly she found the strength to stand up, and she grabbed her grandmother's crutch, throwing it away.

Completely unprepared for this defiance, Suzan was thrown aside along with her crutch.

If not for the help of the servants, she would have ended up in the ICU.

"How dare you, you unfilial girl!"

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