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   Chapter 22 Twenty Two

The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times By butterfly_effect Characters: 5577

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I woke up with Isobel jumping onto me, she kept poking me with her paws.

"Alright, alright, stop poking Isobel." I hugged Isobel with one arm and sat up while untangling my hairs with my fingers. That's when I saw the high priest of darkness sitting in a chair close to the window, across the room. Oh right, I was still in the temple. I buried my face in my hands.

"Good morning, you finally wake up!" he said. "I am hungry."

I picked up the pillow on my side and threw it at him. "Go cook yourself!"

"Now who angered you in the early morning?" he asked with a smiley face.

"I wonder who?" I threw the other pillow at him as well. "Get out!"

I fumed as I stormed out of the room. All he cared was his breakfast. I was still angry at him. Who would cook breakfast for him?

"Meow." Isobel jumped out from nowhere. It meowed several times and then ran towards a room. It turned its head and looked at me when it saw me still standing there.

"You want me to follow you?" I asked.


I follow its led to the living room. Yves was already there sitting behind a table with food on top. I occupied the other chair opposite to him. And I started to dig in.

I still didn't know how to face him. Should I be angry at him for placing that reborn curse on me? For treating me as an entertainment? But I knew that's what he was like from my second life. From the first time I met him. He agreed to assist me in my revenge only because he found it interesting. And I didn't mind at that time because I had gotten what I wanted.

And I did treasure the chances I had to improve myself and live a better life. A life for myself. I was so conflicted

n my third life. Maybe I just hadn't trusted him as much as I thought. My second life was definitely my happiest among the four lives, but they all still ended tragically. Maybe I didn't want my heart to break again.

"Rachelle's next goal was the temple of earth."

"Ah, yes. You don't have to spy for me this time. The town where earth temple is situated is boring." He waved dismissively. "Feel free to sort out your Father's desire to betray the Emperor in the mean time."

I sighed. Could I just ask my father to disown me? Then I wouldn't be related to him. No, that seemed too cold blooded of me. He was still my Father.

A spell book was pushed across the table. Yves was smiling evilly at me, "Feel free to use this."

"Are you trying to groom me into a high priestess of darkness and then die?"

"Of course not, " he smiled innocently. "You can't reach the lowest standard of high priestess even in five hundred years time. That's too time consuming."

I wanted to pour the cup of tea in front of me on his face. I kicked Yves beneath the table, before stomping away with the spell book.

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