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   Chapter 10 Ten

The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times By butterfly_effect Characters: 5652

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The high priest created an illusion, all my guards and coachman believed that the black carriage drove by as we greeted him like it's supposed to. All the better. It's best not to alert Father. I told them I found Isobel by the side of the street and was going to keep it. Without Sarah here to reject the idea, they all accepted it. Another whim of Lady Odette, what's new?

The journey went on smoothly after that. I arrived at the temple just before sun set. When I got out of my carriage, I saw Henri getting on his horse. When he saw me, he stopped and rushed towards me and cried, "Rachelle was kidnapped!"

"How did that happen?" I asked anxiously. "Do you know who did it? I should have accompanied her. How could I tell my Father about this? It's all my fault, " I cried in horror.

"It's Chris and his merry band."

"Chris and his merry band? Who are they? Did they leave any sort of letter demanding money?" It seemed like Sarah succeeded in escaping just as I had predicted.

"No, they didn't even leave a note! We wouldn't even know who did it if it's not for your maid and Rachelle's maid! They both escaped when their guards were low to call for our help."

"They left Rachelle there alone with the thieves?" I shrieked angrily.

"They made the correct choice. It seems like Rachelle and the maids were kept in separate places. Their guards were low when compared to Rachelle. That's the only chance they had of sneaking out and calling for help. Luckily, Sarah knew the way to the temple."

"Then do you know where their nest is? I have to save Rachelle!"

"We have already located her. We're setting out to rescue her now. The priests and I. We all think it be

ry whenever I wanted. " Those trashy kidnappers! Oh my poor Rachelle, did you get hurt?"

"Of course not! Odette, you have no idea, they are actually heroes! You see the lord overseeing this land is overbearing and strict. The villagers have to pay high taxes and they have nothing to eat! Chris and his men were actually planning to kidnap the lord's daughter so that they could negotiate with the lord and help the villagers! They are heroes!"

You sure they are heroes, Rachelle? They kidnapped people! They were planning to threaten the lord with his daughter!

I lost all hope in talking sense to Rachelle a long time ago, so I just sat there with my usual elegant smile and nodded.

Rachelle continued on with her great adventure when at last Henri got her attention and I was finally able to sneak away.

That night, I was falling asleep when I realized, if I had to report Rachelle's progress of collecting the shards to him, did that mean I had to follow her around? I could not deal with talkative Rachelle nor her suitors any more. Maybe I could just follow her from afar? That's definitely a better plan.

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