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   Chapter 12 Twelve

The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times By butterfly_effect Characters: 5700

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"I believe you're setting out for the town the fire temple is in?" he asked while feeding his crow.

I nodded. Why was he here?

"That's your dinner?" he asked skeptically.

I looked at the bread and cheese on the mat. I nodded.

"You're not planning to treat a high priest to bread and cheese I hope."

"No, of course not." I smiled elegantly. I picked up the brow and arrows from my horse. "I will go and hunt something for you, your Grace."

This lazy priest! I really wondered if he showed up now just so I could hunt and cook for him. Why didn't he just call for his shadow puppets?

"That's very nice of you, " he smiled with something evil sparkling in his eyes. "I thought I'd send out my shadow puppets to hunt something, now I don't even have to use my power! So glad you offered!"

Now some of the not so great memories of dealing with him came rushing back. The memories I had of him before I died in my second life must be too impactful, it must have blinded me.

"Please wait a moment, your grace." I bowed and then turned around to enter the forest. The elegant smile I had just a second before slipped from my face, I was clenching my teeth and rolling my eyes as soon as I turned my back at him.

A cold hand wrapped around my wrist. "Are you angry?" he chuckled. "I am just joking." He snapped his fingers as two black shadows drifted into the forest.

I glared at him. But a second later I regretted it. I lowered my eyes as I reminded myself once again. He was not the high priest I got to know in my second life. He was the high priest of the god of darkness. In this life I was just his spy and we only met twice. He was not the high priest I could roll my eyes or g

of his face.

The face staring at me overlapped with the one in my memories. The way he was looking at me was so familiar with the one in my memories. I had this sudden urge to talk to him, to pour out my loneliness and sadness.

I lowered my eyes to hide the emotional turmoil in my eyes. Among all of my four lives, he was the only one I could call as my friend. Even though he was bossing me around most of the time, he was the only one I could talk to. But not now, he was not the priest from my memories.

"I hope I am not that bad looking to the point you're speechless. How long has it been since I last took off my mask?" he sank into deep thoughts.

He pulled me to sit down on the mat with him and placed a bowl of warm broth in my hands.

"No, I am just shocked you have a face just like ours behind your mask, " I retorted.

"Oh yes the old legend that only beasts follow the god of darkness. Quite sure the god himself can't communicate with beasts nor order them to work." He smiled sardonically. Then he asked all of a sudden with a playful grin on his face, "Do you hate your popular, well loved stepsister?"

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