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   Chapter 1 Being Caught In Adultery

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Dragon City, A Country

In an apartment in the Southern Palace Community,

Marilyn Shu smiled widely and took a cake out of the oven. Her face shone with happiness, making her appear more intoxicating than even the delectable scent of the cake.

The birthday cake she had so carefully baked was to celebrate her husband's birthday. They had tied the knot three months ago, and were still newlyweds. These days had been meant to be their happiest days, but lately she saw little of him due to his workload and the business trip he had taken abroad.

They hadn't even enjoyed their honeymoon yet, and they hadn't even slept in the same room. If the marriage license in the drawer had not confirmed that she was indeed wedded, she would have thought she was dreaming.

Today, he was due to return. In fact, she had exhausted herself to prepare the surprise for him.

Besides, she longed to throw herself into his arms and act like a spoiled child.

Because during these past three months, she had become the daughter-in-law, the sister-in-law, and even the babysitter. Despite her efforts to take care of the young and old, she was still unable to please his family.

It would be a lie if she said she was not aggrieved.

Fortunately, her hardships would soon come to an end. She could finally move into her new house and live with her husband.

When she put the cake on the table, she smiled happily as she imagined her husband's look of surprise.


Suddenly, she heard a key turning in the front door.

'Gosh! It seems that my husband has returned ahead of time!

My surprise is not ready. I'm not ready! I'll have to hide away. Oh, and hide the cake, too!'

Thinking this, Marilyn Shu immediately ran into the bedroom and hid herself and the cake in the wardrobe.

It seemed that the wardrobe was the only place in the room that had enough space.

With the cake held protectively in her arms, Marilyn Shu was thinking of how to surprise her husband when he came in. She was so excited and nervous that she bit her lip.

Then, she heard the squeak of the front door. However, as she was about to open the door of the wardrobe, she heard two voices–her husband and another.

He didn't return alone!


When she heard a woman's voice, Marilyn Shu was stunned for a second. It sounded so familiar.

Before the woman could finish her sentence, the man interrupted her and sighed impatiently. He seemed to be in a hurry.

"If Marilyn was to know..." The woman seemed to be worried about something.

"Shut up!"

Their voices grew louder as they neared the bedroom from the living room, and recklessly, they pushed open the bedroom door and tumbled onto the big bed.

Their voices soon turned to passionate sounds that assaulted the wardrobe and its shocked occupant. Everything before Marilyn's eyes became blurry.

'They... How could they...

One is my newly wedded husband, and the other is my best friend. How could they do that in my wedding bed?'

Marilyn took a deep breath, trying to fight against her tears.

'That shameless couple doesn't deserve my tears!'

Although she could not fully grasp the whole thing, she had more or less figured out what was happening in her mind.

After a few seconds, Marilyn calmed enough to think logically. She took out her mobile phone and captured the whole act of betrayal with the camera feature.

Perhaps in the future, this could be used as evidence.

"Leon, my dear! Swear you will keep your promise to me."

The woman raised her delicate face and looked at the man who was now smoking.

At the same time, using all her charm and feminine wiles, she traced circles on Leon Lin's strong chest with her slender fingers.

"Honey, don't worry. I will marry you sooner or later." He sighed contentedly and puffed out a cloud of smoke as he embraced the woman tighter.

"How long do I have to wait?" The woman pouted in discontent.

"Don't worry, honey. This is just the beginning. After I have fully won her trust and gotten my hands on her father's property, I will divorce her. Then we can go away together."

Leon Lin held her hand, gently rubbed it, raised it to his lips and passionately kissed her fingertips.

Vivian Li and Leon Lin had been in an intimate relationship since they were still in college. But they had kept this a secret from everyone. Later Leon Lin heard that Marilyn's father had passed away and left her a great deal of money. So his greed spurred him to take action immediately.

Both he and Vivian Li were from ordinary families. After some discussion, they had decided to use the honey trap to seduce Marilyn, getting her to marry Leon Lin to gain access to her heritage and wealth through wedlock.

The two whispered for a while longer, but Marilyn couldn't hear clearly what they were talking about. In the end, she only heard Leon Lin say with a determined voice, "Well, it's a deal. Let's just go ahead!"

She knew then what they were going to do without thinking.

"Well, we'll just secretly transfer her assets, and then lead her to..." Leon Lin continued. From the gap in the wardrobe door, Marilyn could see the evil expression on Leon's face.

She was in despair

in that moment. 'My best friend of so many years is having an affair with my new husband. That is enough.

What's even worse–they want to kill me to get my inheritance!

Who is more pathetic than me in the world?'

When she thought of this, she couldn't help it as her sorrow gave way to a desperate anger.

She was so enraged that her left hand trembled, and the phone slipped from her hand, falling to the bottom of the wardrobe.

In an instant, her heart rose to her throat, and then fell back to the ground, breaking into pieces.

Perhaps God thought that she needed to face this head on.

"Ah! Someone is in the wardrobe!" Vivian Li screamed and scrambled to wrap herself tightly in the quilt. Leon paused while he was busy putting on his pants.

"Who's there? If you know what's good for you, come out immediately!"

Leon's exasperated voice sounded. He zipped his pants and shouted at the unknown intruder.

Marilyn wiped her tear-stained cheeks, picked up her phone, pushed open the door of the wardrobe, and stepped out in front of them.

"It's me." She put on a righteous look. This was not her fault, and there was no need for her to feel embarrassed.

Vivian and Leon looked at each other with widened eyes. Astonishment was plastered all over their faces.

But after a few seconds, Leon seemed to gather his senses. Instead of feeling guilty or shameful, he began reproaching Marilyn.

"Marilyn! Why did you hide in the wardrobe to eavesdrop?"

Hearing his words, even Vivian blinked in astonishment. After all, it was them who should have felt sorry for Marilyn. Vivian had been her best friend. But now that things had reached this point, they couldn't afford to lose the momentum, and there was no turning back.

"Leon is right, Marilyn. I don't think it was necessary for you to hide in the wardrobe." The offended look on Vivian's face was fake. She pouted and looked at Marilyn with reproachful eyes.

As soon as he heard Vivian speaking so aggrievedly, Leon instantly burst out in anger. Without any word of warning, he strode towards Marilyn and hit her with his fist. He didn't care that she was his newly wedded wife,

nor that she was his legitimate wife!

Luckily, Marilyn had spent many years in dance lessons. Hence, she reacted swiftly, and being light on her feet, dodged the punch easily. But turning so sharply, her hip bumped against the corner of the bedside table.

A sharp and agonizing pain lanced through every cell in her body, but she gritted her teeth against the pain as she didn't want them to see her embarrassment. Limping slightly, she walked to the wardrobe and picked up the birthday cake that she had set down in it.

"Leon, you really misunderstand me. I was not hiding to eavesdrop on you. I just wanted to surprise you. Look, a birthday cake. Happy birthday!"

Enduring the aching sense of betrayal and disgust in her heart, Marilyn managed to put on a smile, but it twisted her face worse than crying would.

"Huh! Who cares?" At this point, Leon no longer had any interest in further pretending.

"Don't be so heartless! I baked it myself. So you should enjoy it personally!" With these words, Marilyn smashed the cake into Leon's face.

"What are you doing?!" Witnessing the scene, Vivian yelled angrily.

As expected, Marilyn stopped and walked up to Vivian. An evil smile appeared on her face.

For Vivian still lounging on the bed, the smile had become a sharpened sword that was ready to vivisect her into pieces.

"Vivian, why do you have to steal my husband?"

When Marilyn asked these words, Vivian felt so humiliated as if a truck had run right over her pride.

"Marilyn... You..."

Vivian was shocked and could not speak, trembling with anger.

"It doesn't matter. I am the one that Leon loves most!"

Then Vivian wrapped her arms possessively around Leon's waist as if she was making a declaration of her sovereignty.

At this moment, Marilyn's mouth split with harsh words. They used to be best friends after all. Marilyn knew all about Vivian's secrets.

Vivian had dated several men before Leon.

It was this small mistake that had ruined Vivian's innocent youth.

"What nonsense are you talking now?" Vivian screamed. Her face had started to turn baked lobster red, whether because she felt guilty, or because she was angry.

"Don't listen to her, Leon. She is just jealous of me." Tugging at the man's clothes, Vivian acted in a petty but charming manner.

This scene was so ironic to Marilyn. But, it was not even over yet!

Before Leon tried to defend Vivian, Marilyn continued, "Vivian, did you forget what the doctor told you last month? He had just repaired your hymen. You can't have sex. Why are you being so careless? What if you get a sexually transmitted disease? Do you want to blame Leon?"

After saying that, Marilyn allowed herself a light smile. Her eyes shone with sincerity as if she was telling the truth.

"Ah!" Vivian couldn't hold her rage in any more. She threw the quilt aside and rushed at Marilyn, completely naked and furious.

"I'll kill you!"

As soon as Vivian dashed out of bed, Marilyn pushed the door open and ran out. Then she kept running, fearing to stop.

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